• The Royal Fiancé -White Prince-
  • The Royal Fiancé -White Prince-

  • Author(s) : Asuma Risai - あすま理彩
  • Genres : Drama - Romance - Smut
  • Status : completed
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  • The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Summary:

    During the wedding of Ecuratol’s Second Prince’s (Shou) Wedding, the First Prince of Ecuratol (s.h.i.+ori), who is a man known to be of incomparable beauty, encountered a disrespectful and arrogant man (Kurosaki), and was even robbed of his first kiss by this unknown man. To s.h.i.+ori who guards his purity dearly, this act was unquestionably done to humiliate him. However, due to s.h.i.+ori’s own mistake, Kurosaki’s Wine Company suffered large losses. And the price that Kurosaki requested s.h.i.+ori to pay was s.h.i.+ori’s own body!? Upon listening to the sweet whisper of loving words by Kurosaki, a man with two sides – the perfect gentlemen and an absolute beast, s.h.i.+ori cannot help but to give his first night to Kurosaki……!

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