My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 68 – Accelerating One's Cultivation

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Chapter 68: Accelerating One's Cultivation

Kunlun's Creation meant that the treasure used Kunlun as its source to absorb fortuitous opportunities and fortunes.

When Jiang Lan looked at the diagram.

He could clearly feel it.

The Kunlun Jade Pool G.o.ddess Diagram was only useful in Kunlun.

Kunlun was the Ancestor of All Mountains. It was the one that had nurtured the Jade Pool.

The spiritual energies of the Heaven and Earth, the essence of the Sun and Moon, and the vitality of all living beings. All of these were within the Jade Pool.

Cultivating in the Jade Pool would yield twice the results with half the effort, allowing one to progress at a rapid pace.

If someone managed to enter the Jade Pool, the spiritual energies of heaven and earth, as well as the essence of the sun and moon, would seep out of the Jade Pool and bring about a positive effect on the entire Kunlun Mountain Range.

Kunlun's cultivation environment would then improve further.

As for the Jade Pool G.o.ddess Diagram, it could pa.s.s on the fortuitous opportunity of being able to cultivate in the Jade Pool. Cultivating with it was like receiving the help of a G.o.d, as if one had entered the Jade Pool himself.


The Jade Pool needed a G.o.ddess.

Jiang Lan immediately understood.

This Jade Pool G.o.ddess Diagram couldn't be considered good, but it could provide him with a better cultivation environment for a long time.

Adding on the Netherworld Cave entrance, it wouldn't be long before he reached the Void Refinement Realm.

The premise was that a G.o.ddess appeared in Kunlun.

That's right. When Jiang Lan opened the diagram, all he saw was a lake.

No one was on the diagram.

Neither were there any spiritual energies of heaven and earth, nor any essence of the sun and moon.

“This item is not bad, but it's severely limited. The Creation Pill is much more effective and useful compared to this.”

However, the Daoist Scripture was still the best.

However, he had already received these things before. He didn't know if they would appear again.

At present, the Creation of Heaven and Earth had yet to reappear again.

Of course, Jiang Lan wasn't greedy.

What he had gained had indeed helped him greatly.

What he needed to do now was to activate the G.o.ddess Diagram.

Then, he would hide in the Ninth Summit to cultivate and enter the Void Refinement Realm as soon as possible.

He wanted to pursue the path of immortality.

By the time Jiang Lan regained his composure, Ao Longyu had returned to normal.

Her aura also became stable.

The two of them stood on the path without speaking.

A gentle breeze blew past, and they felt as if the fog was about to be blown away.

“Time's up.”

Jiang Lan and the others heard the sudden voice.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt as if he was stepping on a rock. Ao Longyu felt the same.

However, Jiang Lan was a little puzzled about the time.

He didn't know how to judge how long the trial had lasted.

“The countdown begins when the first person enters the inner regions of the Jade Pool and the countdown lasts six hours. “Ao Longyu's calm voice sounded.

She could tell that Jiang Lan didn't know much about the rules here.

However, these rules were obtained by herself through asking around.

There was no need for the sect to say anything nor were they obliged to.

After all, only those who wanted to enter the Jade Pool would care about these things.

Jiang Lan naturally knew that Senior Sister Ao was explaining things to him.

Thus, he gave a nod of thanks in return.

But he was curious. Were they considered in the inner region now?

Even if they weren't, they should be extremely close to it. After all, he had made contact with a path of the Great Dao.

The fog was quickly dissipating.

Ao Longyu watched as the fog dissipated. She was very concerned about where she was.

This was her limit. She understood this fact.

However, she really hoped that she could enter the Jade Pool's inner region.

This was very important to her.

After a few breaths, the fog had dissipated completely.

At this moment, Jiang Lan discovered that he was standing on a mountain peak with a bottomless abyss behind him.

Far ahead was a calm lake.

Ripples could be seen on the surface of the lake water and immortal clouds gathered above it.

Jiang Lan observed the people around him.

“Thirteen people.”

He realized that there were only 13 others who had reached the mountain peak. Including them, there were 15 people.

All of them had extremely powerful cultivation bases, and half of them even possessed immortal power. Even if they hadn't become immortals, they were definitely at the pinnacle of the Void Refinement Realm.

They had touched the gate of immortality but had yet to enter it.

Then, Jiang Lan discovered that only he and Ao Longyu were at the Golden Core Realm.


“They all came alone?”

Jiang Lan was surprised.

Yes, seeing the distance between the individuals present, there was absolutely no possibility of them having cooperated.

Moreover, these people were all very close to the inside. Only he and Ao Longyu were at the edge of the inner region.

Jiang Lan looked back and saw that there were many people behind, but most of them were alone.

“Looks like these people don't really care where they watch the ceremony.”

A thought flashed across his mind.

Well, he understood their mentality. Most people probably came here to train and temper themselves.

He had come with a purpose. Ao Longyu should have come with a purpose as well.

Some people were surprised that Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu appeared inside the inner regions of the Jade Pool.

Like Lin Siya.

“Isn't he the Junior Brother from the Ninth Summit? His cultivation level isn't high, so how could he have come so far with Senior Sister? ”

“Senior Sister Lin might not know, but the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit has average cultivation talent, but his attainments in array formations are not weak. At least compared to us, he's stronger, “said Mu Xiu beside Lin Siya.

The three of them had received the help of Jiang Lan ten years ago, so they naturally had some understanding.

Therefore, it could be said that Senior Sister Ao was very lucky to meet the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit.

Relatively speaking, the luck of this Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit was not bad either.

After all, no one would be willing to cooperate with an early-stage Golden Core.

Even they themselves had no confidence in bringing along Jiang Lan into the inner regions of the Jade Pool.

“I heard that it was difficult this year. I didn't expect that there would still be Golden Cores entering.” Some people looked to the front curiously.

“By the way, who are those two Golden Cores? I just came out of seclusion not too long ago, and judging from their clothes, they should have just come here during the past hundred years.”

“I don't know who they are, but being able to enter the inner region means that one of their offensive power isn't bad, whilst the attainments in array formations of the other ain't bad either. Furthermore, they must have cooperated well too. Otherwise, they wouldn't have reached the inner regions, even if they are at the edge. ”

“Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit?” Gu Qi of the First Summit naturally saw Jiang Lan. He still regarded Jiang Lan as an enemy.

Of course, he wasn't going to fight Jiang Lan.

He just wanted to regain the dignity he had lost in the Peaceful Void Lake.

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 68 – Accelerating One's Cultivation

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