Fantasy Simulator Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Chapter 33 – Wolf Knight

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“As expected, there are symptoms of Life Energy being circulated…”

After a few moments on an empty field, Corripo looked at Chen Heng with a gaze filled with excitement and delight, “This child indeed has talent to become a Knight.”

He felt as if he had won a prize.

Even though he had given out part of the Knights Breathing Technique, in actuality, he did not have much hope in finding people with talent as a Knight.


After all, such people were simply too rare. If their ancestors did not have a Knight bloodline, it was difficult to find a single person with Knight talent among thousands.


It was evident just how rare they were.

Corripo had just been casually teaching; whatever their accomplishments were were up to them.

Even if people without Knight talent used the Knights Breathing Technique, they would be able to refine and strengthen their bodies.

However, he had never thought that he would strike gold.

At that moment, he felt quite pleasantly surprised.

“To be able to sense the changes in Life Energy in such a short amount of time, his Knight talent is quite good.”

Looking at Chen Heng, Corripo thought to himself.

He did not expect Chen Heng to have already known a Knights Breathing Technique and cultivated it for half a year.

He had thought that Chen Heng had only cultivated for two months before sensing these changes.

This was undoubtedly the sign of a genius.

Thinking to there, he could not help but smile.

In actuality, his impression of Chen Heng was quite good.

He was gentle, humble, diligent, and patient. He was respectful to his teachers and kind to cla.s.smates. Anyone who saw him would like him.


All of Chen Heng's efforts had been seen by him in the past period of time.

He greatly appreciated Chen Heng's desperate efforts.

However, with his ident.i.ty, if he did not have Knight talent, there would not be much point. At most, he would just help him with some matters.

It would be impossible to help him with more things.

However, now that he had the talent to become a Knight, things were completely different.

Thinking to there, Corripo could not help but smile and look ahead.

In front of him, Chen Heng was still standing there, looking at him.

“Not bad.” Looking at Chen Heng, Corripo smiled and said, “From now on, come to this square every night.”


After saying this, he did not explain and directly left.

Chen Heng was left standing there, looking at his back.

“I succeeded.”

Standing there, Chen Heng looked like he was s.p.a.ced out, but he was inwardly grinning.

His efforts over the past two months had finally been effective.

“At night, eh?”

Chen Heng thought to himself before leaving.

At night, the sky gradually became dark.

In this age where they did not have lights, their night life was not as rich as in modern society.

As such, when it was night time, the originally lively places all became silent, and there were not many people around.

Chen Heng came to the square, as per his agreement with Corripo.

After arriving here, he was surprised to find that it was quite bright here.

There were people holding torches all around, illuminating this area.

Under the illumination of the fire, Corripo stood there by himself, a long shadow drawn out by the light.

He stood there by himself, his back facing Chen Heng. It looked like he had been standing there for a while now.

“Mr. Corripo,” Chen Heng said with a respectful expression.

“You're here.”

Corripo turned and nodded at Chen Heng before saying, “Sit.”

“Yes.” Chen Heng sat down by the side.

“Kailin, do you know what a Knight is?”

Looking at Chen Heng, Corripo once again spoke and asked this question after a few moments.

Before Chen Heng could reply, he continued, “Knights are a group of people who wield extraordinary power.

“All knights reign above ordinary people, and they are the most powerful existences.”


He continued, “If one wants to become a Knight, one must first control Life Energy…

“It's just that controlling Life Energy takes talent, and not everyone can do so.

“Even in n.o.ble families, people with such talent are very rare.

“Kailin, do you understand what I'm saying?”

Speaking to there, he paused and looked at Chen Heng.

“Could it be…” Chen Heng paused before a slight look of joy appeared on his face, “I…”


“That's right.”


Looking at Chen Heng's reaction, Corripo smiled, “Kailin, you are one of those rare people with talent.

“Your talent is your most valuable treasure.

“From today onwards, I will teach you how to use this treasure.

“How does that sound?”

“Thank you, Mr. Corripo.” Chen Heng immediately got up and deeply bowed towards Corripo.

Corripo did not expect such a reaction.

He stared for a moment before coming back to his senses. He smiled and said, “Alright, you can sit.

From today onwards, you are part of the Wolf Knight School.”


“Wolf Knight School?”

Chen Heng was quite surprised, “School? Knights have Schools as well?”

“Of course.”

Corripo nodded, “Apart from some Knights who are trained by their families, most Knights have Schools.

“Different Schools' Knights Breathing Techniques have different effects and uses.

“Of course, there are some wild Knights who happened to obtain a Knights Breathing Technique.

“However, these wild Knights often quickly disappear or become n.o.bility.”

Standing there, he explained to Chen Heng and told him a lot about Knights.

Before, Chen Heng did not know much about this.

Even though he had a Knights Breathing Technique, he did not know much about Knights.

Of course, it was not late hearing about these things now.

Just like that, he silently listened to Corripo's lesson.

Time gradually pa.s.sed, and Corripo only stopped after two hours.

He looked at the flames that were about to die down, then looked back at Chen Heng before nodding and saying, “We'll stop here for today, go back and rest.”

Chen Heng respectfully nodded before turning and leaving.

Following this, Chen Heng would come here every night to silently listen to the lessons.

He greatly valued the lessons from Corripo and did not dare to miss any of them. He would take many notes every day, afraid that he would forget something.

This was an opportunity to receive formal Knight training, and it was incredibly rare. It could be said that if he missed this opportunity, he might not receive another one.

Through Corripo, Chen Heng understood the true distinction between Knights.

Just like what he knew, those who had just awakened Life Energy and had powerful bodies, but had not awakened Life Seeds, were called Knight Apprentices.

Only those who had awakened Life Seeds and controlled their Life Energy could be called true Knights.

Above Knights were Great Knights, and the symbol of them was that they had long lifespans.


Great Knights could completely control their Life Energy, and not only would their Life Energy not damage their bodies, but they could also instead use their Life Energy to quickly restore their bodies.

As such, after reaching this level, Knights' lifespans would become much longer.

A true Great Knight often lived to around 150 years old.


Moreover, there were even more powerful beings above the Great Knights.

It was just that Corripo did not say anything about such existences.

After all, there was no point talking about them.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. As Corripo taught him, Chen Heng grew day by day.

Compared to the Knights Breathing Technique he had taken from Sorondo, the Knights Breathing Technique that Corripo pa.s.sed to him was more complete and had better effects.

Moreover, even though Corripo was not a very good teacher, he was still a very experienced Knight.

He could immediately see and understand any problems that Chen Heng had.

As such, with Corripo watching him from the side, Chen Heng could avoid the difficult predicament he had faced in the previous simulation.

Just like that, time gradually pa.s.sed.

Without realizing it, half a year had pa.s.sed.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 33

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