Fantasy Simulator Chapter 134 – Fortune Mark

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Chapter 134: Chapter 134 – Fortune Mark

In front of the altar, Chen Heng could feel a change in himself.

Before, he had just been a little cultivator who had only just stepped onto the path of cultivation.

However, after that long dream, he was essentially the reincarnation of a True Lord.

In those experiences, Chen Heng had almost reached True Lord and only lacked a final step.

Now, this had become his own experiences; those cultivation experiences were all incredibly real.

His current self would no longer face any bottlenecks before reaching True Lord.

Such a thing could cause anyone to sigh in awe.

The same thing most likely happened to Song Qi…

Standing before the altar, Chen Heng thought to himself as he recalled the changes in Song Qi.

The change in his personality that day was most likely because of a similar experience.

Song Qi had experienced something similar during his dream. Only after experiencing it did he return.

The so-called going back in time was essentially this.

At that moment, Chen Heng could not help but think of himself.

Song Qi had gone back in time because of someone's influence; it was that powerful expert who had done it so that Song Qi could inherit his legacy.

Then what about him?

Chen Heng had also gone back in time to when he was young, just like Song Qi.

Was there someone also operating in the background for him?

No, that wasn't the case. Chen Heng inwardly shook his head.

Compared to Song Qi, his rebirth was different.

Rather than just a rebirth, he had gone to an alternate reality.

After all, in his original world, there had not been such prevalence of martial arts, nor had there been demons or other strange things.

As such, rather than going through rebirth, it was more fitting to say that he had transmigrated.

Moreover, he was different from Song Qi—Song Qi's experience was limited to this world.

However, for Chen Heng, he had awakened the simulator and had gone to different worlds.

If this was also done by someone, the power that person had would be a bit too terrifying.

Standing there, Chen Heng examined himself.

There were many more things in his mind.

At the same time, a new power was appearing in his body, and he instinctively looked above his head.

There was a faint golden light above his head. Even though it was quite faint, it was definitely there.

Looking at this golden light, Chen Heng hesitated, “This is… My fortune?”

Rather than his, it originally belonged to this body.

In this world, all creatures had a basic destiny.

Many people were blessed with good fortune, and no matter what they did, things would go extremely smoothly for them.

After receiving this man's legacy, Chen Heng seemed to have the ability to see a person's fortune, and that included his body.

For Chen Heng's original body to have been able to obtain an opportunity to become a cultivator and then almost become a True Lord, he undoubtedly had great fortune.

This faint golden fortune was the evidence.

Even though this golden fortune looked incredibly faint, it was definitely there and covered Chen Heng's body. It seemed to have a unique power that illuminated the path ahead, causing everything to become smooth.

“Fortune…” Chen Heng muttered to himself while standing there and looking at this golden fortune.

At that moment, he thought of that spinning wheel before entering this world.

The fortune he had was golden, while the ident.i.ty he had was a red-gold one.

Was there a connection between them?

Chen Heng suspected that there was.

After all, the better the ident.i.ty, the more special they would be.

Sometimes it was manifested in corporeal things like talent and the status of their family, while a portion manifested in fortune.

The more he thought, the more he felt that he understood.

Standing before the altar, he began to seriously examine the changes in his body.

After receiving the man's legacy, Chen Heng's cultivation did not change, but with his nearly 100 years of cultivation experience, he had a unique power.

Right now, he could sense that a unique mark seemed to have appeared on his soul.

This mark was violet-colored and had a unique power. It seemed to be engraved on his soul.

Through the legacy from the man, Chen Heng understood the background behind this mark.

This mark was called a Fortune Mark and was the core of this legacy.

In front of the altar, that man had already fallen.

However, for the legacy, that man had left everything here, including the background of the legacy.

The man's name was Tian Xingzi, and he was the only disciple of the Heavenly Star Sect.

The Heavenly Star Sect was a unique holy land. Every generation only had one disciple and one Saint Lord.

Their names were also uniform: After receiving the position of Saint Lord, they would inherit the name Tian Xingzi. This was the same for this man.

From the information that Tian Xingzi had left behind, at the start, the Heavenly Star Sect's first Saint Lord was an ordinary farmer.

One day, a meteor fell into the old farmer's home and onto him, causing him to gain the Fortune Mark.

After this, he used the Fortune Mark's power to rise and created the Heavenly Star Sect, pa.s.sing down the Fortune Mark every generation until today.

Fortune Mark… Chen Heng nodded as he thought to himself.

According to Tian Xingzi, the Fortune Mark had the power to see through fortune.

After going through the information, Chen Heng looked up at the altar.

According to the information from Tian Xingzi, this altar was the only pathway out of here.

As such, Chen Heng slowly stretched out his hand towards this altar.

As Chen Heng stretched out his hand, the altar gave off a light and mysterious, complex runes condensed before flying out.

With a rumble, a door formed before Chen Heng.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 134 – Fortune Mark

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