Fantasy Simulator Chapter 123 – Historical Remnant

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Chapter 123: Chapter 123 – Historical Remnant

“Your Highness means to say that that historical remnant is not from the Ten Thousand Sword Manor but from an ancient cultivator sect?”

Standing there, Chen Heng looked at Song Qi with a look of shock.

“That's right.”

Looking at Chen Heng's expression, Song Qi looked quite pleased and said, “I also just so happen to know the layout of that historical remnant.

“Right now, only ordinary martial artists have gathered, but true cultivators will be heading here soon.

“Right now is the best time to act.”

He looked at Chen Heng sincerely and asked, “Does Commander Chen dare to come with me?”

Hearing this, Chen Heng fell silent for a while as if he was mulling things over.

Song Qi did not speak and interrupt him, and he silently looked at him as he waited.

Only after a while did Chen Heng speak. He looked at Song Qi and said earnestly, “Since Your Highness is unafraid, then your subordinate will protect you to the death.”

He had succeeded.

Song Qi gave a slight smile as he thought to himself.

With Chen Heng joining him and with his understanding towards that historical remnant, he had great chances of being able to obtain many benefits from that historical remnant.

Even though the historical remnant was not the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect's ancestral land, it had been a stronghold for them and there were many good things there.

As long as he did some serious planning, he might be able to take those things away before the true cultivators arrived.

When that time came, everything would become much easier for him.

As he thought to himself, he could not help but smile.

Compared to martial artists, cultivators were much more difficult to deal with. Not only did they have powerful talent, but they also had immense resources.

Without spirit medicines and spirit stones, it would be incredibly difficult to cultivate. Even geniuses would be set behind by this and waste much time.

In his previous life, even Enlightened Master Chen had obtained a secret legacy from a historical remnant, which was why he had been able to soar to the sky.

As for the reborn Song Qi, he did not lack magic techniques, secret techniques, or cultivation experience.

The only thing he lacked right now were spirit materials.

And it just so happened that this Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect historical remnant had them all.

If he could head there and obtain some treasures, he would have a much better grasp over his cultivation in the early stages.

Looking at Song Qi, Chen Heng's expression was calm as he also thought to himself.

In order to convince Chen Heng, Song Qi had told him much about the historical remnant, which made Chen Heng quite curious.

How did Song Qi know about all of this?

He was curious, but he could not think of an answer.

However, Chen Heng did not mind going to the historical remnant.

Just like how Song Qi was lacking spirit materials, so did Chen Heng.

He had not felt this before he had come into contact with a cultivation technique, but after he did, he realized that cultivators required much more resources than martial artists.

Martial artists did not need external resources; even if they did, it was just some medicine-type resources.

However, cultivators were different, and Chen Heng had experienced this in recent times.

Cultivators relied more on external resources and needed spirit materials.

From how things were going, it seemed that his body's cultivation talent was very good.

Despite this, he still had not completed the first step, Foundation Building, in two to three months.

According to the Bright Moon Foundation Technique, all cultivators needed to do Foundation Building.

Foundation Building was the beginning of cultivation. Only by extracting spirit energy and turning it into the foundation of their cultivation could they begin cultivating.

After Foundation Building was Qi Refining.

This was different than what Chen Heng had expected, Qi Refining then Foundation Building.

According to the Bright Moon Foundation Technique and Song Qi's explanations, Foundation Building was not too difficult.

At the very least, for Chen Heng, who was at the Martial Illumination realm, it should not be difficult.

Martial Illumination meant that his body was already well-trained. With this foundation, it would not be too difficult to cultivate a cultivation technique.

However, just this step, even with Chen Heng's talent, had taken him a long time.

Even now, he was still stuck.

This was only the first step, and Qi Refining would most likely be even more difficult.

Without spirit materials, it would be difficult for him to make progress.

As such, both him and Song Qi both needed spirit materials to cultivate.

Given that the historical remnant was filled with spirit materials, it would be worth it to go in and explore.

This was especially so given that Song Qi seemed to have confidence in finding his way around.

Of course, Chen Heng could not help but hold some wariness towards Song Qi.

Chen Heng had considered if Song Qi was using him as a p.a.w.n.

This was definitely possible but not very probable.

After all, Chen Heng had behaved very well recently, like an incredibly loyal guard. No one would be able to find any fault with him.

Furthermore, the talent he displayed was quite extraordinary as well.

As such, it was not very likely that he was being used as a p.a.w.n.

Of course, this was still a possibility.

It was just that Chen Heng was not a G.o.d, so he naturally could not know everything.

If things really developed in that way, he could only adapt based on the situation.

Fortunately, at the end of the day, this was just a simulation.

After making the decision to head to the historical remnant, they headed into the distance.

On the way, they encountered many people.

As news of the Ten Thousand Sword Manor's historical remnant spread, many people quickly swarmed over.

Chen Heng and Song Qi hid among a crowd of people, not drawing attention to themselves at all.

However, what happened next still exceeded Chen Heng's expectations.

Ma.s.sive doors stood before them, and the enormous historical remnant could be seen, seeming incredibly grand and magnificent.

Standing there, Chen Heng looked at Song Qi with a look of shock on his face.

What was going on indeed made him feel greatly shocked.

Before coming here, he had felt that Song Qi perhaps knew things that other people did not.

However, he did not expect that it would be to such an extent.

After reaching the surroundings, Song Qi brought Chen Heng and searched around for a few days, and he soon found the specific location.

At another corner of the Chi Mountain, there was a hidden entrance to the historical remnant.

From this entrance, they could directly enter the historical remnant.

If anyone else knew about this, they would most likely go mad.

News about the historical remnant had only spread, and most other people were randomly digging everywhere, hoping to dig up some good things.

However, Song Qi had directly found the entrance to the inner regions of the historical remnant.

This was a ma.s.sive difference.

He hasn't found this historical remnant in the past…

Standing there, Chen Heng thought to himself.

He had been watching Song Qi's actions from the very beginning.

When Song Qi had initially come here, Chen Heng had thought that he had come here before.

However, Song Qi's actions caused Chen Heng to rethink this.

Song Qi indeed knew much about this historical remnant, but it did not seem that he had actually been here before.

Chen Heng could tell this from the fact that he needed to search around, and it took him half a month to find this door.

Knowledge was different than experience.

Chen Heng thought to himself.

“Let's continue on.”

Looking at the scene before him, Song Qi smiled, “Our luck is quite good; it seems that no one has actually entered this historical remnant yet.”

Right now, he was most likely the person who knew the most about this historical remnant.

Through his previous life, he knew that this historical remnant was actually very, very big and was split into many different regions.

What the first wave of people had discovered and were digging was just the outer regions.

On the other hand, this was the core.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 123 – Historical Remnant

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