Zhan Long Chapter 1354

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Holds the token of spear greatly is the iron command, but the token of Xiao Yao king is the pure gold casting, looks like in the subconscious of shallow forest thinks as before I am Tian Ling Empire highest wielding military power, indeed is this, wields military power to start, nibbling surrounding city step by step, step by step has overthrown the peak the territory of day plume empire, the shallow forest has the sense of dependence to me is also understandable.


Admits the package the golden token, immediately around my name reappears golden color, is very gorgeous, the manufacture style of this game relatively is quite conservative, plainly, the name nothing else but green, red and grey player, but around this ID the effect of reappearing golden light is others does not have, depending on this, can ride roughshod and be charmed in Tian Ling Empire female to be innumerable approximately, but my present status is different, person but who there are fiancee, must the autonomy!

„Li Master."

The shallow forest is holding the sword hilt of blade edge of king, long sitting above the throne, said: „Northern situation how?"

I hesitate, said: „Sif opened the purgatory channel, summoned the devil in purgatory to come to help in the fighting unceasingly, therefore Pearl and Frost allied armies resisted somewhat strenuously, once Tu Dragon Fort fell into enemy hands, perhaps Sif wields the armed forces to attack to contract malaria uncultivated land Dragon's den immediately, such situation to us on big was disadvantageous."

„?" He slightly one startled, said: „How can we?"

I said: „Your older female cousin Pearl requested to me that making me dispatch enough many invincible might artillery to help in the fighting to Tian Ling Empire, if in this case, perhaps very much has the stratagem which ensures success, in addition, I also planned that requested to your majesty, allowing me to dispatch the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces two armies to go to Tu Dragon Fort to lead a cheer."


The shallow forest bows the head to look at altar subjects under ten million/countless, deeply inspires, said: „Side , the empire newly decides now, the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard were called the empire three big strengthening of the armed forces, the strength of palace guard is also strongest, you must lead the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces two main forces to go to and Sif army life-and-death preying, shallow forest worry accidentally......"

I turn around to visit him, said with a smile: „Shallow forest, you are worried that I do defeat?"

„It is not, I......"

He was somewhat awkward, passed long time, said: „Li Master, the empire has the present landscape sincerity not to be easy, actually...... The matter of northern boundary, let Sif and Sister Pearl encounters is, if our Tian Ling Empire butted in horizontally, causing the strength to be unbalanced, perhaps to us was not the good deed, Li did Master think?"

I suddenly one startled, the moral nature passing over gently and swiftly chill in the air, the shallow forest at this moment completely was a genuine king, he already after starting to be worried that Pearl defeated Pearl to sit to threaten empire's rule in the northern boundary greatly, perhaps a genuine king should be such? But I unexpectedly somewhat small discomfort, after all Pearl is his older female cousin, for the power and influence status, the real kinship can not want?

But I had not spoken frankly, but said: „Your majesty worry necessary, but...... If the balance of war has reversed to Sif that side, perhaps to us big was disadvantageous, in the past the imposing manner of dark blue billows you should be have also understood, if no Frost to block, dark blue billows already vast stretch of flat land trampled flat our landscape, although present Sif the strength cannot compare the dark blue billows, but inferior will not be many, I insisted as before led troops to assist Your Highness Pearl to attack the Hybrid Demon tribe, this was my last war."

„Li Master last war......"

Shallow forest body trembles, lowered the head, the eye was red, muttered: „In an instant more than four years, Li Master initially held the throne the shallow forest by strength of the, for these years fought up and down the country, has performed many distinguished services...... Cooldown crosses really quickly, Li Master, this should not be your last war, if Tian Ling Empire has any drastic change once more, Li Master should undertake bravely."

I smile, the racket his shoulder, said: „If the empire needs me, I can not become an official? Also, I am the Xiao Yao king who sovereign confers, had the responsibility to take care of the household to protect the country."


The shallow forest numerous nods, said: „That...... Tian Ling Empire one should the resources and military strength obey Li Master to dispatch, but dragon crystal artillery, invincible might artillery and other function reassignment half, to be completely safe by the plan, shallow Lin suggested that makes new hold General Ge Zhao Kaiguo and Li Master greatly goes to battle together, how is it?"

„Good...... Comes the person, calling the ministry of public works Shangshu to come."


Soon, ministry of public works Shangshu came, this person I knew that is the multitude of people of palace guard was long, but afterward studied the invincible might artillery to promote the present that prominent status, he takes possession to kotow, said: „On your majesty and king, micro feudal official see!"

The shallow forest nods: „Sir Liu, now Tian Ling Empire some armed forces also how many dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery?"

Ministry of public works Shangshu said: „The person who dragon crystal artillery still left over more than 2200, we send has dug many pure dragon crystal from the dragon restricted area certainly, this month total the casting left 128 invincible might artillery."

Shallow wood-road: „Good, immediately dials to take 64 invincible might artillery and 1100 dragon crystal artillery and sufficiency shells gives the palace guard, awaits dispatching of Li Master Xiao Yao king, understood?"

„Micro feudal official manages immediately!"

I nod smile: „Many thanks your majesty!"

