Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 431

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Ultimate Boss Skill- Logging Off!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte


"Hey, girly, your grandaddy's here again. Why aren't you coming out to greet him?"

Ling Chen stood with his hands on his hips as he bellowed in front of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace. Ling Chen felt that he was more and more so becoming a hooligan who came every day to hara.s.s a pure young lady, but he enjoyed this feeling. For a player to be toying around with a n.o.ble and powerful Moon G.o.d Representative… this was simply too stimulating and exciting.

According to Xiao Hui's directions, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative should be inside, less than 20 steps away from him. She was in range of Moon Shadow, Moon Flare and Moon Grief. If she did anything suspicious, he would be able to react immediately.

Soft footsteps sounded out. Ling Chen's arrival didn't cause the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative to react much. It was as if she had accepted that no matter how much she struggled, it would be useless against his power. Soon, she stood in front of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace and coldly looked at him, showing no signs of attacking.

This caused Ling Chen to feel a bit uncertain. However, he still acted quite arrogantly, "Girly, looks like your mood is pretty good today. Are you going to give me the orb today, or are you feeling an itch on your b.u.t.t and want your granddaddy to get rid of it for you?"

 "You won't be able to escape today!" The Cherry Blossom coldly replied.

This reply was completely different to her replies from the previous days. This caused Ling Chen to become confused for a moment, and he felt the ground trembling under his feet. Ling Chen instantly reacted, activating Moon Grief… however, the trembling in the ground continued, and soon he could hear clacking sounds.

Ling Chen frowned, and quickly looked up. There was not a single cloud in the sky, and against the blueness of a sky, a barely visible light could be seen, which formed a large net of light. It covered the entire sky, extending to some unknown place.

This was…

"A sealing barrier?" Ling Chen frowned as he muttered.

"This power barrier exists to protect the G.o.d Palace behind me. As soon as the barrier is activated, nothing can enter or exit. Even her ladys.h.i.+p the G.o.ddess Order would not be able to destroy the barrier in a short period of time." As she spoke, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative looked like a white jade statue, revealing no emotions, "Every time you came here, you stayed for a very short period of time. After releasing your powerful skills, you would always hurriedly rush off. Evidently, those skills you used to restrict me have limitations, and can only protect you for a short period of time. Today, you are dead beyond a doubt!" As she spoke, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's eyes became even colder, like a pure snow lotus that had been frozen. Just a glance from her eyes was enough to make anyone feel chills in their hearts. Currently, she couldn't use any skills due to Moon Grief, so she stood unmoving. When Moon Grief's effects ended, she would immediately relentlessly attack him… she was certain that whether it was the skill that froze her body in place or the terrifying skill that made her forget her skills, they only lasted for a short period of time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have run off after hara.s.sing her for a short while every time. Now, with this barrier, it was impossible for Ling Chen to escape, so when his skills ran out, she would destroy him!

Ling Chen stealthily took out a Spatial Orb and tried to use it…

"Ding… you have been sealed within a powerful barrier, the Spatial energy in the Spatial Orb is unable to be used."

Ling Chen: "……"

Ling Chen revealed no panic on his face. Instead, he smiled as he slowly walked forwards, and activated Moon Shadow when he was three steps away from the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative.

"Ding… Libra Orb's effect has been activated, Moon Shadow's cooldown time has been rest." Ling Chen smirked and arrived before the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative in an instant. She looked even more beautiful from a close distance. Her white dress couldn't hide her curves- her slim hips, her curvy waist, and her beautiful b.u.t.t. Every inch of her was incredibly alluring and charming, and yet gave off an air of elegance and purity. This aura came from her n.o.ble status as a Moon G.o.d Representative, and was not something ordinary women could have.

"Heheh…" Ling Chen's expression became quite perverted, as if he was a starving wolf eyeing a young girl. He continued to walk forwards until his entire body was pressed against hers… even their faces were pressed together, with their noses touching. Her large and soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s were pressed against his chest, and her long and slim legs were also pressed against his legs. Ling Chen's body instantly reacted in a way that any man's would, and he felt the hardest place on his body press against an abnormally soft place, causing him to softly gasp.

The frozen Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's pupils constricted, but she was unable to resist or even make a sound.

