Fantasy Simulator Chapter 54 – Preparations

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Chapter 54: Chapter 54 – Preparations

Within the hall, Olivia silently thought to herself.

As the north-south trade progressed, Chen Heng would become more and more powerful.

She was very clear on this.

Not only did the north-south trade help the northern rulers escape poverty, but it would also help the southern rulers gain great profits. As the middleman, Chen Heng would also profit.

As time went on, no matter if it was the northern rulers or southern rulers, they would become closer with Chen Heng, take him more seriously, and support him more—this was especially so for the northern rulers.

Thinking about the northern rulers, Olivia began to think.

“Were you there when Verna met with Kailin?” she looked at the female servant with a calm gaze.

“How were their interactions?” she continued to ask.

“Princess Verna seems to like Knight Kailin a lot…”

The female servant thought for a moment before continuing, “Knight Kailin seems to feel the same way. He is much more enthusiastic towards Princess Verna than towards other girls.”

“I see…” Olivia thought to herself.

After having people observe Chen Heng for a while, she had a decent understanding of him.

He was a virtuous and almost perfect Knight.

No matter who they asked, whether it was Kelly or others at the Kutu Royal Academy, they all had high evaluations of him.

He was mild and polite to women, and he never offended them.

He was sincere and cordial to friends, treating them well.

He was incredibly diligent in his training; it was said that he got up before the sun rose to train and never lazed around for even a single day.

Olivia had a lot of experience, but only those who committed themselves to their Knight training could compare to Chen Heng in some regards.

For such a Knight to treat Verna specially like this, he most likely quite liked her too.

Many thoughts flashed through Olivia's mind.

Most royal weddings were quite cruel—they were usually for some kind of political purpose.

It was just that as Verna's big sister, she cared greatly about what Verna wanted as well. Since she liked Kailin and she felt that Kailin could also help her, this was naturally a perfect situation.

“Send someone to quickly deliver Verna's letter,” she raised her head and said after thinking for a moment.

“Yes, Your Highness,” the female servant nodded before leaving.

“What is my big brother, Ormando, doing?”

Beside a wide river, Chen Heng looked at the attendant next to him and calmly asked.

“He was sent to a neighboring town by the Baron. It's said that he spends his days drinking until he is drunk,” the attendant said respectfully.

“Have you arranged everything?” Chen Heng asked.

“Everything you asked for has been done,” the attendant nodded and said, “We have already leaked the information to the bandits. It's just that…”

Speaking to there, a look of hesitation appeared on his face, “Sir, why are we doing this? These goods are very important to us, and if we leak the news like this, it's possible that…”

“It's possible that they will be tempted to come make trouble for us, if not rob us of those goods?”

Chen Heng said as he smiled, “That's exactly what I want.”


The attendant could not understand.

This time, Chen Heng did not answer. He only silently turned and looked towards the river.

“Send someone to Ormando and tell him that after father chased him away, he has been missing him and hopes that he will come back…”

Looking at the attendant, Chen Heng's gaze was calm as he said, “Do you understand what to say?”

“I understand.” Seeing Chen Heng's expression, the attendant paused for a moment before his expression became serious.

The next day.

“Did father really say that?”

Within the small town, looking at the man in front of him, Ormando's eyes widened.

It had been one year, and Ormando looked much more lifeless than before.

His body was still big, but it had begun to become fat and he stank of alcohol.

He stood there, his bloodshot eyes staring at the man in front of him with a look of hope in them.

“It's true.”

The man nodded, “When I was serving my Lord, I heard him sigh and say such a thing many times.

“My Lord also regretted chasing you away… after all, you are his eldest son; how could he not miss you?”

“I knew it.”

Hearing those words, Ormando could not help but grin, “Father wouldn't abandon me… I'm his eldest son and the successor of the family.”

“My Lord secretly greatly wishes for you to return…”

The man said respectfully, “If you can go back now and appear before my Lord, he will definitely be very happy.”

“It's good timing that my Lord is about to go out with young master Kailin to visit Baron Myler… If you go over right now, young master, you might be able to catch up to them.”


Hearing Chen Heng's name, Ormando's expression became cold, and his heart was filled with fury as he said, “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to come back.”

Some things were quite strange.

Even though Chen Heng had not actually done anything to him, in Ormando's heart, he was in this pitiful situation because of Chen Heng.

He did not have any ideas of repentance.

“I'm going to go back.”

Standing there, he thought of Chen Heng and coldly laughed, “Kailin wants to play his tricks while I'm not there? His plan won't succeed. I'll have him know who is the eldest son and who will succeed father.”

He immediately had attendants make preparations to return to Baron Kaisen's residence.

Looking at Ormando, the man who had spoken to him inwardly let out a sigh of relief.

The next day.

“Ormando? What did he come back for?”

Within the residence, hearing the attendant report of Ormando's return, Baron Kaisen's expression immediately became cold.

“Didn't I tell him to properly reflect on his actions outside? Why did he come back?”

His expression was quite unsightly, seeming very dissatisfied with Ormando.

This dissatisfaction was built up over the past period.

Putting aside his qualities compared to Chen Heng's, Ormando did many things that were quite foolish.

With Chen Heng as a comparison, he seemed even worse.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 54 – Preparations

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