• Cunning Daughter Of The Duke
  • Cunning Daughter Of The Duke

  • Author(s) : Destiny
  • Genres : Drama - English - Fantasy - Mystery - Romance
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Cunning Daughter Of The Duke Summary:

    Juliette who is she? Oh she was that typical villain not with just an ugly personality but an ugly face to, but what if Juliette died before she was even born and there was someone anew in her body. Who could it be?
    A girl with a traumatic past that gets reincarnated and will gain the heart of bis.h.i.+es;(Capture targets duhh). Or will it be a villainess from another world. IDK?
    Well if y 'all want to know find out after reading this s.h.i.+t.
    Warning ⚠️
    There may or may not have a lot of time skips cause who would want to read her going from age 1,2,3,4,5, etc cause I wouldn 't want that as a reader but I will make the chapters as long as I can or my brain can handle, plus I have to edit and reform my writing so it will be good enough for you readers.
    A/n: this has been in my drafts for a long time so don 't expect anything plus descriptions are a.s.s so don 't come for me. But I really like this story, and give me some feedback on what I should do to make the plot more interesting.