Fantasy Simulator Chapter 53 – Take Seriously

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Chapter 53: Chapter 53 – Take Seriously

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“To the embodiment of beauty, Miss Verna…

“When you receive this letter, I will most likely be on the way home already. Because of some reasons, I have to go back to visit my home and see my father. As such, I have to temporarily leave.

“Without realizing it, I have spent a year in the Kutu Royal City already. During that one year, I got to know many people. They were all sincere and reliable, as well as very interesting. All of them are good friends. In the time that I spent away from home, they brought me great joy and gave my soul peace, so that I can continue to advance…

“However, I was most happy about meeting you.”

Verna's hand holding the letter slightly trembled and her heart leapt as she quickly continued to read.

“Even though we have not spent that much time together, every time we meet, I greatly look forward to it and feel joyful. I don't know if you feel the same, but sometimes I simply cannot control my feelings…

“In my hometown, I often hear that white horses from plains will always meet his Knight, being perfectly compatible like a fresh flower and a beautiful girl…

“I hope that in the future, I will be able to meet with you every day and see you…”

Sitting on her big bed, Verna read the letter many times, and her heartbeat became faster and faster.

“Is this a confession?” she thought to herself while sitting on her bed, and her face became incredibly red as if she was drunk.

Sitting there, she continuously paced about, unable to control her emotions.

At that moment, she felt an impulse to go and find her Knight and tell him of her feelings. She wanted to tell him that she was looking forward to him coming back and also wanted to be with him every day.

However, looking at her locked door, she lowered her head in disappointment.

Earlier, she had been forbidden to go out by Olivia.

Before, she could occasionally go out and meet with Chen Heng at Kelly's residence.

However, Olivia had become quite busy and much stricter recently for some reason, and she did not allow her out anymore, no matter how much she pleaded with her.

Thinking about how serious Olivia looked recently, Verna could only sigh and look forward to the future.

After this period pa.s.sed and big sister Olivia finished dealing with her various matters, Knight Kailin would most likely be back.

When that time came, they would be able to meet again…

Deep longing welled up in her heart, and looking at the letter in her hand, she could not help but hope that Chen Heng would come back sooner.

After thinking about it, she could not help but get up and pick up a pen and paper as she began to write her own letter.

On the other side, within a hall, Olivia sat at the center and was dealing with various matters.

Recently, she had felt very hard-pressed.

All kinds of things continuously weighed down on her.

Combined with her little brother's actions, she became even more anxious, and she busied herself with various things.

“Your Highness…” a black-robed servant came up and said respectfully.

“Is Verna demanding to go out again?” Olivia rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

During this period, her little sister had always been noisily demanding to go out, and she tried all kinds of ways to get out, making her feel incredibly annoyed.

Seeing the servant looking after Verna coming over, she guessed that Verna was making a ruckus again.

However, she was surprised to see the female servant shake her head.

“No,” the female servant said with a respectful expression, “her Highness Verna did not ask to go out; rather, she asked for a letter of hers to be delivered.”

“Just delivering a letter?”

Olivia felt quite surprised and nodded, “That's not an issue; let her send it if she wants.

“However, I estimate that Kailin is most likely at his father's territory now, so this letter will most likely take some time to reach him.”

She smiled and thought to herself before saying, “That's right, what has Kailin been doing recently? Is there any news from over there?”

“Knight Kailin has been quite busy,” the female servant thought before telling Olivia what she knew.

“Trade alliance? North and south trade?” Olivia listened as she went through her doc.u.ments.

At first, she was just casually listening, but soon, she stopped what she was doing and her expression became more serious.

“Bring me all information related to this,” she said in the end with a serious expression.

After a while, all relevant information was brought over.

Everything that Chen Heng had done was recorded in great detail.

Ordinary people naturally would not be observed so closely, nor would there be such detailed information about them.

Given that Chen Heng was a quasi-Knight who was about to awaken a Life Seed and his close relations.h.i.+p with Verna, Princess Olivia had given instructions to her subordinates to gather information on him.

Now, this information seemed to be of use.

Olivia soon read through the pile of information, and the more she read, the more serious her expression became.

“Incredible, incredible…”

After putting down the doc.u.ments, she sat there and muttered, “Why didn't I think of this before?”

Selling the north's oversupply of furs and slaves to the south, while selling the south's large amount of crops to the north. This was a very simple idea, and as long as one could do it, one could obtain ma.s.sive profits.

However, no one had ever created such a profitable trade route before.

It was partially because of a limitation of thinking.

Even though this world had powerful existences like Knights, it was quite lacking in many areas.

The n.o.bles' thinking was quite restricted, and they only thought about milking their subjects. Even if they turned their gazes to places outside their territory, it was usually for taking other people's territory. They rarely thought about economic development like this.

An example was Chen Heng's father, Baron Kaisen.

Before Chen Heng's suggestions, the most economic activity there was was trading with travelling merchants.

In his territory, everyone could only plant wheat and other grain crops, and those who disobeyed would be hung.

Under such circ.u.mstances, there would naturally be little economic development.

Most other rulers were the same.

Apart from their limited thinking, they were also restricted by geography.

The Kutu Princ.i.p.ality was made up of many n.o.bles' territories, and going from north to south, one had to pa.s.s through many rulers' territories.

Each ruler would want to earn some profits, which would result in conflicts.

There was also risk hidden in this venture.

Adding on how chaotic this world was, there were always bandits around, adding to the danger.

Even if one could resolve these issues, there was the fact that the northern rulers were closed off to outsiders.

All in all, there were many barriers to this.

It was because it was so difficult that no one had done this in the past.

In just a moment, Olivia could imagine the kinds of problems that Chen Heng had faced when setting this up.

What shocked her was that despite all the difficulties, Chen Heng overcame them all and achieved this.

“Just how did he do it?” Olivia could not help but think to herself, and she felt quite interested in Chen Heng.

Before, she had just seen Chen Heng as a Baron's son, Corripo's student, and a potential Knight.

She had never thought that Chen Heng would also be so capable in such a regard apart from these prestigious ident.i.ties.

Olivia could not help but feel quite interested in Chen Heng.

Of course, what was key was that after all of this, as time went on, Chen Heng's influence and power would definitely increase.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 53 – Take Seriously

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