Zhan Long Chapter 1137

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„Li Xiao Yao, do you think?" ** Suddenly looks to me, asked.

I am drinking water, put down the mineral water, said: „Actually Wang Dui the also means not very ninety percent sure."


„Because the military tactics have the caesalpina japonica empty, empty solid it, since we must seep and monitor Booster Company, that cannot secretly comes, I will suggest to send a team to look up Buesst tomorrow, what cannot find out absolutely, will let their self-satisfied, will relax the vigilance, like this our following movement success ratios will be higher, otherwise our sound will not have, Wang Ze Cheng will think uneasy whether sitting or standing, not?"

„Ha Ha." Ye Ju claps the hands to say with a smile: „Said well, Hangzhou base Li Xiao Yao truly is not ordinary people, beyond own ability, this mental ability is also good!"

I show a faint smile: „Ye Ju overpraised."

** Said: „That is also good, how specific tomorrow to look up?"

Ye Ju said: „That we jointly searched, the Hangzhou public security sent out a group of people, the base sent out a squad."

** Nod: „That tomorrow is led by Li Xiao Yao, compared with is safer, how many people are quite appropriate?"

„Person the more better." I think that said: „Has 50 people?"


Ye Ju said: „That public security also sends out 50 special police officers, the coordination investigation, all take responsibility by Li Xiao Yao, how is it?"

„Good, 9 : 00 am in the bureau set, 9 : 20, arrives at the time should the Booster Company person also just go to work, at that time looked up was just good. Remember, walks an appearance, do not begin."



Then, **, the leaf bureau starts to discuss that deals with the Booster Company detail, Booster Company was really too huge, has set up the huge relationship network and manpower network in Hangzhou, wanting the minor details that captured this lofty tree to need to consider too to be also many, must be step by step discrete, once otherwise were investigated by above, possibly ** will unable to withstand this accountability with the leaf bureau, after all above also many people counted on that Booster Company helped Hangzhou GDP continue to raise.

About 11 : 00 o'clock at night time breaks up, Xing Lie, axe and Shen Bing went out of the secret meeting hall with me together, four people walk on the botanical garden alley in base.

„Boss, what is clearly naive goes to the gathering place?" Xing Lie asked.

In I raised hand ** the document that Ye Ju signs and issues together, said: „Nature, I am impossible to violate order."

Shen Bing eats to smile: „Your disobey orders as if also many?"

The axe is grasping the fist, said: „Does boss, you believe leaf bureau? Wang Ze Cheng eyes direct access to the highest authorities, definitely bought over many people, the leaf bureau he...... He sits on this seat, should Wang Ze Cheng not have possibly to let off?"

„......" My raising head chuckle, said: „Even if this world is one piece black, but I will also imagine become white, I trust Ye Ju, trusts unconditionally."

Shen Bing nods: „Right, this has the wind of senior general, must the unconditional trust companion, otherwise cannot make anything."

I smile, said: „But, we need both kinds of preparation, the Shen Bing elder sister, the application fund forms your network special service unit, breaks through Buesst's firewall, we need they most secret material to take the evidence, when otherwise can we destroy completely Buesst truly?"

Shen Bing laughs in spite of trying not to: „Snort, just praised you to believe the companion unconditionally, do you come such one unexpectedly?"

„There can never be too much deception in war...... Then, how long breaks through Buesst to defend net to want probably?"

„This......" Shen Bing hesitates, said: „Perhaps Buesst's firewall cannot be called the defense network, but is a very intensive and multiple defense shield, and each defense shield will transform along with Cooldown, was equal to that you have broken through first, starts to analyze the second time, second changed, therefore can only use the unsymmetrical matrix computation to analyze completely all characteristics of this defense shield, I have calculated sketchily, in the resources by my present carries on the words that explains, takes about 17 years."

I counted on the fingers: „17 years later I am 42 years old, it is estimated that did not move, you broke through had the wool to use......"

Shen Bing throws smiles: „My this did not say that the worst situation, do not worry, I will apply to research and develop the fund, will also collect one group of experts with me together, the words of enough perfect condition, about 3-8 months can break through Buesst to defend the shield to attain the file data, the worst words probably need about 1-3 years......"

„This can accept slightly."

The axe cannot understand, in bypath: „Said that many, the boss, will we move tomorrow must lead the fellow?"

„Brings, why does not bring, complete taking that can bring, just provided that very Tian Xin Corporation our can only the armor-piercing rail gun also take, meets the A level to breed to think of the person also to rumble to fall directly."


You have Zhang Liang ji, I have the wall ladder, to deal to breed to think of the person, Tian Xin Corporation is also unconventional, the collection breeds to install the smell and gene of person to take the cause, enabling the intelligent weapon to lock these directly becomes the goal attacks, but the A level bred to install the scale of person to be collected as the most important target, the intelligent armor-piercing rail gun, at least bred to think of the person to the A level is a huge threat, Movement Speed of dragon blood soldier was quick, can result in the computer quickly?! Obviously cannot, dare to begin that to wait for death really!

