Fantasy Simulator Chapter 58 - – Kill

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Chapter 58: Chapter 58 – Kill

After Chen Heng joined the fight, the situation quickly turned around.

He advanced by himself, continuously swinging his sword, and he almost instantly charged into the crowd of people.

Seeing Chen Heng's actions, Baron Kaisen was instinctively startled, and he wanted to have people go up and protect Chen Heng.

However, he was stunned by Chen Heng's performance.

Sitting on his horse, Chen Heng's gaze was calm as he silently slashed ahead of him.

His sword continuously tore through the air, causing loud whooshes to sound out.

Many people were directly sent flying, unable to resist at all; many of them had been completely cleaved in half.

Following this, Chen Heng's horse whinnied and leapt into the fray of enemies.

All around him, large numbers of enemies rushed towards Chen Heng.

However, compared to Chen Heng, they seemed incredibly weak.

He was simply too fast, like a wolf among sheep. His actions had a suppressive nature about them, and any casual attack could cause ma.s.sive damage.

When those ordinary people faced off against him, they could only take a single blow before being killed or seriously injured.

Chen Heng charged about in the crowd of people, seeming incredibly valiant and causing Baron Kaisen to feel dumbfounded.

“This power… this power…” Sitting on his horse next to the carriages, he watched Chen Heng heroically kill enemies. Sensing the power that he was displaying, Baron Kaisen was completely stupefied.

He had heard of so-called Knights before and knew that ordinary people could not stop such existences.

During the past year, through Chen Heng's letters, he knew that Chen Heng had become a Knight.

This was why he had made up his mind to give up on Ormando and have Chen Heng succeed him.

However, hearing about it could not compare to seeing it himself.

Seeing Chen Heng's power for himself, he realized why Knights were valued so greatly.

“With Kailin's strength, even if my entire force attacks him, they wouldn't be a match for him.”

This thought flashed through Baron Kaisen's mind.

He felt that with the strength that Chen Heng had displayed, if he wanted to, it would not be a problem for him to ma.s.sacre all of these bandits.

Just him alone could rival a group of 200 bandits.


A corpse flew out after being hit by Chen Heng, and it heavily slammed onto the ground.

Speeding across the ground, Chen Heng's expression was calm, and his body was covered with blood.

A suffocating stench of blood spread out.

Soon, his surroundings were filled with corpses.

In just a short amount of time, he had killed dozens of people, and the corpses had formed a small mountain.

Around him, no one dared to come at him anymore.

In other places, the Blackfur slaves roared and charged up, forming a simple formation as they pressed forwards, protecting Baron Kaisen and the others.

It may have been a coincidence, but as they fought, the bandits were continuously forced back towards where Ormando was stuck.

The increasing numbers of bandits around him gave him ma.s.sive pressure.

By now, after being shaken by Chen Heng's strength, these bandits no longer had the heart to fight.

It was just that facing Ormando in front of them, they did not hesitate to attack.

Facing this situation, Ormando felt incredibly bitter, but he could only steel himself and press forwards.

Fortunately, there were some guards by his side who could help him resist the bandits for a while.

However, as time pa.s.sed, they gradually fell at a disadvantage and it became harder and harder to defend.

Seeing this, Baron Kaisen felt incredibly worried.

After all, Ormando was his child and no matter how disappointing he was, this would not change.

Seeing his son in danger, he would naturally feel incredibly anxious.


Looking at Chen Heng in the distance, he shouted out.

Hearing this, Chen Heng looked over and nodded, before rus.h.i.+ng ahead unhesitatingly.

He urged his horse forwards, doing his best to quickly reach where Ormando was.

On the way, any bandits in front of him or those who tried to stop him were all killed by him, making him look incredibly gallant.

Looking at Chen Heng's actions, Baron Kaisen let out a sigh of relief.

Chen Heng was incredibly strong, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that all of the bandits present combined would not be a match for him.

As long as Chen Heng could reach Ormando, Ormando would be saved.

Ormando was also thinking the same thing.

Despite being in a heated battle, he saw Chen Heng's heroic performance.

Even though they conflicted in the past, he could not pay any mind to that right now.

If Chen Heng did not come over, he would not be able to hang on for long and would die at these bandit's hands, just like the people who had died at his hands in the past.


Just thinking of that word caused his heart to tremble and for his entire being to feel anxious.

He did his best to raise his sword and unleash as much strength as possible, continuing to fight alongside the guards around him.

It was not that he did not want to retreat and leave this place; rather, once he retreated, he would be leaving his back to these people, and his end would be even worse.

“I just have to hang on for a little longer.”

He felt incredibly desperate, and only this thought was in his mind.

However, he did not notice that behind him, one of the guard's expressions was becoming quite sinister.

Looking at the anxious-looking Ormando, that guard's expression became cold as he slowly crept forwards.

A ma.s.sive force slammed into Ormando from behind, and before he could react, he fell off from his horse before falling onto the ground with a crash.

Following this, a large number of bandits swarmed over and inundated him.

“Ormando!” Seeing this, Baron Kaisen's eyes widened.

He had clearly seen a guard standing behind Ormando push him off his horse before taking that horse himself and speeding off while Ormando's body blocked the bandits.

It looked like he was afraid of battle and used Ormando to block the enemies so he could escape.

“No!!” Standing there, Baron Kaisen could clearly see many bandits crowd over Ormando.

At this moment, Chen Heng was only a small distance away.

The tragedy seemed to be set in stone.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 58 - – Kill

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