Fantasy Simulator Chapter 55 - – Blackfur People

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Chapter 55: Chapter 55 – Blackfur People

“It's good that big brother is back; there's no need for father to be so angry…”

Looking at Baron Kaisen's dissatisfied expression, Chen Heng smiled and said, “After all, we're lacking people and it's a good time for him to come back.”

“Hmph,” Baron Kaisen coldly harrumphed, but listening to Chen Heng's words, he still nodded.

At the end of the day, he was still his son. No matter how poorly he performed, he was still his child.

Ormando was already back, and if he chased him out again, it would not be very good.

Moreover, just like Chen Heng had said, as they had begun trading with neighboring rulers, they indeed lacked helpers.

Now that Ormando had come back, if he could help, that would be good too.

Thinking to there, his expression softened and he looked at Mr White by his side and said, “Bring him in.”

“Yes.” Mr White nodded before turning and walking out.

After a few moments, some footsteps sounded out and Ormando walked in.

He was dressed in black robes and looked tall and well-built. It was just that his figure seemed more bloated than before.

Standing together with Chen Heng, the difference between them was all too evident.

“You still dare to come back.” Looking at Ormando, Kaisen's expression was incredibly cold.


After walking into the room, Ormando half-knelt and said sincerely, “During the months that I've left your side, I've greatly missed you. Please allow me to stay by your side once again.”

He seemed incredibly earnest, and seeing him like this, Baron Kaisen's expression became softer.

“You can get up,” he looked at Ormando as he spoke.

“Let's not bring up matters from the past,” he said calmly, “It's good that you've come back.

“Recently, everyone has been very busy. You coming back and helping is better than you staying in that place and drinking all day. We'll set out in a few days; bring your sword.”

Looking at Ormando's bloated body, he could not help but frown.

“Yes, father,” Ormando continuously nodded, seeming quite pa.s.sionate.

After a few moments, Baron Kaisen left, leaving behind only Chen Heng and Ormando.

“Big brother,” LChen Heng gave a slight smile and went up to greet him with an outstretched hand.

However, Ormando did not respond.

Looking at Chen Heng, Ormando coldly harrumphed before leaving.

Chen Heng's hand froze in mid-air, seeming a bit awkward.

“Young master…”

Beside him, Mr. White's voice sounded out, also looking quite awkward, “Young master Ormando, he…”

“It's fine.”

Chen Heng's smile did not change and he slowly brought back his hand. He stood there and watched Ormando's figure leave.

He inwardly shook his head, and he said goodbye to Mr. White before leaving.

Over the next few days, Baron Kaisen's residence became quite busy.

There were goods from the north all over the place, filling the entire residence.

All around, there were some people with dense black fur working hard.

“So many things…”

Looking at the goods everywhere, Baron Kaisen sighed in amazement, “How did you bring so many things over? And those rulers actually let you pa.s.s through?”

As a n.o.ble, he knew what the other rulers were like.

He did not believe that this world's n.o.bles had great virtues.

In actuality, it would not be excessive to call these people bandits.

Ormando was one such example.

Why had he been sent off by Baron Kaisen? It was because he had secretly taken some people to rob a nearby ruler's merchant group.

This kind of thing happened quite often, too many to be counted.

In actuality, if that merchant group had not belonged to a nearby ruler but was just an ordinary merchant group or belonged to a ruler far away, Ormando would not have been blamed at all.

Transport in these times was not very convenient and quite dangerous too. It was not a big deal for a merchant group to be robbed.

Baron Kaisen had done similar things himself before.

From this, it could be seen how dangerous it was to carry out trade in a world like this.

From how Baron Kaisen saw it, Chen Heng bringing over such a large amount of goods was simply incomprehensible.

“It would of course be impossible using a conventional path.”

In response, Chen Heng only smiled and said, “These things were brought over by s.h.i.+ps…”

“s.h.i.+ps?” Baron Kaisen stared; he did not expect this at all.

“Aren't s.h.i.+ps dangerous?”

Of course, this world had s.h.i.+ps, but their technology was not very advanced, and there were many dangers while sailing.

As such, from how Baron Kaisen saw it, using s.h.i.+ps to transport the goods was incredibly risky.

“As long as there is nothing wrong with the s.h.i.+ps, it's actually not very difficult…” Chen Heng said, not understanding how Baron Kaisen felt.

Baron Kaisen nodded while still feeling a bit confused, but he did not continue to ask.

“Who are those people covered with black fur?” He asked out of curiosity as he looked at the people working hard to continuously move about the goods.

“They are from the desert's Blackfur Tribe,” Chen Heng explained, “The northern side is connected to the desert and they often fight. As such, they take many captives who are sold as slaves. These Blackfur People are one such tribe.

“Compared to ordinary people, these Blackfur People are cheaper and are more hardworking. As such, I took in many of them for labor,” Chen Heng explained.

He had especially kept the Blackfur People.

Of the goods that the northern rulers sold, apart from furs and skins, there were many slaves.

Of the slaves, Chen Heng kept many of them for himself.

That was how he had spent much of the wealth he had acc.u.mulated in the Kutu Royal City.

As someone from another world, he understood clearly the importance of strength, while strength could be split into individual and collective strength.

In terms of individual strength, he was a Knight and trained with the Knights Breathing Technique and Body Forging Technique.

In terms of collective strength, he needed to develop his own forces.

In order to do this, he made friends with the n.o.bles in the Kutu Royal City while also buying slaves to expand the force under his command.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 55 - – Blackfur People

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