Fantasy Simulator Chapter 129 – Third Level Of The Historical Remnant

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Chapter 129: Chapter 129 – Third Level of the Historical Remnant

“What do you mean?” Chen Heng asked out of curiosity.

“This boy has a mysterious background and knows some secretive things about the historical remnant, but that's it.”

In his mind, Dan Qingzi's voice sounded out, as if he was chuckling, “However, this historical remnant does not have two levels but three.”

“Three levels?” Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

“I don't know where that boy heard about this historical remnant's secret, but he doesn't know this historical remnant's true value,” Dan Qingzi explained, “This historical remnant's outer two levels indeed have many things, but they're just ordinary things and are not a big deal for my Ten Thousand Wave Sword Sect.

“Even those magic tools were just to fool people. The most precious things are in the third level.”

“What's inside the third level?” Chen Heng asked Dan Qingzi as he looked at Song Qi.

“Some precious spirit pills and some other legacy items…” Dan Qingzi's voice sounded out.

Chen Heng thought to himself.

Ahead, Song Qi had turned around and was preparing to leave.

Chen Heng looked at him and did not say anything as he followed behind him.

Now that they had obtained spatial bags, they could take away the things from before.

Of course, spatial bags had limits as well, and because there were too many things from this historical remnant, they would have to make a few trips.

As such, Chen Heng volunteered to make these trips and bring back those remaining things.

Song Qi had no objections to this.

In his previous life, he had only heard that this historical remnant had two levels.

As for the core third level, he did not know anything about it.

As such, he naturally did not think Chen Heng would do something like this.

By now, they had taken most of the important things, and the things remaining were just some leftovers.

As such, adding on his trust towards Chen Heng, he did not object, smiled, and left.

They arranged a place to meet and temporarily split up.

Chen Heng headed back into the historical remnant and followed Dan Qingzi's directions to a certain place.

It was a flat area and there were some stone statues around, on which were mystical runes and an altar. It looked like a place for making sacrifices.

Chen Heng looked around and asked, “Is it here?”

Dan Qingzi's voice sounded in his mind, “That's right. This is the entrance to the third level.”

“But there's no door,” Chen Heng said as he frowned.

“Of course there's no door.”

Dan Qingzi laughed, “The third level is a secret realm that only those with the unique seal can enter. Outsiders will not be able to enter.”

Just as Chen Heng was about to speak, he froze.

A magic seal appeared in his mind, and large amounts of information flowed into his mind.

This was the magic seal to enter the third level. It required one to use one's spirit energy to condense it into a rune in order to enter.

Chen Heng gave it a try.

This magic seal was not complicated, and after a few moments, Chen Heng opened his eyes and looked ahead of him.

As the magic seal was formed, light appeared in front of him, resonating with the altar in front of him.

All around him, the stone statues also gave off light, which formed a door.

“Alright, quickly go in!”

Dan Qingzi's voice sounded out, “This door will disappear after some time, so quickly go in before it disappears.”

Chen Heng nodded and stepped into it.

After he walked through it, his surroundings changed, and he appeared somewhere else.

“How mystical…”

Looking at this scene, Chen Heng instinctively spoke, feeling very interested.

Even though he had gone through many lives, it was the first time he had been transported to a different place so quickly.

In the past, no matter if he was a Knight or a martial artist, even though he was powerful, all of his attacks were either using his fists or weapons.

However, this scene was completely different.

According to Dan Qingzi, this place was an independent s.p.a.ce.

How was this s.p.a.ce formed? And how could it be formed or used?

Could cultivators do such a thing?

Chen Heng felt deeply intrigued towards the power of cultivators.

As such, he had an amazed look on his face as he tried to make conversation, “This is… In just an instant, I came from outside into here. How is this possible?”

His eyes were wide as a look of shock appeared on his face, like someone who had never experienced something like this before.

“It's just the most basic teleportation method.”

Just like Chen Heng had hoped, Dan Qingzi gave him an answer, “There was a rune formation already set up on the altar, and if it is activated using energy, it will transport whoever is on it to here.”

“Rune formation?” Chen Heng remembered this keyword as he asked, “Can I learn it?”

“Of course you can,” Dan Qingzi laughed and did not seem adverse to Chen Heng's questions, and he instead seemed quite open to them, “In actuality, in our sect, all disciples need to learn rune formations. Even if disciples cannot become True Lords, they at least need to be able to do the basics. Even if you didn't mention it, I would have you learn how to draw rune formations in the future.”

His voice was filled with appreciation, as if he was quite satisfied with Chen Heng's eagerness to learn.

Following this, a magic technique entered Chen Heng's mind, and ma.s.sive amounts of information organized itself in his mind.

“This is a Divine Rune Collection that contains 5,800 basic rune formations of the sect.”

Dan Qingzi's voice continued to sound out in Chen Heng's mind, “In the future, you can learn them yourself, and ask me if you have any questions.”

“Yes.” Sensing the ma.s.sive amounts of knowledge in his mind, Chen Heng's mouth twitched and he did not know what to say.

He had just been casually asking and had never thought that this teacher of his would shove a bunch of information into his mind.

Following this, Chen Heng came back to his senses and continued to ask, “Was this secret realm created by a True Lord?”

“Yes, but not exactly.” Dan Qingzi replied, “Creating a secret realm from nothing requires too much power, and even a True Lord would not be able to do such a thing by themselves. The creation of secret realms is a monumental task: from creating it to developing it then stabilizing it is a ma.s.sive process.”

Following this, he earnestly began to tell Chen Heng about the process of creating a secret realm.

Firstly, it required a powerful expert to create the form of a secret realm. It then required a special rune formation to stabilize it, after which it required magic energy to nurture. As it was nurtured, runes would be engraved in it, solidifying it, after which the secret realm would be fully formed.

The process was quite complicated and required incredible power and techniques, making Chen Heng feel quite dumbfounded.

It's that complicated? he thought to himself.

From the influences of novels in his previous life, he had thought that so-called cultivators were just immortals flying on swords who could destroy worlds with a single strike.

“It's indeed that complicated,” Dan Qingzi said, “and this is just a small secret realm. The larger ones are even more complicated.”

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 129 – Third Level Of The Historical Remnant

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