Fantasy Simulator Chapter 60 – Return Letter

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Chapter 60: Chapter 60 – Return Letter

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Looking at Chen Heng, the dishonest thoughts that Baron Myler had been harboring in his heart were instantly dispelled.

Just as Chen Heng had expected, he indeed had some ill thoughts towards the goods that Chen Heng had brought this time.

It was just that after seeing Chen Heng's performance, he no longer dared to have such thoughts.

This bandit group had at least 200 people, and they were stronger than an ordinary ruler's force.

However, such a force was easily annihilated by Chen Heng. Rather than a fight, it was more accurate to say that a ma.s.sacre had happened here.

This was a very bare threat.

Even though his force's strength was superior to that of this bandit group, his guards most likely would not fare any better.

If they really fought, they would most likely become icy cold corpses like these bandits as well.

Thinking to there, Baron Myler became cautious and took Chen Heng more seriously.

What made him feel relieved was that Chen Heng seemed to be an amicable person.

After the battle, his body was covered with blood, making him seem cold and ruthless, but he was incredibly polite; he was much better than Baron Kaisen's other son.

Thinking to the other son, Baron Myler could not help but ask, “Ormando didn't come as well?”

After what had happened previously, Ormando had become notorious.

Baron Myler remembered Ormando, but it was evident that his impression of him was not very good.

He had said this to try to relax the atmosphere, but hearing his words, Chen Heng and Baron Kaisen fell silent.

Baron Myler could not help but feel that something was strange. Only afterwards did he hear of Ormando's death.

He was startled and instinctively looked at Chen Heng before quickly lowering his head.

Following this, he returned to normal and cordially invited Baron Kaisen and Chen Heng to be guests at his residence.

Because of what happened to Ormando, Chen Heng and Baron Kaisen only stayed at the residence for one day and settled the agreement before leaving.

Time gradually pa.s.sed.

Just as Chen Heng expected, after news of that battle spread, the surrounding rulers became much more meek.

Through this battle, Chen Heng had successfully shown his martial prowess.

The surrounding rulers were all shocked and suppressed any ill thoughts that they harbored.

Following this, goods continuously arrived from the north, while the southern rulers continuously provided crops and food.

After going to Chen Heng, those crops and food would be sent to another place before being s.h.i.+pped to the northern side by sea.

This was quite a complicated process, and there were many variables involved.

Having this trade route was Chen Heng's biggest advantage currently.

With him maintaining the situation in the south, everything went incredibly smoothly. Even if anything unexpected happened, they were still able to mostly proceed as planned.

After settling the initial trades, Chen Heng and the southern rulers were able to come to an initial agreement.

Through his channels, Chen Heng was able to provide large amounts of goods from the northern desert and split them among the southern rulers, while southern rulers paid in crops and food.

Currently, only the initial agreement had been made, but as more goods were transported and the rulers made more profits, their relations.h.i.+p would become more and more solidified.

As Chen Heng continued to busy himself with his goal, a letter from the Kutu Royal City arrived.

“A letter from Verna?” Within a spa.r.s.e bedroom, looking at the letter in his hand, Chen Heng gave a slight smile before beginning to read it.

“Dear Sir Kailin… just like you, I have been greatly missing you at home. I greatly look forward to the next time I can meet you. I hope that you will enjoy yourself at your home town, as well as that you will quickly come back…”

After reading through the letter, Chen Heng smiled and carefully put it away.

It seemed that his efforts were beginning to bear fruit.

Verna showed that she held great feelings towards him—this was very important.

Even in n.o.ble families, although fathers and mothers would arrange marriages for their children, what the children wanted was also very important.

This was especially so for Verna.

From how Chen Heng saw it, perhaps it was because of her circ.u.mstances, but Princess Olivia greatly doted on Verna and would respect Verna's wishes in many regards.

As such, Verna's own willingness in this regard was very important.

At the very least, if Verna greatly resisted the marriage, Princess Olivia most likely would not have her marry that person, even if that person had a high status.

This was different to many people.

As such, now that Chen Heng had Verna's love, the first step was clear.

Now, he needed Princess Olivia and the Queen's acknowledgement.

For a Princess, it should be her father, the King, making the decision for her.

However, from what Chen Heng knew, the current King seemed to be quite ill and would be unconscious for some time. He would only be awake for a short time during the year.

As such, most things fell to Princess Olivia and Verna's mother, the Queen, while she greatly favored Princess Olivia.

As such, Chen Heng's next goal was to have Princess Olivia acknowledge him.

This matter was both difficult and simple.

The key difficulty was to make Princess Olivia initiate.

After all, Princess Olivia was a suspicious person, and if he took too much of the initiative, she might become wary and suspect that he had ulterior motives.

If that happened, things would become much more difficult for him.

As such, he did not want to act too obviously; it would be best for Princess Olivia to take the initiative.

Sitting in his room, Chen Heng silently thought to himself.

After a few moments, he picked up a pen and paper and began to write a return letter to Verna.

He was quite proficient at this.

After a while, he finished writing the letter and carefully packaged it before giving it to an attendant.

“Please deliver this to Miss Verna,” he said softly.

Fantasy Simulator Chapter 60 – Return Letter

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