The only flaw is this type of rail gun is too serious, is unable momentarily to bring, otherwise was really the A level breeds to install the nightmare of person.


Returns to the dwelling time about 12 points, had actually discovered that Wan Er is holding the tablet PC, has fallen asleep in the hall.

Looks at her tranquil resting face, I love dearly awfully, hugs the back room her, she has not awaked unexpectedly, words that in the dream twittering some I cannot be understanding, but I think that hugged oneself room her, my bed was in any case big enough, now was not worried that Lin Tiannan monitored me, crossed was so long, he should also accept me and Wan Er in the together reality.

Lin Wan Er rests the skirt on the wear, therefore was convenient, covers the quilt she to continue murky falling asleep, this all day the work in company was about too tired, otherwise this will not have waked up, or, she knew is I, therefore was also disinclined to awake.


Waking up time outside the sunlight was already beautiful, I open eyes see the Lin Wan Er volt nearby me, has the interest very much visits me, saw me to open eyes Benben's disguising to lie on the pillow immediately has rested, I looked think funny, put out a hand to support into the bosom her, said: „Also installs!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles, lies in my arms, said supply: „Crying foul, your several points, I waited for a long time, then...... Did not fall asleep carefully."

„Ahem, you also felt all right saying that if ran into the unprincipled person to pick up you directly."

„You are also an unprincipled person, hugged on me own bed!"

„Oh, your this righteous appearance really makes me appreciate!"

„, You are ominous I......"


Has sexually harassed a meeting girlfriend, suddenly nearby cell phone alarum has rung, Lin Wan Er looks immediately to me, said: „Today can carry out the task?"


I nod, said: „This duty is article, will not resort to violence, therefore you do not need to worry that meets you to go to the company?"

„Yes, the company basically cannot leave the person every day, the initial steps, some days had been good, I will again also hire several assistants, gives them to handle the main matter, then can extract Cooldown to accompany you."

I have kissed her, said with a smile: „Has not related, after all we in the field conscience, are busy at various work respectively, when I carried out the task directly to go to the composed design to take you to be good."

„Oh, gets off work today earlier, for a long time has not gone to practice the level, my bright moon coverall collection duty is also in progress."



I the five-star magical instrument overlord wrap collected in the game, two weapons were the five-star magical instrument, Level have also practiced in these days to 204 levels, therefore did not need too to be worried that Level and other issues, solved the intractable problem in reality first said again . Moreover, this was first time I in the reality and Wang Ze Cheng head confrontation!

In the morning, opens A4 to arrive in base, changes a uniform, this is the base special clothing, is not the category of battledress, but is also different from the police uniform, is full of the dignity straightly, after dressing, I lower the head to have a look at the front, silver badge 2921607 flood moving glory, makes me swear secretly that this lives to not lose this badge to take to my glory!

Takes the weapon, I have only provided two saber and a pistol to myself, sur- [Assault] (spear gun), magazine many, are quite simple! Xing Lie is the first expert marksman in base, is holding a sniper's rifle, sur- pistol two, the axe is the same with me, what he hugs in the bosom is the heavy [Assault] (spear gun) , the comparison can be joined to he quite grandiose body . Moreover, four special police officers carry the heavy rail gun together, this, the group board.

The 9:20 arrives in the city public security headquarters, both sides blend one, embarked Booster Company.


Booster Company situated in article two groups of lively road sections, has the independent building, is local tyrant company that this area became famous, we have not sounded the warning, arrives in Buesst's front door before 7 car(riage)s they discover the unusual form, this is not the mortgage car(riage), but is carries the vehicles of fully-armed special police officer and special troops.


I fall to the ground in a soft voice, the leather boots step on the pavement, in shook hand the [Assault] (spear gun), simultaneously has pulled down the hat brim.

„Hey, who are you?"

Worthily is the security of big company, Buesst's security also specially plants, generally the security saw that our weaponry affirmation foot was soft, Buesst's security actually walks to go forward saying: „Do you want to do?"

I walk to go forward, shakes the search warrant, said: „I suspected that your company with breeding to think of the person to be related, therefore searches, please coordinate, yields the way!"

He has gawked staring, the nod: „Good......"


Our group enters Buesst's building rapidly, my vision sweeps, said: „Is divided into 4 groups, the first group searches the A area with me, the second group searches the B area with Xing Lie, the third group searches the C area with the axe, the fourth group searches the D area with public security Liu Dui, do not let off any detail."

I believe that today we absolutely cannot search anything here, otherwise Buesst is unable to manage that many years, if as expected breeds to install the technical affirmation to hide in the underground or secret floor, that is the person who our these first time enters the Buesst building is impossible to search.

Zhan Long Chapter 1137

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