• Rebirth of MC
  • Rebirth of MC

  • Author(s) : 夕鱼
  • Genres : Adventure - Horror - Romance - Shounen Ai - Supernatural
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Rebirth of MC Summary:

    The MC died during the apocalypse and then he was reborn 1 year before the start of the apocalypse. He then suddenly opened/found out a heirloom’s secret, he possesses a magical space, a guide book to cultivation, a magical lake and a magical peach tree (immortality peach tree). His goal is to live a relatively nice life during the apocalypse, hence he started a mad shopping for goods before it began. But, how in the world did he end up meeting​ such a person?… ML is A city’s senior officer in the military, his 3 distinctive traits are: 1. rifle 2. cigarettes 3. bastard-like aura ML: Wifey, don’t go, as a husband I will treat you right~

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