Zhan Long Chapter 1353

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The characters appear in Tu Dragon Fort, when I get online once more here is not stretch of ruins, the reconstruction progress of Tu Dragon Fort at least has completed over 80%, the city wall is lays on top of one another by the firm white marble, is about because nearby mountain range is rich in this type of stone material, the wall is smooth, outside marble casting galvanized iron.

One crowd raises the soul brave warrior of lance to defend on the city, after seeing I appear, immediately knees down, said with the hoa.r.s.e sound: „See holds the spear greatly!"

I slightly one astonished, said: „Why did you call me to hold the spear greatly? Which regiment do you subordinate in?"

„Reported holds the spear greatly, we subordinated in the establishment of Tu Dragon Fort second regiment, although we were Hybrid Demon, but Your Highness Pearl said that Tu Dragon Fort forever acknowledged that your held the spear status greatly, you can direct the regiment of any Tu Dragon Fort."

I show a faint smile: „Your highness where?"

„In administrative hall, was discussing the military important matter with Sir Frost."

„Good, leading me to pa.s.s."


Therefore, very strange appeared, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon lead me to go to the administrative hall, and is respectful to me, this has not thought before, and this Hybrid Demon name was the green, this meaning system has also tacitly approved friendly relations between Tu Dragon forts and day plume empires . Moreover the maintenance link was I, if some day I in this game, that did not become the person who maintained the link should on be Frost, she also had this ability.

The administrative hall in Tu Dragon Fort establishes especially dignifiedly, somewhat is actually similar to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den administrative hall, and out of the door and one flock of barbaric wolves is ridden to guard by 4 Dragon Rider gentlemen, airborne is also soaring several Dragon Rider soldiers, it seems like cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and friendly relations of Tu Dragon Fort quite penetrated.


The gate of administrative hall separates, a Dragon Rider gentleman smiles to me respectfully: „Holds the spear greatly, come."


Took a step to enter the hall, was hanging the b.u.t.terfly sword sheath in hand in continually behind, but Frost, Zi Shu and Pearl several people also saw me, especially Frost, excited grazed to go forward to shake my hand, said with a smile: „That many days do not see, I will also think your really rejection we!"

I explained: „Must manage at another world something, therefore cannot accompany you here, felt relieved that I have remembered."

„Sits." Pearl bows to me, this etiquette some were too heavy.

I hold the fist in the other hand to return salute hurriedly, afterward sits down by Frost, asked: „The situation in Tu Dragon Fort how? With words that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Tian Ling Empire collaborate, in the strength should already being enough crush Sif's army?"

Frost nods: „Originally yes, three days ago in fights, we annihilated Sif to surpa.s.s the 200 000 army, but we have not thought that Sif after swallowing the strength of dark blue billows also had to open the purgatory crack ability unexpectedly, a giant purgatory channel opened in the scarlet mountain range, she had military strength continuously, forcing us to turn into the defensive by the offensive."

„, What needed me to make?"

Pearl smiled: „Oh...... Said that is really some embarra.s.sed, you are Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, but the shallow forest has notified the world, holds the next candidate determination of spear greatly is fellow who called Zhao Kaiguo, therefore here, although needed you to help, but was worried that you could not speak above the Tian Ling Empire deliberation hall."

As soon as I pat the chair: „Oh your highness are you are looking down upon me? Although I did not hold spear greatly, but the good and evil I was commanding of palace guard, near 200 000 palace guard has not been considered as that a boost? Also, I am day of plume empire only conferring the t.i.tle of prince upon is the feudal official, by my ability, can mobilize some resources."

Frost covers the mouth t.i.tter in side, Zi Shu stretches the rebirth the arm, lazily lying down on the chair, looks own front huge 36 E does not know that is thinking anything.

Pearl micro smile: „Since is this, I open the mouth, the predecessor holds the spear to hope that greatly do not reject."


„Sif is the same with me, the Hybrid Demon army that we have majority is the army of pure cold weapons, although the strength is strong, but actually the army of big being inferior humanity in firepower, probably this was also the primary cause that a Hybrid Demon side declined, the firearm of humanity develops too quickly, has far exceeded our expectation, purgatory army who therefore wanted to defeat Sif, only then means had enough many firearm!"

Then, Pearl sip red lip, has supplemented one: „Moreover the quant.i.ty are many, army that Sif summoned but inexhaustible."

Nearby Frost said: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, although also has the quant.i.ty not poor dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, but the firepower is insufficient, therefore Your Highness Pearl hopes that you can depend upon your authority to do a number of invincible might artillery from Tian Ling Empire, can accomplish?"

„What need is the invincible might artillery?"

I think that said: „This is a little difficult, the Tian Ling Empire invincible might artillery lacked, when attacked the hammering skull city also to be destroyed much, but I will make contribution, can strive for many many, after all defeated Sif's words, to Tian Ling Empire was also the non- common advantage."

Pearl nods: „Oh, this duty gives you to be accomplished!"

In this time, suddenly outside the Dragon Rider gentleman was walking, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Lady Frost, outside has a Tian Ling Empire palace guard warhawk to ride to search to see Sir Li Xiao Yao!"

„Makes him come."


