Fantasy Simulator Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Chapter 36 – Verna


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Looking at Chen Heng sitting there with a straight figure and an amicable smile, the girl could not help but speak out loud.

Even she could feel that Chen Heng was quite extraordinary.

Even though he just sat there and did not speak, he seemed like he was the center of all attention. Even the host of this banquet, Sir Kelly, seemed to be completely outs.h.i.+ned by him.

Moreover, his aura seemed completely different to those around him.

Looking at Chen Heng, Verna could not help but feel curious.

“That is Knight Kailin from Dafin. Even though he is quite young, he is already a Knight,” an attendant said softly, introducing Chen Heng to Verna.

“He was the son of a lowly Baron, but through his efforts he became a student of Mr. Corripo and became a Knight…”


Hearing Chen Heng's story, Verna's eyes lit up and could not help but say, “So amazing…”

“In the Kutu Royal City, he is very famous and hailed as the Knight Apprentice most likely to become a true Knight in the future,” the attendant continued.

As she listened, Verna's eyes became brighter and brighter.


Sitting there, she looked at the elegant and handsome Chen Heng and could not help but feel favorably towards him.

This was especially so given that even though there were many women approaching him, he would warmly refuse. He was completely different than everyone else around him.

Sitting there, she hesitated for a moment but could not resist getting up. She mustered up her courage, hoping to invite Chen Heng for a dance.

In this process, she seemed very hesitant, worried that she would be rejected.

However, in the end, she still got up and slowly walked towards Chen Heng as the girls around her watched on.

Seeing her actions, those girls did not say something and only looked on expectantly, hoping to see Verna be rejected by Chen Heng.


Chen Heng naturally also noticed this.

As he looked over, he noticed Verna's appearance.

She looked quite ordinary and was not very good looking; at most, she could be called delicate and pretty.

Apart from her looks, her figure was also very ordinary. Even though she was not lacking, compared to the tall and voluptuous women, she just seemed ordinary.


Of course, Chen Heng was not so shallow when looking at women.

What he cared about were things of substance, such as background, ident.i.ty, potential…


From that angle, this girl was completely qualified.


Even though she hid it quite well, Chen Heng could tell that her ident.i.ty was not ordinary at all.

Chen Heng could tell this from the reactions of Kelly and the others.

From before, Kelly would occasionally look over to the corner at that girl.

From this girl's appearance and figure, it was unlikely that Kelly was interested in her. It was more likely that her ident.i.ty was not ordinary, so he had to continuously keep an eye on her to make sure nothing unexpected happened.

For someone of Kelly's standing to take her so seriously, this girl's ident.i.ty was definitely quite important.


Chen Heng continued to look at her.

“She seems to be only 15 or 16 years old…”

He looked at Verna walking over and made that guess, feeling at ease.

Since she was only 15 or 16 years old, even in the chaos of the n.o.ble circles, she was most likely quite pure and would not have any complications tied to her.


She was very different compared to the women around him.

As such, Chen Heng decided to get to know her and see.

Thinking to there, he started to think to himself.

Even if he wanted to interact with this girl, he could not go too far.

For him to have rejected so many people, but then happily dance with someone else, it did not look too good.

In that case, should he go for a more roundabout route…

Thoughts flashed in Chen Heng's mind, but he looked calm externally, peacefully gazing at the things around him.

In front of him, the girl slowly walked over.


Walking in front of Chen Heng, Verna looked at him and stuttered, “Can I please dance with you?”

She spoke very softly, seeming very shy.

Verna was indeed feeling very shy currently.

Before, she had been gazing at Chen Heng from afar, but now that she had come before him, she was able to look at him clearly.

He was much taller than she had expected; just sitting there, he seemed very tall.

He was wearing a black robe and was tall and well-built. His long hair fell freely, and it was not combed with all kinds of fancy decorations. It simply fell naturally, seeming very gentle and agreeable.

His appearance was handsome and exquisite, and seemed incredibly charming.

In the past in the Court, she had seen many excellent and handsome men.

Her mother had had many lovers in the past, and most of them were handsome men who Verna had seen before.

However, compared to Chen Heng, she felt that those men were not much and could not compare to him.

In front of her, he was sitting there with a gentle look on his valiant face as he gazed at her.

Looking at Chen Heng, Verna could not stop her face from becoming red, her heart thumping. She was almost too embarra.s.sed to look up at him.


After saying those words, she did not say any more and felt incredibly embarra.s.sed, worried that he would refuse.

She had never felt this feeling before, being worried that someone would reject her.

Chen Heng was silent for a moment before speaking, “You're still young; there's no need for you to dance that kind of dance yet.”

Chen Heng's expression was calm, and he paused for a moment before smiling and saying, “You didn't bring a dancing partner with you this time?”

Hearing those words, Verna felt a bit disappointed before shaking her head.

“Since it's like that…”

Chen Heng thought for a moment before smiling, “Even though I'm very bad at dancing these kinds of dances, if you don't mind, I can accompany you.

“However, please agree to a request from me.”

He looked at Verna with a kind smile as he said gently, as if he was looking after a little sister, “Try not to come to these events for adults in the future.”

As he spoke with his soft voice, he looked at Verna and lightly smiled.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 36

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