• Psychic Tattoo
  • Psychic Tattoo

  • Author(s) : Mr. Moda - 墨大先生
  • Genres : Fantasy - Martial Arts - Mystery
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Psychic Tattoo Summary:

    Psychic Tattoo is about a Yin and Yang Tattoo that can bring you fame, fortune and safety. The psychic tattoo is no ordinary tattoo, as it has special properties! The successor of those who can make the psychic tattoo can help people avoid evil things and acquire fortune and safety by simply giving the individual this tattoo. It would be a good way to earn money if he did this in the city, but his master told him to never earn money with this skill before his deathbed, otherwise he would find himself in great trouble sooner or later. He tends to follow his master’s advice, but finds himself in need of money. When the girl in the ma.s.sage parlor asks him to give her a psychic tattoo, he decides to go against his master’s advice. From then on, he begins to face challenges one after another.

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