After a half minute, the palace guard messenger who grasps the military message with an attached feather as sign of urgency walked, single Xi kneels, said: „Commands the Sir, your majesty handwritten letter must give to you!"


Received the correspondence, launched looks, was the shallow forest clear handwriting, moreover was the traditional Chinese character, the primary coverage was to let me returns at once Tian Ling Empire, holds the t.i.tle ceremony of taking over ceremony and Xiao Yao king of spear greatly soon will be held in the Tian Ling Empire altar, Cooldown was just good, in the evening 8 o'clock, golden Cooldown in game, majority of players online.

„What matter?" Frost kind visits me.

„Any important matter, has not held something that the spear resigns and confers the t.i.tle of prince upon greatly."

„That was just good, you can seize the chance to need the matter of invincible might artillery to shallow Lin advising Tu Dragon Fort."

„Um, I go first, waits for my good news."

Pearl stands up, is one time bows to salute, said with a smile: „The girl waited for the good news on king here."

I am somewhat speechless, Pearl also played my joke to come unexpectedly.


Pulls out the City Return Scroll direct crumb, after flash, appears in Tian Ling Empire, summon dragon G.o.d's daughter raspberry, howled the control big dragon to fly to the imperial palace direction, under the imperial city gate extra income, several imperial guards knelt, said: „General!"

Their names changed, but also really fickleness of life!

However, several bodyguards in palace obtain the news to be earlier, respectful holding the fist in the other hand said: „On king!"

This name slightly some old-style fan devices.

Quick, Situ Xin, the forest arched two senior generals progress to come, after Lin Qiong stands up from failure to discontinue, laughs: „Congratulates holds the spear greatly...... It is not, is congratulates on king, today your majesty confers the t.i.tle of prince upon personally, you came to be good just!"

My micro smile: „Relax, Gou Fugui, does not forget."

„Ha Ha." Lin Qiong and Situ firewood has shown the understanding smiling face.

Situ firewood follows close on side me, lowers the sound saying: „On king, you will soon resign today hold the spear greatly, the palm soldier power of entire empire will fall in the hand of General Zhao, although General Zhao follows on the king you to fight up and down the country for a long time, but the qualifications were still after all shallow, the fight experience is also well below you, like this resigns holds the spear greatly, can be somewhat careless, the empire decides newly, you resign the military authority completely the words...... Perhaps will make the three services vacillate."

Lin Qiong also said: „End also this worries, asking on the king three to think."

I laugh in spite of trying not, these two NPC G.o.d level military officers were too loyal and devoted to me, unexpectedly somewhat slightly is moved, therefore said: „Many thanks your cares, but do not forget, commanding of my as before palace guard, the palace guard as before empire first strong soldier, so long as there are me, who can the rebellion be inadequate?"

Lin Qiong laughs: „On king said is extremely, I and others considered thoroughly!"


Proceeded again is the altar main hall, one crowd of former subordinates came to congratulate, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Jing Yin and other palace guard military officers also, moreover, the Tantai feather and Ou Yeti, Qu Hu and others commanded the level military officer also to hold the fist in the other hand to congratulate, proceeded again, the sovereign shallow forest welcomed surrounded by whole body of ministers personally, said with a smile: „Li Master, you come!"

„Um, many thanks your majesty."

„Here comes."


First held the succeeding ceremony of spear military rank greatly, Yanzhao uncle just returned to Changsha from Hangzhou, travel-worn the new officer has actually taken office, feeling pleased standing there.

In I pull out wraps hold the spear ribbon attached to an official seal greatly, said: „Uncle, meets the command?"


A Yan Zhao Warrior layer on layer nod, unexpectedly single Xigui on the ground, cautiously received from my hand held the spear ribbon attached to an official seal token greatly, this for him is one in life magnificent, the uncle was old, how long in this virtual battlefield but can also gallop? Many people stay here for a circle dream, but now, uncle's dream is finally round.

Actually I also from the bottom of the heart feel for him happy.

After the uncle meets made, arrives in front of the shallow forest, respectful saluting, took an oath to give loyalty to afterward, the shallow forest officially granted him to hold the t.i.tle of spear greatly, the Tian Ling Empire power also finally falls in the hand of [Prague] Guildmaster.


„Li Master."

After holding the spear to succeed greatly the ceremony ended, the shallow forest walks to go forward, holds my hand to step onto the altar main hall, in countless Tian Ling Empire common people and players facing whole body of ministers and squares, bright sound track: „My shallow forest inherits the throne from Great Emperor hand, is anxious and is very terrified, is fortunate enough to Li Master to a.s.sist, first after fire fighting Yun City, extinguishes Full Moon City, then extinguishes the highest heaven city and iron skull city and Ze deep pool city, finally completed a series great undertaking, the war flag of day plume empire fluttered in the sky of mainland, this was the glory of shallow forest, was Li Master merit, the merit of Li Master unprecedented melts now, today, I break not of the same surname did not say that the custom of king, conferred Li s.h.i.+wei ‚the Xiao Yao king', was three male above!"

The common people shouted " long live " before the emperor to long live, but I also officially obtained the throne of Xiao Yao king.

Kings, was a side overlord?

Zhan Long Chapter 1353

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