Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 430

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Girly, Your Grandaddy’s Back!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The feeling of slapping the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative’s b.u.t.t was an extremely stimulating and wonderful feeling.


This slap nearly brought the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative to tears. She was a n.o.ble and mighty Moon G.o.d Representative, an existence that no one dared to offend. And yet, a player had slapped her b.u.t.t! This humiliation felt worse than simply killing her. She turned around and sprang at Ling Chen… however, no matter how fearsome she currently looked, to Ling Chen, she was just like a little lamb. He once again effortlessly evaded her attack as he once again slapped his hand towards her perky b.u.t.t.

Another ‘pa’ sound rang out.

“I wasn’t lying, disobedient girls really will be spanked,” Ling Chen said as he stretched out the hand he had spanked her with. He sniffed it with an air of euphoria, as if he was savouring the smell of her b.u.t.t.

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative stopped moving, not daring to come any closer. She knew that in her current state, against her enemy’s monstrous speed, she would only receive humiliation if she continued to attack. Her face alternated between paleness and pinkness, and was so furious that she couldn’t say anything.

She had the power to control an entire continent, and apart from the Ancient Beast Yamata no Orochi [TLN: 8-branched giant snake], there was no creature capable of facing off against her. However, she was so powerless against this pitifully weak human, and had been toyed with and humiliated again and again… it would be incredibly easy to kill him, and yet she simply couldn’t harm him at all.

The Feng Chen Sect is truly fearsome… or is it that he is my bane…?

Seeing the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative stop moving, Ling Chen grinned, “That’s how a good girl should be. Obedient girls are treated lovingly, and only disobedient girls are spanked. So be obedient and give me the orb.”

“In… your… dreams…” the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative almost ground her teeth to pieces. This human had actually called her, a Moon G.o.d Representative, a ‘girl’. The way he looked at her and his tone were like he was speaking to a little lamb that he could kill at any moment.

She was a Moon G.o.d Representative, and he was just a low-levelled player. This situation was completely opposite to how it should be!

Just as the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative spoke, the figure in front of her blurred, and a fiery pain spread across her b.u.t.t as yet another ‘pa’ rang out…

This slap was even heavier than the previous two. Ling Chen was much too fast, and because of his strange movements, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was unable to dodge him despite being prepared. “It’s just a you, so why do you have to be so stubborn? Just give it to me and I promise I won’t hara.s.s you anymore, let alone smack your b.u.t.t,” Ling Chen sincerely said.

“I… won’t forgive you!” came the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative’s furious reply.

Ling Chen frustratedly shrugged as he smirked. His body morphed into a blur of wind as he rushed over…


Yet another slap landed on the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative’s plump b.u.t.t, and Ling Chen simultaneously squeezed, filling his hand with a soft feeling.

“Woah~~~” Ling Chen pressed his hand against his nose, as if he was savouring the smell, “Lil sis Snow Cherry, I’m actually worried you’ll agree to my offer now… don’t rush in giving me the orb, alright? This feeling, bounciness and smell… this is an exquisite a.s.s. It would be wonderful if I could touch it 10 or so times every day.”

Despite being so powerful, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was on the verge of tears. The current her was no different to a weak woman being taken advantage of by a hooligan. Her shoulders trembled as she took a step back and bit her lips, staying silent… facing this demonic man, she refused to beg for mercy or give in. As for anything else… there was no point in saying anything else. Despite activating Moon Grief twice, time was nearly up. Ling Chen reluctantly put his hand down as he slowly said, “What a disobedient girl. Since I can tell you’re about to cry, I’ll stop bullying you. I’ll come again soon, so make sure you’ve thought about my offer clearly before then. Next time, if you’re still disobedient, it’ll just mean more spanking for you, heheheh.”

As he talked, Ling Chen activated Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow and moved far away. Soon, he was outside of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative’s vision and detection range.

Moon Grief’s effects ended, but the fiery pain still remained in her b.u.t.t. Although the pain was not much, she felt like she was going to collapse from the humiliation. She slowly squatted down, with her arms around her knees, curling into a ball… without anyone else around, she could take off the façade of the Moon G.o.d Representative and let out the weakness and helplessness she felt, as tears rolled down her face… after a while, her face regained its composure, and she stood up. She released her Moon G.o.d power, once again greatly changing the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation… however, she felt that it was probably useless against that person.

She had been humiliated without being able to fight back at all, and her nemesis had many strange powers at his disposal. What was worse was that he would be back- whether it was tomorrow, or even sooner. Perhaps leaving here temporarily to avoid him would be the best option… however, she had no way to leave. This was because under the eight uneven mountains to the north of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace, the Yamata no Orochi laid there sealed.

