The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World Chapter 10

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The Village’s Aftermath

About a month after Hardt has gone missing.

“Regul! It went over there!

“I know! Shit!”

“Dangerous! Holy Shot!”

The wraith approaches from behind Regul who’s locking swords with the skeleton. Because physical attack doesn’t work on wraiths, it has to be defeated with magic.

When the light bullet I released hits the wraith, the wraith dispersed while letting out a painful roar.

Regul strikes the skeleton that is locking swords with him with his shield, the skeleton shows an opening and Regul decapitated it.

“Funn, Holy Light Slash!”

‘Dooun!’, a loud sound resounded. Looking at the direction of the sound, Lig remained in the stance of after his sword swung down. The ground that the sword hit blew away, and multiple zombies are collapsed on the ground. He blew the zombies away with an area attack.

“Fuu, this is all of it huh. Stella, are you hurt?”

“Eh, ee, I’m fine. More importantly, the healing of the rest of the people”

I look around after casually brushing off what Lig said and, villagers who are worn out are sitting on the ground. It can’t be helped. Because this has been going on every day.

The time when the ghost type monsters started attacking was, the day after Hardt was taken along by the mysterious skeleton and disappeared. I regretted what I did to Hardt and lost the willpower to even leave my room but, an incident of a village child going missing occurred.

The mother who went searching for the child also didn’t come back that day. The village chief concluded that she has been done in by the monsters and gathered about 10 capable people in the village, forming a search party.

There were only adults at that time but, two people of the search party came back three days later heavily wounded. There is a forest near the village, it seems that the search party that thought the inside was strange and went into the forest. And then, what they found there were, zombies.

Furthermore, they are individually stronger than the usual zombies, with multiple of them. The search party got encircled, with almost everyone perishing, the two of them barely escaped with their lives.

The village chief who took this matter seriously, forbids the villagers from leaving the village, and went to a nearby town by himself to ask for reinforcements.

Everybody thought that it’d not be dangerous if they just don’t get close to the forest but, they understood that that thinking was naive, after what happened two days later.

Unable to leave the village, one of the idle villagers spotted figures of people approaching the village. And it’s not just the amount of 1 or 2 people.

At that time, everybody was glad because they thought that the help the village chief called for has come but, looking closely, the bodies are covered with wounds. Among them are skeletons, a monster made of bones, ghost wraiths that physical attack doesn’t work on and, all sorts of different monsters are approaching the village.

The villagers who can fight, everybody held their weapons and faced it all together. At that time, there’s no leisure to talk about who’s an adult or child. Lig, Regul, and I also joined in the fight.

Because of the light magic that Lig and I are able to use are effective against the ghost type monsters, we led the fight. And today marks the 20th day.

The villagers as well, are worn out in both their body and heart from being on guard every single day without knowing where the monsters will come from. The village chief came together with the zombies of the first round. That’s why, until now there’s still no rescue coming.

Why nobody else went to call for help is, because nobody wants to become like the village chief. Everybody thought that they would die if they left the village so, the people leaving has drastically decreased.

If that’s the case then, how about getting people who can fight like Lig and guys to go call for help? , is how the conversation ended up but, the villagers thought about what would happen if an attack came at that time and, nobody accepted that proposal.

Even after discussing scrupulously how if this carries on, the village will run out of food, and everybody will end up becoming one of them, there are only rather pessimistic opinions like, rather than getting attacked and killed when there are no people defending, waiting for rescue from other village or town is better. That is also, probably one of the reasons for our mental fatigue.

It was also written in a book that, there is no battle more exhausting than one that has no foreseeable end.

After that, after the village has been attacked by zombies and monsters, there’s a rumour in the village that everybody has started talking about. That is, this phenomenon is called the 『Hardt’s Curse』.

The start of this phenomenon was, the day after Hardt was taken away by the skeleton. Isn’t this the revenge of Hardt who possesses the power to control the deceased? Everybody in the village began singing the same tune.

Even though the rumour itself is unpleasant, more than that, after getting into this dangerous condition, everybody’s attitude changed very quickly.
They started having thoughts that are within their realm of delusion and are terribly rude to Hardt like, ‘Will he forgive us if we apologize now’, or, ‘He will forgive us if we properly did the burial of his mother’.

Just by doing that, there’s no way Hardt would forgive us. What we did to him was already unforgivable and furthermore, we showed him the sight of his mother getting killed right in front of his eye. If it was me, I’ll definitely not forgive everyone.

As such things happen, the atmosphere in the village hits rock bottom, the worse ones are stealing from other people’s houses.

“Oo, oi, something is coming again!”

While I was thinking about the guy who was previously discovered committing burglary by everybody, one of the people who was fighting shout out.

Everybody look towards the voice and, over there was a zombie red in its entirety with even sharper nails and faster speed, coming towards the village. One could tell just by looking at it. That zombie is extremely powerful and something dangerous is……

The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World Chapter 10

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