Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 221-222

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Image courtesy of Tencent Video/YouTube CHAPTER 221 She Is Very Stupid

It’s getting interesting!!!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

After a few seconds of silence, he clears his throat and asks, "Where are you?"

– – – – —– – after dozen minutes, – – – – ——

An Chuxia holds a few paper towels in her hand as she waits for Ling Hanyu to meet up with her in front of the World Trade building. She runs up to him and wipes off the imaginary sweat from his forehead. "Laoda, you came all the way here to give me my card. I don't know how to repay you."

"With your body," Xiao Mengnan says quietly from behind. An Chuxia's face turns red instantly from embarra.s.sment. However, she recovers quickly. He is, after all, gay, and even if she pays 'with her body', she won't affect him.

Steward Han steps forwards and bows. "Young master Ling."

He nods and looks at An Chuxia. This girl is really fond of money. He knows she's just being polite to him because of money. This may be strange… but it makes him feel good!

He pulls out a card from his pocket and hands it to her. "The pa.s.sword is the last six digits on the card. I… also want to apologize for yesterday. I wasn't in a good mood."

She can see the apology in his eyes and it her. She swallows hard. She was just helping Hanyu. She s.n.a.t.c.hes the card from his hand. "Since I feel embarra.s.sed, and you've paid me, there's no reason to feel badly about it. Everyone wins!"

Meng Xiaonan stands behind Chuxia and pokes her with her index finger. She shoots her a strange look. Chuxia thinks fast to explain what just happened.

The scene is as follows:

"Your handsome laoda came here? You must introduce him to me! Otherwise… Ahem. I'll tell your fiance you're saving money to run away from home!" Meng Xiaonan squints her eyes at An Chuxia.

What a friend! This is what happens when you make friends carelessly. Waving a hand, she capitulates. "Okay. But if things don't work out your way, it has nothing to do with me!"

"Of course, you can count on Miss Bad Luck. Your charm hasn't peaked yet!"

An Chuxia shakes her head. After securing the card Ling Hanyu handed her, she walks to his side and affectionately pulls his arm. "Laoda, may I introduce my good friend, Meng Xiaonan."

Steward Han's face turns sour when he sees Chuxia so close to Ling Hanyu. He coughs lightly before whispering to Chuxia, "Madame, how can you be so close to other boys? If the young master sees you… ."

"Oh!" Chuxia says with a sigh. "Steward Han, principles are too antiquated. We have a very open society nowadays… ."

Meng Xiaonan grins as she watches An Chuxia explain to the steward about today's societal norms. She takes a few steps toward Hanyu. She lowers her head, pretending she's shy. She was about to introduce herself when Hanyu unexpectedly speaks first. "Meng Xiaonan?"

The flower in her heart fully blooms. How does this handsome guy know her name? Oh, correct! Her laoda introduced her moments ago. She boldly stares at him. She nods and smiles. "In our family, An Chuxia… ."

"She is very stupid."

CHAPTER 222 Enemies Often Cross Each Other's Paths, Part 1

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

"What did you say?" A pernicious smile appears on Meng Xiaonan's lips. Is he saying her An Chuxia is stupid? Does he think An Chuxia owes him something and that's why he's pulling airs? Isn't he just too much?

Her right hand b.a.l.l.s into a fist. She asks again, "Handsome guy, what did you just say? Can you say that again?" She smiles calmly despite thinking, if this guy says something negative about An Chuxia again… she won't hold back!

How can rich people stupidly scold someone so callously?

She watches as Ling Hanyu looks at An Chuxia. His eyes actually look very tender. "But she's lovable, isn't she?"

What is happening? She simultaneously curses and praises her lovely friend. If a boy boasts a girl is cute, doesn't that mean he's interested in her? An Chuxia isn't married to her fiance yet… and she heard her say Hanyu is friends with her fiance. Very interesting… .

She tilts her head and blinks innocently. "Laoda, may I ask, what kind of girls do you like?"

Caught unaware, Ling Hanyu freezes for a moment before smiling back. "Are you asking because you like me? Is that why you're asking me what kind of girl I like?"

The cheeky little boy uses a sweet smile! "You don't have to be bashful. I am thinking a handsome guy like you would have a type. Rest a.s.sured, I don't have the slightest fantasy of being with you. I do already have a type of girl I like and she is my favorite person, An Chuxia laoda!"

Ling Hanyu laughs unexpectedly. Meng Xiaonan can't see the secret behind his smile. He lowers his voice as he looks back at An Chuxia. The sound of her voice mystifies him. "I like her too."

Puff. Xiaonan almost choked on Ling Hanyu's words. I bet this is one thing her laoda doesn't know: her laoda is interested in her.

"Steward Han, Hanyu and I have a good sibling kind of relations.h.i.+p! It's not what you think." An Chuxia smiles as she squeezes the housekeeper's shoulder.

Steward Han bows despite being rigorous. "What you say may be right, but you're a woman… and if you were to be seen by the young master, wouldn't that cause trouble?"

As she shakes her head, she ushers steward Han toward Ling Hanyu. "Rest a.s.sured, steward Han, the world isn't that small. Despite enemies constantly crossing each other's paths, you can't be so narrow-minded to avoid them!"

She puts a random hand on Ling Hanyu's shoulder. "Laoda, would you like a cup of tea with milk? There's a tea shop on the other side of the street and it's really good. Xiaonan and I just drank a few cups earlier. Oh yeah, you talked to Xiaonan, right?"

Although she knows he is gay, she subconsciously wonders if she should confirm it.

"Laoda!" Meng Xiaonan suddenly yells out. Her eyes are filled with fear. If she hasn't misread her friend, that person… that person… .

"Are you trying to scare me in broad daylight? This won't be the first time, you know?" An Chuxia stares at her friend. Her hand remains around Hanyu's shoulder. However, she feels a cool, icy feeling travel down her neck.

She feels a bad premonition coming.

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 221-222

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