Fantasy Simulator Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35 – The Importance of Standing

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The main reason for the improvement in Chen Heng's living circ.u.mstances was because of Baron Kaisen.

After hearing that Chen Heng had become the student of a Knight and awakened talent to become a Knight, Baron Kaisen seemed to have decided to fully support Chen Heng, and much had changed.

Before, he had already greatly supported Chen Heng, but now, his support had become immense.

It could be said that in Baron Kaisen's territory, after paying taxes, most of the funds were given to Chen Heng to fund his lifestyle in the Kutu Royal City.

With this amount of money, Chen Heng was able to live quite comfortably. He also set up many investments and business ventures, greatly changing his financial situation.

After returning to his manor and going to his room, Chen Heng changed into clean clothes before getting on a carriage to go elsewhere.

Soon, he arrived at an unfamiliar manor.

This place was very big, and was much more luxurious and extravagant than his own.

After getting off from the carriage, there was already someone waiting at the entrance, and he greeted Chen Heng.

“Mr. Kailin, you're finally here.”

Looking at Chen Heng, the old butler came up and smiled, “Young master Kelly has been waiting inside for a while.”

“Apologies, we ran into some issues on the way, so I ended up being a bit late,” Chen Heng gave an apologetic smile before saying, “Please take me in.”

The old butler smiled and nodded before slowly leading him forwards.

As they walked in, the decorations in the manor were revealed to Chen Heng.

Compared to Chen Heng's residence, this place was much more exquisite and had many more ornaments. There were all kinds of things that came from foreign lands, looking quite beautiful.

As they walked, the sweet fragrance of gra.s.s and flowers came from around them.

Soon, they reached the main hall.

There were already many people standing in the hall.

These people conversed in low tones, and there were some who were currently dancing together; it seemed like quite a relaxed party.

Of course, these people were mostly quite young, so the party was quite casual and not as restrictive as formal banquets.

Seeing Chen Heng walk in, the atmosphere somewhat changed.

Many people's attention gathered on Chen Heng.

They all looked somewhat surprised, as if they did not expect him to come.

“Kailin, my friend.”

Ahead, a somewhat handsome young man in gold clothes stood up and walked over, and he directly hugged him.

“Why did you come so late?”

He smiled as he said, “I thought you wouldn't come.”

“How is that possible?” Chen Heng smiled before saying, “We're good friends; I would never miss your banquet.”


Hearing this, a slight smile appeared on Kelly's face.

Following this, he pulled Chen Heng forwards, looking somewhat pleased.

For someone of his standing, the current Chen Heng was an extremely important guest. In fact, he was about as important as the children of some major figures.

The reason was very simple.

Even though Chen Heng's ident.i.ty was ordinary, his teacher was Corripo; this alone could make up for the lack of background.

Moreover, Chen Heng was a Knight Apprentice, and he was a publicly acknowledged genius in the Kutu Royal City. He was said to be one of the Knight Apprentices with the greatest potential.

Adding on Chen Heng's own abilities and the good reputation that he had made for himself, he was much more useful than the children of major figures.

After all, even though they had distinguished backgrounds, apart from a small minority of them, most of them did not have much substance. How could they compare to a future Knight?

Many people clearly understood this.

In the past half a year, many people had invited him to banquets or other activities.

Chen Heng obviously did not attend all of them.

After all, once there was too much of something, it would not be worth as much.

Those people wanted to get close to Chen Heng so they could have the friends.h.i.+p of a future Knight.

However, friends.h.i.+p was often quite fake.

If Chen Heng went to all of the banquets and got to know everyone, it would not have as good of an effect.

After all, if everyone had his friends.h.i.+p, it would not be worth as much anymore.


Only by making it rare could he make it valuable.

As such, Chen Heng did not get close to too many people, and he maintained a distance from the majority of people.

As such, not anyone could get Chen Heng to come to their banquet.

Thus, for Kelly to be able to get Chen Heng to come to his banquet, this was something that he felt quite pleased about.

Sensing the looks of confusion and surprise on everyone else's faces, Kelly's smile became even brighter, and he felt even more favorably towards Chen Heng.

In the hall, he introduced all of the people present to Chen Heng.

As expected, whenever he introduced Chen Heng as a Knight, many people could not help but cry out.

During the course of things, Chen Heng's expression remained calm, and he seemed to ignore the surprised looks.

Only after a while did he sit down by the side and silently watch the banquet progress.

It had to be said that it was quite understandable for Krudo not to like to come to these banquets and instead train by himself.

At least to Chen Heng, such banquets were incredibly boring.

Young men and women from n.o.ble families, who wore fas.h.i.+onable clothes and were styled elegantly, would talk among themselves, praise certain poems, or invite others to dance.

Chen Heng felt incredibly bored, and there was nothing that interested him.


Of course, because of his ident.i.ty as a Knight and his good looks over this process, many women came to him and invited him to dance.

If Chen Heng wanted, he might be able to have beauties all around him and in his arms, just like many other people around him.

However, Chen Heng calmly and politely rejected all of them.


It was not that he did not like women but because he wanted to maintain a good reputation.


Often, reputation was a kind of strength.

In order to maintain a good reputation, over the past half a year, Chen Heng had been kind to everyone, but he had not become involved with any women or been in conflict with anyone. This was in order to establish the image of a virtuous and pure Knight.


Now that he had formed a good image with such great effort, how could he just throw it away like that?

Chen Heng was hoping that one day, when he had built up a good enough image, he could find himself a n.o.blewoman of high standing.


How could he ruin his plans just like that?

As such, Chen Heng gave warm smiles to the women, but he rejected all of them.

Around him, women's moans would occasionally sound out, seeming like there were many people doing certain things.


Chen Heng did not look over and sat straight, seeming completely unaffected.

Within the chaotic scene of the banquet, he seemed like the most unique scene, making people feel surprised.

All around him, looking at Chen Heng sitting calmly on his chair, because of his handsome face and his elegant aura, the women around him could not help but feel attracted to him.

For some reason, even though Chen Heng paid no attention to them, they could not help but feel enthralled by him.

“Who, who is that person?”

Finally, Chen Heng's actions attracted a certain person's attention.

In the corner, there was a girl who was 15 or 16 years old wearing a black dress. Sitting there, she secretly looked over at Chen Heng, and a look of curiosity appeared on her face.


Fantasy Simulator Chapter 35

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