Zhan Long Chapter 1136

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Returns to the company time, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er as in, Tang Qi also, when I bring amy is getting out, they obviously can notice that the amy situation is not quite good.


„How?" The Lin Wan Er concern asked: „Amy, is your facial expression not quite how good?"

Amy is silent.

I said: „Has been all right, amy you tidy up to get off work."


She looked at my one eyes, went to the office.

„What's the matter?" Lin Wan Er gazes after amy to recede, asked me low voice, Dong Cheng Yue has also collected, asked: „Right, Going out is so long, what's the matter, Brother Xiao Yao your soul pale to amy eating?"

I stare saying: „I want to eat will not elect her! Oh...... Is the person who Booster Company sends has the issue, inside has a person to the amy a little meaning, therefore raises a rumpus, she was wronged like this, later inspects goods again do not make her girl go, goes by me, or Tang Qi goes on the line."

„Um......" Lin Wan Er is grasping the small fist, on the face some are unattractive, after all this is the matter of composed design, how she has the faced responsibility, gains ground to have a look at me, she said: „Booster Company? I will make them attractive!"

I am holding her hand hurriedly, said: „Sister-in-law paternal grandmother, this matter you may not meddle, give me to process, this is not ordinary the event that plays the hoodlum!"

„, Why?" Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also asked.

I hesitate, lowers the sound as far as possible: „I have begun with that flat head person, almost compelled him to change the body becomes ‚dragon blood soldier'......"


Tang Qi is also panic-stricken: „Buesst's person...... Is breeds to think of the person?"

Bred to install the person event already to make the talk of the town, even the news broadcast to breeding to install person type of intensive organization also to present many times, can say that bred to install the appearance of person to make the nation fearful restless, Tang Qi possibly has not known this type „evil organization".

As soon as I nod, said: „Therefore, this matter gave the special troops to process, Wan Er do not act rashly, Tang Qi, this Cooldown you wanted on many to be careful, protect the completeness of good Wan Er and East city, I will possibly s.h.i.+ft a major part the work focus to the event processing of Booster Company, since w.a.n.g Ze Cheng gave oneself away, I must trace."

Tang Qi worry looked at my one eyes: „I listened to family's old gentlemen saying that this breeding installed the body and spirit and gene of person after the variation strengthening, was stronger than the wild animal powerfully, saw clearly compared with the falcon keenly, even own surface layer also had the indestructible armor, did you and breed to think of the person to encounter do not have the issue really?"

„Relax, I can deal with."

„That is good!"


Returns to the dwelling, took a bath went out, was changing the clothes the time on the preparation, „thump" has heard the knock, opened the door to discover that Lin Wan Er stood in out of the door.

„Can I come in?" She asked.


I grasp her handle she to pull, afterward closes, asked: „Wan Er, how were you?"

The Lin Wan Er vision sweeps the specially-made battledress pants that I wear, about is inserting two handle sabers respectively, her then eyes one red, almost cries: „Can't?"

I in consternation: „Is...... Why?"

Teardrops coast the cheek of Lin Wan Er, she has cried, being angry said loudly: „Do you know that your each time journey duty, I am worried to be feared, you do know you late at night do not turn over to each time, I stay up all night! Why cannot be others, if why certainly you, only then can you go?! You told me, if why certainly you! If...... If you...... I what to do?"

My silent visits her, pa.s.sed the long time, said: „You forgot how Ah Lei dies?"

Lin Wan Er one was shocked.

My sound somewhat s.h.i.+vers , to continue saying: „He that trusts, then relies on me, thinks that I can protect good everybody, may I disappoint him finally, Ah Lei is having disappointed and anger is killed, this is the ridge that I cannot pa.s.s for a lifetime, Wan Er, you is a sensible female student, you understand why certainly is I, because, I must go!"

Lin Wan Er is sobbing, is not willing to look at my eye.

I gain ground deeply inspire, making tears not fall, calmly said: „Please believe me, all of us have not forgotten Ah Lei, East city awaken the sob in the night, misses own elder brother, what at that time we can do is what? I and you have a deficit East city, she is our two should better the best friend, how I can make East city continue disappointedly, who no matter I breed to think of person their secret instigation people am, I will hold them, finally resorted to the law, this was my mission, for this mission, even if some day I died, I never will also regret."

Lin Wan Er cried ominously, by in the gate, was wiping tears, slowly sat, was holding the knees, sobbed, is s.h.i.+vering.

My squatting lower part of the body silently, single Xigui before her, said: „Wan Er was cleverest, from the beginning did we meet are doomed we in together not? Do not be worried for me, do not sob for me, I am Li Xiao Yao, how I will have the matter, clever, really will again not have the matter, I must completely eradicate to breed to install the person organization, in this world will not have second Ah Lei to suffer injury."

