Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 401-402

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CHAPTER 401 A Mistake Caused by a Coat…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Like a reflex, An Chuxia asks, "Ah? What?"

This time, Nangong Zifei's gaze moves from her to an unknown distance. She only hears him say, "You're my savior. I don't like people touching me, but I don't mind it if it's you who's touching me."

This seems to be quite reasonable, but she doesn't know why she suddenly feels flush. Her eyes accidentally gaze upon him, and suddenly, she can feel her ears redden, too.

No! She can't stand this person no matter how handsome he is!

"We have to go back in. Han Qilu… ." She notices that Nangong Zifei isn't acting suspicious, and An Chuxia quickly adds: "Well, Han Qilu is… my brother."

"Yeah." Nangong Zifei doesn't say anything, but he takes off his coat and drapes it over An Chuxia's shoulders. She is caught by surprise. "To keep you warm until we get back."

After that, he picks up his pace. An Chuxia suddenly pulls the lapels close. Does he… like her?

This isn't right! This doesn't happen to her! There she goes being narcissistic again!

"You don't want to go back?" Nangong Zifei suddenly stops and faces An Chuxia.

"An Chuxia, where did you go?!" Jiang Yuan asks her the moment they step back into the room. The matron marches toward her.

An Chuxia hesitantly answers as she points to Nangong Zifei, who stands straight. "I stepped out for a while with my cla.s.smate. It was getting too stuffy in here."

Jiang Yuan's eyes s.h.i.+ft to An Chuxia's side. Her gaze goes left to right, up and down. Then her eyes return to Chuxia. "The jacket… Wasn't it kind of him to cover you?"

Jiang Yuan's tone is sour, seemingly jealous. An Chuxia laughs as she takes off the coat and hands it back to Nangong Zifei. "Thank you for lending me your coat."

"You're welcome," he says as he takes the coat. Then, they get interrupted.

"An Chuxia!"

This voice, the momentum, the cadence, who else can it be?

An Chuxia turns around, and sees Han Qilu approaching her with fire in his eyes. A s.h.i.+ver runs down her spine. What happened? Why does it seem like he's going to swallow her whole? For the first time since she's known him, she's suddenly afraid of his voice.

"Son, you've arrived at the right time. Please accompany An Chuxia. I have to head home to take care of something." Jiang Yuan states before walking away.

As soon as she left, Han Qilu saunters unhurriedly to An Chuxia.

"Who are you?" Han Qilu stops half a meter away from An Chuxia and focuses his gaze on Nangong Zifei. Judging from his accurate intuition, this person is definitely complex.

He signed the contract at lightning speed and immediately drove to the school. But since he got caught in the evening rush hour, he had to conduct business on the road. He drove as fast as he could, afraid An Chuxia would be bored being at the party by herself. But as he entered the building, what he saw was An Chuxia smiling gently and warmly at a man as she hands him his coat.

"Oh, he is… ." An Chuxia is about to talk when Han Qilu stuns her.

"Shut up!"

CHAPTER 402 Please, Please Think Smartly

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia suddenly feels very uncomfortable. She wants to sneak a glance at him, but she is scared by his gaze. She recalls that she frequently pushes his b.u.t.tons, but this time, she is afraid that there's no going back after this.

"You're young master Han? I'm Nangong Zifei, it's my pleasure to meet you."

Looking at Nangong Zifei, he sees his face is pale and light, neither scared nor surprised. From his perspective, Han Qilu can't guess what he's thinking.

Han Qilu continues to stare, and his eyes aren't friendly. Finally, he reverts his gaze and laces his fingers with An Chuxia's, forcing her into his arms.

"You're new here?" Han Qilu slightly raises his eyebrow. "I guess you don't know, An Chuxia is my woman, so kindly stay away from her."

Hearing Han Qilu's overbearing threat, An Chuxia's eyes are filled with iron and hatred.

What is this idiot doing?!

No matter how hard she tries, she cannot get her hand free from Han Qilu's. She smiles at Nangong Zifei with embarra.s.sment. Really… how shameful!

"Excuse me." Nangong Zifei doesn't raise his eyebrow. The move wasn't remiss to Han Qilu. "Is she married to you?"

The connotation of the statement isn't lost on Han Qilu. His eyes get colder, and the atmosphere between the two men becomes arctic. Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu appear right on time. They realize this the moment they see Qilu and Zifei standing across from each other.

"Han Qilu." Xiao Mingluo smiles brightly. "You still need to feed An Chuxia. I bet she's hungry!"

Once Mingluo spoke, Chuxia excuses herself and leaves Han Qilu behind.

Someone walks behind Nangong Zifei. His posture is understated, but his eyes are much colder. He whispers, "Man, now isn't the time to start an argument."

Nangong Zifei's eyes s.h.i.+ft and lands on Ling Hanyu. They stare at each other. "Sorry. Han Qilu is just like that, not just to you. We just want to apologize on his behalf."

"I'm not upset." Nangong Zifei smiles lightly, but the gesture doesn't reach his eyes. Instead, blood is pounding from within.

"You're the best. If you need anything in this school, come see me." Ling Hanyu smiles, turns his head, then walks away. He saw the murder behind Zifei's eyes. If it wasn't for Xiao Mingluo suddenly driving to his house saying something big is going to happen tonight, he wouldn't have attended the night's festivities.

Hanyu arrives at the music room only to hear An Chuxia scolding Han Qilu.

"What would you like me to do afterwards? Isn't it too shameful?" An Chuxia is frowning. Her disposition, unpleasant.

Han Qilu doesn't talk. His hands are shoved in his pockets as he stares outside the window. It seems like he's not listening to her.

"An Chuxia, haven't you said enough?" Xiao Mingluo playfully states. Knowing it is safe to come in, Ling Hanyu walks in and hands An Chuxia a drink of water. An Chuxia leaves, and the entire music room falls into silence.

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 401-402

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