Saying, I have lowered sound, said with a smile: „Shallow forest felt relieved that I know balance, will not let Pearl and Sif any sits in a big way, but will not make the Hybrid Demon territory threaten Tian Ling Empire once more."

In shallow Lin Yan is having the gratitude: „Um, the situation of northern boundary asked Li Master!"



Turned around, leading Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Jing Yin, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other palace guard of the commanding generals to arrive at outside the main hall, but the distant place, Yan Zhao Warrior this new held the spear to have an audience with your majesty greatly.

„Congratulated on the king!" Jing Yinbao the sword was saying with a smile.

I also smile: „Also polite what? You send for the ministry of public works transporting the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery immediately, wants some shells again, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces all sets out, goes to Tu Dragon fort, we prepared to come one time to fight a decisive battle with Sif."


The summer leaf manner caution and care, walks to go forward saying: „On king, you need to guard against the villain much!"


„Your majesty recently promoted many people to join in the imperial guard, and also assigns the trusted subordinate to establish called ‚armor camp' the organization, it is said this armor camp specifically is responsible for in the empire the trend information of each minister, in fact, I and other every word and deeds now during your majesty control, the subordinates who even the imperial guard commands General Situ Xin were also placed the person in many armor camp."

„This matter?" My knitting the brows head, said: „Has not thought that the shallow forest present plans and city palace the thorough this situation, really has not thought......"

The summer leaf lowers the sound, smiles lightly: „Shallow forest already was not the initial shallow forest, his present emperor, is this mainland to the high control, he can the to ignore empire high-ranking court official personal friendship of? Situ firewood commands to hold the post of the imperial guard to command that many years, had been monitored to your majesty loyally and devotedly, our these intermediate military officers are one cannot escape, in the palace guard at least was placed the informers over 20 armor camps, and has held the post of the key post, highest even has held the post of the multitude of people long or high-level enlistment."


I clench teeth, make a fist saying: „Father may, no matter his anything armor camp non- armor camp, Xia Ye, you gave me the secret to transmit orders, the army arrived in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, to enter that moment of northern boundary, gives me to reduce 20 people of armor camp immediately completely, burnt down the corpse, said that meets the Hybrid Demon attack, died in the line of duty completely!"

Xia Yexiao: „Holds the spear respected opinion greatly!"

„Why also asked me to hold the spear greatly?"

„Because only then you can be joined to this post......"

I: „......"


Again shortly afterward, Yan Zhao Warrior progressed to clash from imperial palace, was long with Yorozuo of three strong wind from afar armed forces.

„Xiao Yao!" His distant greeting, stood up from failure to discontinue afterward, frowns saying: „Mother...... This matter is really thorny, imagines me by far must be thornier."

„What did the shallow forest say to you?" I asked.

Yan Zhao Warrior clenches teeth saying: „You guess!"

„Lets you, when supervises the armed forces, once saw situation not wonderful time can take action first and explain later to me?" I asked.

On the face of Yan Zhao Warrior full is astonished: „You...... Can your boy have foresight?"

„It seems like really......" my cannot help but moral nature one cold, suddenly thinks at heart uncomfortably.

„Actually is not serious."

Yan Zhao Warrior raises the Swordsmanship: „Emperor said that lets me hold the post to supervise the armed forces all the way, must guarantee that the Tian Ling Empire army cannot the buckle be too many, when necessary can the strategic backlash, added that if, when the army battle loss population surpasses 30%, you are also determined to fight, can by hold the post of spear to ban the military authority that your palace guard commands greatly . Moreover, the forest arched that boy is more miserable, under hand 14 Yorozuo long almost every have become the person of emperor, he also spatially has the military authority."

I dejected by under a Chinese sweet gum: „Should I be cry? Smiles?"

Yan Zhao Warrior makes a fist, said: „Mother, my this holds the spear you to think that greatly is very good to work as? Under the hand was arranged the people in many armor camps, every word and deeds to be careful, in my opinion, we are inferior to the direct mutiny, has abandoned this emperor, greets Pearl to come back to operate the empire, or supports you to be the emperor directly!"

I slanting looked at his one eyes, smiled: „Uncle your this bastard, has that heavy counter- heart unexpectedly! Ahem, I must go to emperor there to inform, after saying your brain, has the protruding bones in the occipital region."

Yan Zhao Warrior is speechless: „This is not the issue of protruding bones in the occipital region non- protruding bones in the occipital region, but is...... Said?"

I beckon with the hand, said: „Let alone, I have not been this emperor in any case, you should also know, I was awarded the military rank of major general, perhaps could not wait to be too long in the game, moreover played the family belongings emperor unable the obedience, will bring in many issues, you think, if you were the emperor, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword can take you? We want to be the emperor, this Tian Ling Empire also collapsed of itself."

Yan Zhao Warrior is stunned: „I have not thought that many, but you said is very reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply."

„You know armor camp who instigates the person secretly is?"

„Shallow forest?"

„No, the armor camp definitely has one to control the person directly, but will not be an emperor, shallow forest that many energy have not managed a such huge armor camp, will go, who will be, I must hold an important matter before going to battle!"

„What matter?"

„Clear royal entourage." I let somebody cool off or calm down smile.

Zhan Long Chapter 1354

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