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Chapter 157: Chapter 157 – Conclusion

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“It was that easy?”

Watching Chen Heng's actions, Liu Qi and the others felt incredibly shocked.

The image could normally fully mimic the examinee no matter how strong they were, and they would usually be roughly at the same level.

Of course, this just meant that their bodies were roughly of the same strength.

However, the purpose of this rune formation was not for the image to defeat the examinee but to understand the examinee's strength through observation.

Normally, the image could not win against the original and would be defeated before too much time pa.s.sed.

But wasn't this a bit too fast?

Looking at Chen Heng, they could not help but feel shocked.

In just a moment, the image had been destroyed.

Moreover, they all saw that that exchange was a simple swat and did not involve any profound techniques.

Why had the image collapsed so easily?

Liu Qi sighed, “His strength has already surpa.s.sed what can be tested. This test is meaningless to him.”

After all, this test had its limits.

Logically speaking, as long as there were enough resources, the image could fight with the examinee on equal footing.

However, it still had a limit.

If the examinee surpa.s.sed the limit, it would not be able to completely mimic the examinee's power.

This was most likely what had happened.

“His strength…” Bi Yi sighed and felt quite startled.

Surpa.s.sing the image's limit was not as simple as it sounded.

Based on their estimates, only people near the Grandmaster level would be able to do such a thing.

In other words, Chen Heng not only had a powerful mind but also his physical power was extraordinarily great.

Just what kind of monster was he?

At that moment, they looked at each other and had the same thought.

Compared to the others, Bi Yi had more thoughts.

“For him to have such great power, and yet he was able to hide among ordinary people and not show any traces…”

Looking at Chen Heng, she thought to herself, “Just what is the ability he awakened?”

Apart from being naturally strong in their own regards, Awakeners would also usually awaken a unique ability.

These abilities were all quite strange and could be anything.

For example, the image clone that had been fighting Chen Heng—it looked like it was created by the rune formation, but it had actually been left behind by an Awakener, and it could only be used here with a rune formation.

Chen Heng's strength and talent were immense, and they were not something that ordinary people could understand.

For him to have such power, it was most likely because of his ability—but what was his ability?

No matter how she thought, she could not come to a conclusion.

After the conclusion of the test, the middle-aged man brought Liu Qi and Bi Yi over before giving Chen Heng an evaluation.

“Strength is suspected to be on par with Grandmasters and mental power is S cla.s.s. Awakened ability is unknown.

“Recommendation: Nurture and develop as an S cla.s.s.”

The middle-aged man wrote down these words.

Looking at the words that the middle-aged man wrote, Liu Qi grinned and felt quite excited.

At the end of the day, Chen Heng was an Awakener who he had recommended.

The higher Chen Heng's evaluation, the better the benefits he would receive.

As such, he was naturally happy to see Chen Heng receiving a high evaluation.

On the other hand, he was also happy about Chen Heng joining the Protectors.

As a Protector who stood at the frontlines, Liu Qi knew clearly how desperate the situation that the Protectors faced was.

With someone like Chen Heng joining them, this was an incredibly good thing.

Putting aside everything else, just his strength that could rival a Grandmaster was worth getting excited over.

To have someone like this as a teammate, he would provide an immense sense of security.

Liu Qi did not know what the others were thinking, but when he thought back to Chen Heng completely dominating that demon that night, he felt quite safe.

The middle-aged man gave a slight smile as he stretched out his hand towards Chen Heng, “Congratulations. I am Gu Luo.”

“Chen Heng.”

Looking at the middle-aged man, Chen Heng also smiled and stretched out his hand, and the two of them shook hands.

Bi Yi walked up and looked at Chen Heng with a smile, “Welcome to our group. From today onwards, you will be one of us, as well as our comrade. I look forward to working with you.”

She looked at Chen Heng and lightly smiled as she said, “However, as your senior, I'll give you some advice. For now, it's best not to partic.i.p.ate in those tasks and just go with Liu Qi and learn some things. Even though his strength cannot compare to yours, he is quite adept with dealing with those abnormalities.”

“I understand,” Chen Heng smiled and nodded, looking quite humble.

Seeing him like this, Bi Yi and the middle-aged man felt quite pleased.

They were like teachers who had a good student. As the ones responsible for guiding the new Protectors, they did not like seeing those who were rash and arrogant.

However, Chen Heng did not seem like he would pose such problems at all.

Even though he had power that far surpa.s.sed that of other Awakeners, he was incredibly polite and courteous.

This made them feel quite pleased, and their impression of him became better.

After leaving from here, Bi Yi dropped Chen Heng back to the Solid Rock Martial Arts Establishment.

After returning, Chen Heng did not go back to his room and was instead summoned over by Liu Ruhai.

Because Bi Yi had given him a slight briefing, Liu Ruhai did not ask Chen Heng much about the situation in the Demon Resistance Department and instead just asked him how he felt.

“If you don't like it there, you don't have to stay there.”

Looking at Chen Heng, Liu Ruhai said, “Even though the Demon Resistance Department is good, it's not that important for you, Heng'Er.

“With your talent, after you condense your Martial Body, it won't take much for you to join.”

He said this because he was afraid that his student would be too focused on the Demon Resistance Department and neglect his cultivation.

In actuality, what he said was true.

To ordinary people, joining the Demon Resistance Department was a very big deal, but this was not the case for geniuses.

As long as they could reach Body Forging Completion, there would be no difficulty entering the Demon Resistance Department.

If they could condense a Martial Body, all it would take would be a single sentence to enter the Demon Resistance Department.

Under such circ.u.mstances, there was no need to place such great importance on the Demon Resistance Department.

In response, Chen Heng only smiled and did not say much. He did not tell him that right now, those with Martial Bodies were just like little children in front of him.

“I understand.”

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 157 - Chapter 157

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