Fantasy Simulator Chapter 52 – Trade

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Chapter 52: Chapter 52 – Trade

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If it was just a simple matter of selling, it would not be very difficult for Chen Heng.

After all, the Kutu Royal City was the Kutu Princ.i.p.ality's capital, and there were many major figures who could easily buy a large amount of stock.

With the relations.h.i.+ps that Chen Heng had fostered in the Kutu Royal City over the past half a year, selling all of the goods would not be a big problem.

It was just that this would cause another problem.

If he sold large amounts of similar goods within a short period of time, the large amount of supply would drive down the price, making them difficult to sell in the future.

Even if he could sell them in the future, he would not be able to make much profit.

Moreover, it was only just the beginning of this partners.h.i.+p.

As time went on, when the northern rulers began to benefit, they would work harder to source goods or capture slaves.

When that time came, Chen Heng's contacts in the Kutu Royal City would not be able to buy all of them.

Moreover, considering that he wanted to win over more people, Chen Heng should not do things like this.

If he sold all of the goods in the Kutu Royal City and asked those major figures to help him sell those goods, they would not thank him and would instead think that this was just a normal trade.

Those major figures did not lack their own economic streams, and they would not care much about the small profits that Chen Heng had brought.

However, if he could bring these resources to those who truly needed them, the situation would be different.

Rather than decorating something already perfect, it was better to provide help in one's hour of need; most people understood this principle.

As such, the rulers near Baron Kaisen's territory were better choices to sell to.

The rulers in the south were much better off than the rulers in the north.

However, they were still limited in some regards.

The southern side was better because of the fertile soil and warmer climate, which resulted in them having enough crops.

Moreover, even though the southern side was also somewhat chaotic, they did not have to resist Outlanders like the northern rulers, so they did not have to spend much on military expenses.

However, this only meant that they were not as poverty-stricken as the northern rulers.

In actuality, they were not that prosperous either. Often, they were unable to save much over the years, and they could only meet their present expenses.

If they wanted to live prosperous lives, it was still quite difficult.

For these people, opening up a new economic stream was incredibly important.

They would take the profits that Chen Heng could bring more seriously and treasure it more.

Once they tasted the benefits, it would not be so easy for them to stop.

When that time came, whether they continued willingly or pa.s.sively, they would have their interests tied to Chen Heng.

Unless there was someone who could bring them even greater profits, they would be Chen Heng's greatest supporters.

Of course, if he wanted to achieve this goal, he had to gain the cooperation of the surrounding rulers.

Baron Kaisen was Chen Heng's father, so there were naturally no problems there.

However, Chen Heng would have to go and talk to each of the other rulers.

Fortunately, things had been going smoothly so far.

Just by leaking some information, many people had taken the initiative to arrange meetings with him.

It seemed that the situation was quite good.

During the next period of time, Chen Heng once again became busy.

Not too long after returning home, Chen Heng began to visit the neighboring rulers' residences to engage in discussions with them.

At first, everything went very smoothly.

In order to bring in these surrounding rulers, Chen Heng gave very favorable conditions.

According to the agreement, he would guarantee the southern rulers a portion of the goods from the northern rulers every time and sell them for good prices.

The southern rulers could choose to pay the value in crops or other agricultural products.

In a certain sense, Chen Heng had become a middleman.

He and Krudo's family would provide resources for the various rulers, who would then sell them themselves.

This way, all three parties would gain profits.

Even though Chen Heng was unable to gain ma.s.sive profits, he would be able to quickly distribute the northern rulers' goods without oversupplying the market.

At the same time, because of the northern side's climate, crops and other agricultural resources were much more expensive than in the south, and furs and slaves were relatively cheap.

On the other hand, it was the opposite in the south.

When buying furs and slaves from the northern rulers, Chen Heng could use crops and the like as security. After reaching the southern side, he could ask the southern rulers to use crops and agricultural resources as payment.

By going from north to south like this, they would be able to profit.

For the northern rulers, Chen Heng's actions could solve their problem of oversupply of furs and slaves, while being paid in large amounts of crops would reduce the pressure they faced in terms of food.

For the southern rulers, it was not difficult to sell those furs or slaves. No matter if it was travelling merchants or sending their own people to other places to sell them, they could earn large profits without too much effort.

Moreover, for the southern side, who had large amounts of crops and food, using those resources as security and payment was no problem either.

After all, the southern rulers' poverty was only a money-based poverty.

Crops and food were not a big problem at all.

This was completely opposite to the northern rulers.

This was a cla.s.sic problem as a result of oversupply.

Because the southern side's climate was good, they produced large amounts of crops, but because of the high supply, they were unable to sell them for very high prices.

This meant that all southern rulers had large amounts of crops but lacked money.

Chen Heng's plan solved this for them.

While Chen Heng was busying himself in the southern side, within the palace, Verna finally received his letter for her.

“This letter is for me?” looking at the letter, Verna looked up and asked.

“Indeed,” the female attendant nodded and said, “Knight Kailin especially went to Sir Kelly's residence to say goodbye to you before he left . Since you were not there, he left this letter.

“Knight Kailin has most likely returned to his home by now.”

“I see…” Verna nodded. Thinking of Chen Heng, she could not help but feel a bit sad.

Looking at the letter in her hand, she opened it in a hurry and began to read.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 52 – Trade

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