Pressed up against her, the already-beautiful Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative seemed even more beautiful, so much so that it seemed like an illusion. The whiteness of her skin could rival that of extremely pure snow, and was as smooth as sheep-fat white jade.

"What a pretty girly…" Ling Chen stretched out his hands and gently stroked her face. The softness of her skin made him feel like he was touching the highest quality silk in existence, "Not only pretty, but has large b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a round b.u.t.t. I even want to take her home and make her mine. It's a pity that she's just a bit too naïve." His hands fell from her face to her neck, then even lower. He chuckled, and pressed them against her incredibly large b.r.e.a.s.t.s… in that moment, he could see the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's eyes widen, and his hands quickly fell as he loudly spanked her twice… at the same time, a blinding light shot from his right wrist, blinding her.

"You really think you can seal me? Watch as I leave, heheheh…"

This light was the most blinding and piercing light that the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative had ever experienced. She was unable to close her eyes, and her world became a world of white. She could hear Ling Chen's raucous laughter, and she squeezed her eyes shut as soon as she regained control over her body. When the light disappeared, she spread out her divine sense… but could not detect Ling Chen's presence.

Concealment? That was the only possibility. The sealing barrier that protected the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace was incredibly powerful. Even if the three Moon G.o.ddesses were trapped within it, they would not be able to leave within a short period of time. No matter how strange his skills were, his own power was quite weak, so it would be impossible for him to escape.

No matter how powerful one's concealment skill was, they would not be able to perfectly mask their presence, and the concealment wouldn't last forever. The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative examined every inch that the barrier covered with her divine sense… 1 minute pa.s.sed… 10 minutes pa.s.sed… 30 minutes pa.s.sed… 1 hour pa.s.sed… Apart from the sound of water flowing and bugs chirping, there were no other sounds, and there was no trace of Ling Chen anywhere.

"Could it be that he really escaped? Impossible…"

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative muttered to herself in her shock. However, she simply couldn't believe or accept that she couldn't find Ling Chen.

Indeed, Ling Chen was no longer within the barrier. More precisely, he was not within the game anymore.

He got up from his bed and wiped off the cold sweat on his head, muttering, "Does that girly really not know that players have an ultimate boss skill called logging off?"

Since even the Spatial Orb was powerless against the barrier, it would be impossible for him to escape out of it. As such, when he couldn't use his Moon Flare, Moon Grief and Moon Shadow, if he was still within the barrier, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative would annihilate him. As such, logging off was his only option. However, logging off wasn't that simple. If he wanted to safely log off, he had to somehow escape the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's aggro… as such, he froze her with Moon Shadow, groped all over her body to throw her mind into disarray, then used Moon Flare to throw her into even greater chaos. Then he used Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow to conceal himself, and, while the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative couldn't lock onto him, he safely logged off.

Ling Chen was 100% sure that the barrier wouldn't last for too long. Perhaps there were also strict limitations on using it. Otherwise, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative wouldn't have waited until today to use it- logically, she would have used it on the very first day. After logging off, he would muck around for as long as he wanted, as he simply didn't believe that the barrier would last forever. We'll see who can outlast the other person.

Tian Tian lay beside him. Her milky white face was very peaceful, and she would often smile, as if she was very happy in the game. Ling Chen pulled the blanket over, gently covering her body. He always felt deeply guilty towards Tian Tian. Tian Tian was at the age where girls should be the happiest. At that age, they would usually be happily enjoying their school life, playing with friends, going to amus.e.m.e.nt parks… for Shui Ruo, Ling Chen spent nearly all of his time in the game, holding on to that little bit of hope. He had almost thrown away everything else, and yet Tian Tian continued to stay by his side, living a secluded life in this Bamboo Sea Wonderland. Even in the game, he was unable to spend time with her.

Ling Chen always knew that Tian Tian always wanted to go out. In the past, she was always the happiest and laughed the most when they went out to play. However, she had never complained, and instead hung a smile on her face. She was never as demanding as before, and did her best to look after him so that she wouldn't be a burden, and to help him get over the pain of Shui Ruo leaving them.

"Tian Tian, when Ruo Ruo's back… I'll use all of my time to make it up to you and Ruo Ruo."

 Ling Chen gently spoke as he put his hand on Tian Tian's head.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 431

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