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Chapter 32: Chapter 32 – March

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Unusual reactions from his Life Energy were not ordinary at all.


Before awakening a Life Seed and becoming a true Knight, Knights were unable to control their Life Energy.

Ordinarily, Knights' Life Energy would peacefully hide in their bodies and not react much, apart from limited circ.u.mstances.

For Chen Heng, his Life Energy would only react when he was cultivating the Knights Breathing Technique, and it would instinctively revolve around his body.

Currently, he was not cultivating his Knights Breathing Technique, and yet his Life Energy was surging…

“Could it be…”

His expression became one of surprise as he thought of a possibility.

“What he is teaching us isn't a simple sword technique but a unique Knights Breathing Technique?”

As Chen Heng thought of this possibility, he became somewhat shocked.

Knights Breathing Techniques were incredibly precious legacies. Usually, only old families with powerful ancestors would have such legacies.

Such things were called priceless treasures, and it was impossible to buy them.

In the previous simulation, Chen Heng had traveled about as a mercenary and tried to search for Knights Breathing Techniques, but he could not obtain any.

He had only obtained his Knights Breathing Technique after killing Sorondo and taking it from him.

It was incredibly difficult to obtain and not something that an ordinary person could imagine.

And now, Corripo as just casually teaching such a precious Knights Breathing Technique to others?

Standing there, Chen Heng deeply breathed in and calmed himself down.

The meaning behind this was incredibly important.

No matter how he saw it, for Corripo to give out a priceless Knights Breathing Technique like this, Corripo's ident.i.ty was not simple at all.

Of course, to willingly give out a Knights Breathing Technique like this, there must be some purpose for it.

‘What does he want?' Chen Heng thought to himself.

Did he want to find those with talent as a Knight?

It was possible.

After all, from his actions, it seemed that this was indeed what he was aiming for.

Those with talent as a Knight usually had stronger bodies, so the initial run was most likely a filter in order to select those with stronger bodies.

Perhaps this was the next filter?

Many thoughts flashed past in Chen Heng's mind.

He could not help but become excited.

If it really was to filter out those with talent as a Knight, this was a great advantage.

After all, he had confirmed that he already had talent as a Knight. As long as he revealed it at the right time, it was likely that Corripo would greatly value and nurture him.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng gritted his teeth and continued to train.

In the following days in front of everyone, Chen Heng became even more hardworking.

Originally, he had already been very diligent. He would always be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Over the past few days, he had become even more extreme.

No matter what time it was, if people saw him, he was always training.

It was as if he did not feel weariness and went all-out in training. This kind of dedication made others sigh with admiration.

Krudo had already been very diligent, but compared to Chen Heng, he did not seem like much at all.

Of course, the reason why Chen Heng trained like this was for others to see, especially Corripo.

For someone like Corripo, if there was nothing extraordinary about him, how could he get Corripo to pay more attention to him?

As for the weariness and pain from training, this was not much to Chen Heng.

In this world, apart from life and death, nothing else was a big deal.

Moreover, for Chen Heng, he was not afraid of death; rather, he was afraid of dying without having accomplished anything.

In his previous life, he had unexpectedly died from violence just as he had entered society.

Now that he had the opportunity to live again, he greatly valued the opportunity.

Even though everything in the simulation was not real to him, a portion of everything he gained could be brought back to his new reality.

As such, everything he did was so he could live better in the future.

For these things, temporary weariness and pain did not matter to him.

Time gradually pa.s.sed.

Without realizing it, three months had already pa.s.sed.

Over the past three months, the cla.s.s of five students had been reduced to three.

Apart from Chen Heng and Krudo, one other person had barely been able to hold on.

However, this person was struggling and could barely keep up with them.

He would most likely drop out soon.

At midday, the sun hung high in the sky, giving off intense heat and light.

Chen Heng finished his, looked at Corripo leaving, and thought to himself.

“It's about time…”

Over the past three months, he had gained a lot of information.

The Knights Breathing Technique from Corripo was not very complete, but he had taught much of it in the past three months.

From Chen Heng's interactions with Krudo, he heard that Krudo had started to feel some abnormalities.

Calculating the time, it seemed about right.

He went up and caught up to Corripo.

“Mr Corripo,” he called out.

“What is it?” hearing Chen Heng's voice, Corripo paused and calmly asked as he turned.

Looking at Corripo, Chen Heng deeply breathed in before looking quite uneasy, “Mr. Corripo, there seems to be something wrong with my body.”

“Something wrong with your body?” Corripo paused for a moment, seeming to have thought of something.

He stood there and looked at Chen Heng somewhat expectantly as he said, “Can you describe to me what the problem is?”


Chen Heng's expression was somewhat unsettled as he met Corripo's gaze as he said, “Back when I practiced the sword techniques that you taught us, I suddenly felt some discomfort.

“In my body, there seems to be a wave of heat continuously flowing about…”

His voice slightly trembled as he described a few of the most evident symptoms of Life Energy being stimulated.

Hearing Chen Heng's words, Corripo's expression finally changed.

“Very good.” Looking at Chen Heng, a trace of a smile appeared on his face, making him seem very happy.

He turned and said, “Come with me.”

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 32

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