Young Master Fu's Incredible Real Heiress Chapter 359 - Delete My Accidental Video

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Chapter 359: Delete My Accidental Video

The director and a.s.sistant director talked for a while, then, the director said to Liu Ning, “I think Teacher Ye is alright. If possible…”

“I’ll go talk to her,” said Liu Ning.

The director nodded. Ye Peiwen’s acting skills were indeed inferior to Huang Kaiqin’s. However, it was rare for a person to have such compatibility with lines like these. Even Huang Kaiqin had not managed to get this part. She had been acting for a long time and knew how to save energy. Even if she had the acting skills, she still gave people the feeling that she was a wily old fox and was not invested enough in her roles.

Ye Peiwen, on the other hand, was completely devoted to her work. Naturally, her emotional abundance was different.

Ye Peiwen had acted based on anger just now. When she saw Liu Ning walking over, she sounded a little tense. “Producer Liu, how was it?”

“Teacher Ye, is your manager here? Let’s talk in detail.”

“He’s in the capital. I’ll call him right away!” Ye Peiwen said immediately.

She finished her call and went to s.h.i.+ Jin. s.h.i.+ Jin smiled and said, “Teacher Ye, congratulations.”

“s.h.i.+ Jin, I realized that whenever I meet you, I get especially lucky.”

“G.o.d helps those who help themselves.”

Ye Peiwen felt at ease after hearing her words. “When I’ve settled on the job, I’ll definitely treat you to a meal.”

s.h.i.+ Jin smiled and said gently, “Sure.”

Liu Ning and Ye Peiwen’s manager soon met.

The last time they finalized the theme song, the two of them had already met and had a certain understanding of each other. So facing this new task, communication was smooth and fast.

The manager was very humble. “As for Teacher Ye, she really doesn’t film much and is not as experienced as her in singing. I hope Producer Liu and the director will give her some pointers. Teacher Ye also wants to improve, so she shouldn’t be afraid of wasting time.”

It had not been easy for Ye Peiwen to re-enter the industry and get a job, so she had an enthusiastic att.i.tude. Her manager made use of this to get her to improve.

After the matter was settled, Liu Ning quickly announced the news of Ye Peiwen’s role and posted a photo.

This matter naturally attracted the discussion of fans.

Ye Peiwen’s photoshoot actually looked better than Huang Kaiqin’s. This was also something the public had not expected.

“I didn’t expect Teacher Ye to be so pretty. I have to watch this show.”

“So this is the Ye Peiwen woman who’ll replace Huang Kaiqin?”

“Speaking of which, Ye Peiwen is a few years older than Huang Kaiqin, but the former looks younger than the latter.”

“This show is actually quite good. Just by looking at the introduction, I can tell that it’s a good script. With Liu Ning’s supervision, I think the quality is guaranteed. No wonder everyone is fighting so hard over it.”

Huang Kaiqin had quickly been replaced. When she saw that Ye Peiwen had replaced her, she could not help but feel uneasy.

There were many discussions in the outside world, and everyone was saying that she was inferior to Ye Peiwen.

She was not in a good mood. Fortunately, she still had something.


Not long after s.h.i.+ Jin’s song was released, there was a small break.

Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant posted a video and immediately deleted it, but as Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant, she had hundreds of thousands of followers on Weibo.

Even though she had deleted the video instantly, someone saved it on the spot. Then, they saw the content of the video.

In the video, s.h.i.+ Jin was standing to one side. There was another woman with her face obscured playing a piano piece from s.h.i.+ Jin’s “Fairytale”.

Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant quickly posted on Weibo: “I’m sorry everyone, I originally wanted to share a part of Teacher Huang’s daily life to the fans, but my hand slipped and I sent the wrong video. My bad, I’m guilty, please scold me as much as you want, but the video is private, please have mercy and delete the video I sent by mistake. Please don’t watch it, and don’t forward it.”

The more she said this, the more curious everyone became. Some people who had never seen this video expressed their desire to know what the content was.

Those who had saved the video posted it.

No one took Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant’s words to heart and started watching. Then, someone asked, “Why did Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant react so strongly after sending this video and repeatedly apologize and beg everyone not to watch it?”

“It’s because this is s.h.i.+ Jin’s video after all. It’s normal for people not to watch or forward it when it’s been sent wrongly.”

However, there were still people who had different opinions. “I feel that things might not be that simple. There’s nothing important about a small video. After all, it’s no secret that s.h.i.+ Jin made a cameo appearance in ‘Twilight Years’.”

“That’s right!”

“That’s not right. In this video, it’s obvious that s.h.i.+ Jin is not playing the piano. However, this part just happens to be the piano sound that s.h.i.+ Jin used. I have reason to suspect that s.h.i.+ Jin does not know how to play the piano, and is deliberately creating hype about herself playing it.”

s.h.i.+ Jin’s fans could not stand this any longer. “Playing the piano is very simple. There’s no need to doubt her, right?”

Fans: “That’s right. s.h.i.+ Jin even knows how to play the guitar. Isn’t it very simple to play the piano? I don’t know if you’ve played the piano before, but it’s not hard.”

Pa.s.serby: “Who knows? s.h.i.+ Jin said that she played the piano, but that’s not her in the vid. This is very suspicious.”

An anti-fan: “If you can’t even play the piano yourself, then many other things are probably also faked.”

“If s.h.i.+ Jin has a clear conscience, why is Huang Kaiqin’s a.s.sistant so nervous?”

One fan was so angry that she laughed. “You’re saying that s.h.i.+ Jin doesn’t have a clear conscience after what others did?”

Fans: “What do you mean she doesn’t know how to play the piano? You think she needs someone to replace her?”

The anti-fan: “Anyway, this is very suspicious. I have reason to suspect that s.h.i.+ Jin is a fraud!”

Then, a person named “EatCarrotsButNotVegetables” publicly posted a long Weibo post:

“As far as I know, s.h.i.+ Jin and Producer Liu from ‘The Age of Immortality’ have always had a good relations.h.i.+p. This might be based on the fact that Producer Liu and Li Juekai worked together before. After that, s.h.i.+ Jin recommended Ye Peiwen, the guest who had sung for her in “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”. Ye Peiwen then replaced Huang Kaiqin. I suspected that s.h.i.+ Jin found out that Huang Kaiqin knew that she had hired someone to play the piano for her, so she deliberately introduced Ye Peiwen to him. I don’t know if that’s what everyone else thinks, but anyway, I’ve sorted out what happened in my mind and I think it’s pretty reasonable.”

Young Master Fu's Incredible Real Heiress Chapter 359 - Delete My Accidental Video

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