• The Royal Fiancé -White Prince-
  • The Royal Fiancé -White Prince-

  • Author(s) : Asuma Risai - あすま理彩
  • Genres : Drama - Romance - Smut
  • Status : completed
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  • The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Summary:

    During the wedding of Ecuratol’s Second Prince’s (Shou) Wedding, the First Prince of Ecuratol (Shiori), who is a man known to be of incomparable beauty, encountered a disrespectful and arrogant man (Kurosaki), and was even robbed of his first kiss by this unknown man. To Shiori who guards his purity dearly, this act was unquestionably done to humiliate him. However, due to Shiori’s own mistake, Kurosaki’s Wine Company suffered large losses. And the price that Kurosaki requested Shiori to pay was Shiori’s own body!? Upon listening to the sweet whisper of loving words by Kurosaki, a man with two sides – the perfect gentlemen and an absolute beast, Shiori cannot help but to give his first night to Kurosaki……!

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