Fantasy Simulator Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Chapter 34 – Changes in Half A Year

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Early in the morning, the sun rose just as usual.

It was drizzling outside, and sunlight s.h.i.+ned through the flurry of raindrops.

Chen Heng got up and walked to the familiar square.

After walking to the square, he first trained his sword techniques before beginning his Body Forging, doing some strange actions.

His actions were the foundational Body Forging Technique.

After completing a set, Chen Heng stopped.

“Finally, I've completed Body Forging…”

Standing at the square, sweat continuously dripped down Chen Heng's body. Sensing this feeling, Chen Heng inwardly sighed as he thought to himself.

It had been around one year since he had come to this world.

Over this one year, he had achieved much.

After one year, he had finally reached completion in Body Forging.

He had also attained much in the Knights Breathing Technique.

His originally weak Life Energy continuously grew as he trained his Body Forging. He could now clearly sense it, but he could not truly control it.

This was already very good; even Corripo was very shocked at Chen Heng's progress.

This was not just because Chen Heng had good talent.

Based on Chen Heng's own senses, his Knight talent was only ordinary.

The reason why he was making such good progress was because he had his previous experiences.

In his previous simulation, he had cultivated the Knights Breathing Technique for many years. Even though he did not delve deep into it because he lacked talent, he still had his experiences.

This was one of the reasons.

The other reason was because the Body Forging Technique and Knights Breathing Technique were a.s.sisting each other.

During his normal training, Chen Heng could sense that the Body Training Technique was useful in helping him with his Knights Breathing Technique.

Both of them were body-refining techniques, so it made sense that they would support and complement each other.

Adding on his half a year of training at Baron Kaisen's territory, with a sufficient foundation, he was able to progress by leaps and bounds.

His current self was like a completely different person than when he had just arrived here.

“Kailin, you got up so early again?”

A voice came from afar.

Chen Heng looked up and saw Krudo standing there not too far away, looking at him.

He was wearing tight, black clothes and held a sword. He seemed to be preparing to train as well.

“I didn't have much to do, so I came early,” Chen Heng smiled, “You also came early.”

“Look at you…”

Krudo felt quite gloomy, “You already have good talent and you're so diligent too. If I slack for even a little bit, I'll be completely left behind by you…”

In the past half a year, Krudo's Knight talent had also manifested, and he had also been officially taken in by Corripo as a member of the Wolf Knight School.

Compared to Chen Heng, his progress in the past half a year was much slower. Even though he had also awakened Life Energy, he could not compare to Chen Heng.

Of course, this was not just a problem of talent.

From how Chen Heng saw it, Krudo's talent was most likely above his.

It was just that the mutually beneficial relations.h.i.+p between the Body Forging Technique and Knights Breathing Technique was very good, and adding on the fact that Chen Heng was much more diligent than other people, this was why he was able to progress faster than Krudo.

Looking at Krudo, Chen Heng only laughed and did not explain.

“Tomorrow is Kelly's banquet; do you want to go together?” Chen Heng asked after a while.

“Kelly, that sissy?”

Krudo shook his head disdainfully, “Forget it, I feel annoyed whenever I see him. Isn't it better to use that time to train?”


Chen Heng nodded calmly, not seeming surprised, “Looks like I'll have to go by myself then.”

“I really don't understand what's so interesting about those boring banquets,” Krudo said as he shook his head.

“A bunch of people singing the praises of all kinds of poems and flattering each other's ancestors; what's the point of that?” he muttered.

Chen Heng only smiled and did not say anything.

Over the past half a year, Chen Heng had gone from not knowing any people or the place to becoming quite familiar here.

He had gotten to know many people with high standing, extraordinary strength, and skills like Krudo.

Over the past year, he had achieved a lot.

Those with high standings did not refuse Chen Heng because he was not only Corripo's student but a Knight Apprentice who had awakened Life Energy. He was already quite famous in the Kutu Royal City.

To those of ordinary standing, Chen Heng was very friendly and would often help them, making people have favorable impressions of him.

In just half a year, he had gotten to know many people.

In this area, Krudo was far inferior to him.

As someone from the north, he was easily discriminated against by others, and he was often called a barbarian by others.

From how Chen Heng saw it, this was not a big problem. Even though northern rulers were often looked down on by other n.o.bles, they were still n.o.bles. He was also someone with Knight talent, so as long as he was willing to show his friendliness to others, there would definitely be people who would want to befriend him.

However, Krudo was quite lacking in this regard, and he was not willing to get to know those people at all.

As such, apart from Chen Heng and a few others, he did not have any other friends in the Kutu Royal City.

It was a big difference compared to Chen Heng.

After a day of training, Chen Heng and Krudo said their goodbyes and went back to their own rooms.

Chen Heng had moved out from the Kutu Royal Academy, and he had his own residence.

His new residence was a manor that was quite s.p.a.cious, and he had everything it needed. Even though it was not very luxurious, Chen Heng had made it a nice place to stay in.

There were also a few attendants there to wait on Chen Heng.


Of course, all of these things cost quite a bit of money.

Just to maintain his current lifestyle, it cost Chen Heng many big silver coins every month.

To be able to live this kind of lifestyle showed his current financial situation. Compared to half a year ago, it had also greatly improved.


Fantasy Simulator Chapter 34

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