Lin Wan Er gains ground, in the star pupil full is the mist, static nod: „Um, you are certainly careful, if you died, I also together die with you, do not think that is cracking a joke."

My moral nature trembles, the feelings of some feeling like a knife twisting in the heart, surround her instantaneously, the deep kiss on her red lip, the Lin Wan Er tears falls following the cheeks, but I can taste in her mouth the light salt taste.

Two people hug and kiss for a long time, separate finally, Lin Wan Er stands up, holds me, said: „Good, I do not cry, you must come back earlier."

„Um, today is only reports the duty, does not carry out the task, will not have any danger, relax, before 12 : 00 pm , is definitely punctual."

„Good, I and others you."


Lin Wan Er has delivered to downstairs me, gazes after me to leave to go to the room, I sit on the vehicle, visits her from the rear view mirror, actually also saw that in the building the Dong Cheng Yue room window curtains has pulled open, she stands there, almost same visits me with Lin Wan Er silently, during is dark, our hearts as if linked in one, can feel the sadness and joy of opposite party mutually.

The distances of three hearts, are actually not remote, not?


Around 8 : 00 pm, arrive in the base of Hangzhou protector squad, after receiving my call, **, Shen Bing, axe and Xing Lie and the others temporarily returns to the base to meet, when I enter the gate, but also saw several new faces.

„This is Chief Ye, he comes to coordinate us to investigate together." ** The introduction said.

That is one looks like very upright middle-aged man, a straight police uniform, puts out a hand saying: „Captain Li is long, the fortunate meeting, had already heard you, have not thought tonight meets in a hurry."

I nod smile: „Ye Ju was polite."

„Sits, discussed specifically." ** Said.

After Ye Ju sits, twisted off the mineral spring thermo to drink one maliciously, said: „Breeds to think of the person to scurry about, does the nationwide scale to be earth-shaking, the center was only this month opens several times in view of breeding to install the conference of person, has used including the army, but had no alternative, breeds installed the person invariable body time and average man not different, hid in our residents, was too th.o.r.n.y."

** Said: „Li Xiao Yao, you said that the definite news informs us absolutely, I then asked Ye Ju to come together, said that what matter was?"

I deeply inspire, said: „I saw this afternoon a A level breeds to think of the person."


Ye Ju soon could not sit still immediately, said: „Does Hangzhou have the A level to breed to think of the person?"

„Moreover more than one, perhaps are definitely more." My light [say / way].

„Concrete what's the matter?" ** Said.

My brief [say / way]: „I held public office in a dress designing company recently, in the afternoon delivers time, has the conflict with the staff member of purchaser, begins, he changed the body about 20%, the nape of the neck and shoulder place obviously have produced the red scale, the shape with the giant lizard, that was ‚dragon blood soldier' primary shape."

„Who is that?" Shen Bing asked.

My tranquil [say / way]: „Buesst, side a w.a.n.g Ze Cheng bodyguard."

„What?!" Ye Ju pounds the table suddenly, the shock said: „Captain Li is long, won't you make a mistake? Buesst's w.a.n.g Zongzhen is concerned with this matter? He...... He several days ago together has drunk tea with me......"

I show a faint smile: „Ye Ju, does not use anxiously, this matter is accurate, don't you think strange? Bred to install the person toxin to a.n.a.lyze for nearly a half year also to smatter by the experts of our National Security Bureau, the opposite party completely has actually a.n.a.lyzed, technological gap had much can be imagined greatly, but took a broad view at China, except for Buesst this multinational group, but also who had the technological strength of this biological cross species research?"

Shen Bing said lightly: „Said...... Booster Company definitely could not be inseparable from, moreover Buesst's headquarters in the US, the technology can transport continuously to China, and as far as I know, has not appeared in US breeds to think of the person, you know that what this does mean?"

** Moral nature one cold, has inhaled a cold air, fist numerous falling on the table: „Did this group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, regard them to breed to install the technical our China the laboratory?"

I nod: „Right, we have become others' experiment goal."

Ye Ju clenches jaws, gets angry: „thing, is unforgivable! Immediately signs and issues the warrant of arrest, grasps w.a.n.g Ze Cheng!"

„It is not good." ** Beckons with the hand.

„It is not why good, w.a.n.g Dui?" Ye Ju asked.

** Said: „First, cannot alert the enemy, this matter Buesst definitely also has the vigilance, their laboratories also inevitably are very secret, we send for being have the probability of harvest now absolutely not over 10%, instead will let us goes to the best opportunity."

Shen Bing asked: „How w.a.n.g does Dui you think?"

** Lets somebody cool off or calm down smiles: „Sends out the special commissioner, starts to seep Booster Company, the observation of primary ma.s.s data they, after having enough evidence, destroys completely this multinational group again at one fell swoop!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1136

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