• The Ugly Man's Big Transformation
  • The Ugly Man's Big Transformation

  • Author(s) : Chai Jidan - 柴鸡蛋
  • Genres : Adventure - Fantasy - Historical - Mystery - Romance - Shounen Ai - Supernatural
  • Status : ongoing
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  • The Ugly Man's Big Transformation Summary:

    Synopsis: Chen Youzai was born ugly. He was always looked down upon and despised by his cla.s.smates and other people around him. It would have been better if he was pragmatic and virtuous but he happens to be the shameless, showoff type. One day, he unexpectedly helps an old uncle who was drowning in a lake. It turns out this uncle was a deity. The uncle rewards him with a silver coin that will give him the ability to change bodies with anyone. He was hesitant to use the silver coin at first; but after being rejected by his crush, heart broken, he chanted the spell and wished from the silver coin to become the most handsome man in the world. He did wish for a big transformation, but how did he end up getting caught up in a situation he didn’t ask for? Excerpt: He smiled coldly like a ghost, so much that it made him shudder. “Where did you get this mark on your chest?” “Why do I have to tell you?” he bravely said. “What if I want to find out?” “Hm… you want to pursue me? Unless… unless you are two legs!!…? You really are two legs!!” He stared, pretending to be surprised, and then loudly argued: “It’s a mosquito bite… It’s really a mosquito bite, ah ah, don’t come here, help…”

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