The Yamata no Orochi was the most terrifying Ancient Beast in the East Ocean Continent and was at the Saint Destroyer grade. Keeping it sealed was her most important task in the East Ocean Continent. The seal that suppressed the Yamata no Orochi came from Moon G.o.d power, and her Moon G.o.d power kept it stabilised. If she left, the Moon G.o.d power in this region would become scattered, greatly weakening the seal… if the Yamata no Orochi broke up, the East Ocean Continent would be faced with a catastrophe, and she would be the unforgivable sinner who had caused it.

As such, she would never leave for more than 48 hours. After leaving for more than 1 day, she would not be able to leave for at least 7 days.

Apart from this reason, no matter how helpless she was against Ling Chen, and no matter how furious she was… she was a Moon G.o.d Representative. If she was forced away like this, what would happen to her dignity as a Moon G.o.d Representative? She simply couldn’t accept such a thing ……………………………………

Today, the first thing Ling Chen did after logging on was to use a Spatial Orb to teleport close to the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace again. As for the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, he didn’t bother with that at all. Before coming,  he had imagined all of the scenarios that could play out… such as if a trap had been set here, or if the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was lying in wait to deal a fatal blow to him, or if she had obtained some sort of G.o.dly weapon… Moon Grief could cause targets to forget their skills, but couldn’t restrict skills from weapons.

However, none of those things occurred. After entering the Central District of the Celestial Cherry Valley, Ling Chen was able to quickly find the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative by following Xiao Hui. Ling Chen revealed himself, arrogantly yelling, “Girly, your granddaddy’s here again. Have you thought clearly about my offer? Are you going to give me the orb or do you want more spanking?”

Today, Ling Chen’s form of address towards the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative became ‘girly’.

Ling Chen once again invoked the disgust and fury of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, and caused her to be deeply shocked inwardly. The first time he had come, she had not detected him, and the same went for the second time. This third time, she still had been unable to sense him until he had revealed himself.

Ling Chen was already proficient at hiding his aura, and adding on Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow, it was likely that even the three Moon G.o.ddesses would not be able to detect him when he was concealed.

“I won’t forgive you!!”

It was the same line from the previous day, and it was filled with hatred and anger. As she spoke, the sea of cherry blossom petals under her feet started to float upwards… but then suddenly fell to the ground and disappeared.

That’s right, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative had once again forgotten how to use her skills. The skill that she had been casting quickly dissipated.

After seeing the ‘Cherry Heart Fury’ the previous day, Ling Chen naturally would not give the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative a chance to use it. The strength of Moon G.o.d Representatives was something no one could deny, and even saying that she was unparalleled in the entire East Ocean Continent would not be an exaggeration. Her skills were all incredibly powerful, and if it wasn’t for Xiao Hui’s fast reactions the previous day, he would have been destroyed by the Cherry Heart Fury. Because the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative knew about his Evil G.o.d’s Mask and how it worked, the attacks she used were all attacks that could get around it. As such, the safest thing he could do was to prevent her from using her skills.

Powerful skills all usually took some time to cast, and this was especially so for skills that had a large range and could get around the Evil G.o.d’s Mask by attacking numerous times… these sorts of skills only took the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative two or three seconds, sometimes even one or two seconds, to cast, but this was enough time for Ling Chen to react… After all, Ling Chen’s reaction speed was simply incomparable. Because the Lunar Scourge’s skills could be instantly cast and instantly took effect, as long as Ling Chen was focused and the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was within range, it would be impossible for her to cast a complete skill before Ling Chen ran away. Despite being affected this skill many times, although the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative outwardly looked calm, deep down she couldn’t help but feel shocked. This sort of state was as if her hands and feet had been bound by invisible ropes. Although she had the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, she couldn’t use any of it, leaving her at the mercy of her enemy.

Luckily, after Ling Chen activated Moon Grief, the Libra Orb’s effects were activated. Ling Chen evilly laughed, “Girly, I’ll ask one more time. Are you going to obediently give me the orb or do I have to spank you again?”

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative took a step back, coldly looking at Ling Chen with contempt.

Ling Chen flicked his finger, “Looks like you want to be spanked. Since you like being spanked so much, how can I refuse?”

Ling Chen activated Broken Shadow and his body blurred. In one second, Ling Chen was standing there with a grin on his face, the next, his hand loudly smacked the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative’s b.u.t.t… of course, he didn’t forget to squeeze it while he was at it.

Pa… Pa… Pa… Pa…

The Libra Orb’s effects activated twice in a row, and due to Moon Grief being linked three times, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was toyed with by Ling Chen for nearly 30 seconds. Ling Chen spanked and groped her b.u.t.t seven or eight times, then wildly laughed as he ran. After being frozen in place by Moon Shadow, it was impossible for the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative to chase after him.

Ling Chen’s plan was very simple… he would hara.s.s her once or twice every day and spank her a few times. He refused to believe that this Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative could last for very long. Of course, it was entirely possible for him to hara.s.s her seven or eight times per day, and the effects would be even better… however, that would result in him using more Spatial Orbs. He had a limited number of Spatial Orbs, and couldn’t afford to use them so extravagantly. As such, once or twice per day was his limit.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 430

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