Fantasy Simulator Chapter 126 – Dan Qingzi

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Chapter 126: Chapter 126 – Dan Qingzi

“What do you want?”

Sensing the sword spirit in his mind, Chen Heng asked this critical question.

What the existence of this sword spirit meant and what its past was like were indeed quite important but not the most critical things.

Right now, Chen Heng wanted to know this sword spirit's goal.

“I hold no ill-will towards you.”

In his mind, the sword spirit began to act.

In the next moment, a strange power surged out and in the blink of an eye, Chen Heng's consciousness disappeared and was brought to an empty s.p.a.ce.

When Chen Heng came back to his senses, he had come to another place.

It was a pitch-black region and there did not seem to be any light.

After he appeared, the surroundings became illuminated.

Chen Heng looked up and ahead and saw a young man standing there.

The young man was wearing a moon-white robe and had handsome looks. It was just that his face looked a bit pale, making him look somewhat weak.

Standing there, his body looked a bit transparent, as if he might disappear at any moment.

Chen Heng did not speak as he madly thought to himself.

This person's body was not normal, and it was not a true fleshly body. This definitely was not where he was before, but he did not think that his body had been moved.

Even though they had not interacted for very long, from the fact that this person resided in the sword as a sword spirit and required Chen Heng to come into contact with him, he did not seem very strong.

Regardless of whether he was once powerful, he was now much weaker and could not casually teleport someone away.

Otherwise, he would not need Chen Heng to touch that sword first and could have directly brought Chen Heng away.

At the same time, Chen Heng could sense that there was something strange about his body. Just like the young man's body, it was a bit transparent but was much more corporeal than the sword spirit's body.

A mental world? Chen Heng thought to himself.

“This is not the outer world but a domain temporarily created by my soul…”

The young man's face was pale as he spoke slowly, “I hold no ill-will towards you. The reason why I came into contact with you is just because you are quite special.”


Chen Heng was quite surprised but smiled, “I don't think there's much special about me.”

In actuality, he was quite special.

No matter if it was the fact that he had gone back in time or the existence of a simulator, he was indeed quite a special existence.

However, he did not feel that this person could see through this.

Apart from these things, he did not feel that he was that special.

“Your spirit sense is incredibly powerful.”

The young man coughed and his face seemed to become even paler, “I have been hiding in the sword for many years, and under normal circ.u.mstances, outsiders are unable to detect my existence, but you were able to. Is this not special?”

Looking at Chen Heng, he smiled and said, “What is even more amazing is that your talent is extraordinary and you have a complete Spirit Root. You are a natural for cultivation. Amazing, truly amazing.”

He could not help but laugh as he spoke.

A natural for cultivation?

Hearing this, Chen Heng was quite startled before feeling wary.

His body's talent was indeed quite good, and even Chen Heng could tell.

However, with the changes in Song Qi, hearing the other person say something like this, he had a bad feeling.

Could it be that this fellow was eyeing his talent and wanted to possess him?

He felt quite wary but did not show this, and he only looked surprised as he said, “Is that so? But I feel that my talent is quite lacking. I've been cultivating for a few months but even now I have not completed Foundation Building.”

He acted quite stunned, as if he really thought that his talent was lacking.

“When you lack spirit materials and only rely on yourself, it will naturally be difficult to complete Foundation Building.”

Hearing Chen Heng's words, the young man laughed and said, “With your talent, as long as you have enough spirit materials, you will be able to soar to the sky. I want to ask you, are you willing to join my Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect?”

He looked at Chen Heng as he directly asked.

“Join… the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect?” Hearing this, Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

This person was not trying to possess him; rather, he wanted him to join the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect because of his talent?

Then again, it made sense.

It was ordinary that a member of a sect that had disappeared would want to take in an excellent seedling.

This was much better than being possessed; it would be quite problematic if he really wanted to possess him.

Even though this person looked quite weak, who knew if he was an old monster who had lived for an incredibly long time. If push came to shove, Chen Heng did not know if he would win.

When that time came, the situation would be quite bad for him.

Even if it did not matter that much if Chen Heng died, he had spent 500 Points on this ident.i.ty.

If possible, he would prefer not to die.

Chen Heng made his decision, but a look of hesitation appeared on his face.

Even if he had made his decision, if he answered too quickly, it would not be favorable for him.

As such, he looked quite hesitant as he said, “Based on what I know, the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect has already disappeared from this region…”

“It's no matter.”

The young man was not displeased towards Chen Heng's hesitation and instead smiled, “Even though the holy land has relocated, they have still left behind many things here.

“If you take me as your teacher and join the Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect, you will be the only disciple in this entire region. As such, those things will naturally all belong to you.”

Looking at Chen Heng, he said seriously, “Even though there are not many things left here, it will be enough for the early stages of your cultivation. When you reach the Deification realm, you will be able to cross regions and think of ways to go to the holy land.”

“Since it's like that, this disciple greets his teacher.”

Hearing this, Chen Heng did not hesitate any more and directly nodded and half-knelt.

Now that the sword spirit had said something like this, Chen Heng could not find any reason to refuse.

Since things were like this, Chen Heng went with the flow and became his disciple.

At the very least, from how things seemed, he would not be taking a loss.

“That is good.”

The young man smiled before saying, “Remember, my name is Dan Qingzi.”

Hearing this, Chen Heng was about to nod when the surroundings changed and quickly disappeared, after which he returned to where he was before.

Standing there, Chen Heng saw that the silver sword was still in his hand.

He was still in the same posture, standing by himself.

By the side, Song Qi was still examining the swords, occasionally giving excited laughs.

It seemed that he had no idea what had just happened to Chen Heng.

Looking at Song Qi's reactions, Chen Heng was at ease and looked around.

Teacher? he testingly called out.

“I'm still here.”

In his mind, Dan Qingzi's voice once again sounded out, but it was now much weaker.

It seemed that what he had just done had consumed much of his strength.

“This Silver Splendor Sword is your teacher's main body; bring it with you and keep it by your body.”

Within his mind, Dan Qingzi's voice still sounded quite weary.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 126 – Dan Qingzi

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