Extraordinary Genius Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – General in Heavens

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“Old Feng, Xiao Feng, since the both of you are here today, then let’s have an open discussion. Are you all going to buy the pig farm?”

In the meeting of the Farm Department, the leaders were seated on one side, while Feng Yu and his father were sitting on the other side of the meeting table.

“Chief Officer, let’s be honest with each other. Everyone here should know about the situation of the pig farm. If the pig farm can earn money and I want to buy it, you will not sell to me. We will not do any business that will lose money. Now, we have the animal feeds, technology, money and we want to help our district. If the district is still having this att.i.tude and making such unreasonable demands, then there is no need for us to negotiate further.”

After Feng Yu finished, he picked up the teacup and took a slip. s.h.i.+t, this tea was excellent. A small leader in the Farm Department an enjoy such tea? This shows where they spent their money on.

Even if Feng Yu wanted to rebuild his homeland, he must also control the finances. He will not let the Farm Department handle the money. They know nuts about managing finances and still like to make decisions. If Feng Yu was evil, he could just ask Brother Ki and Fu Guangzheng to work with him and cheat the Farm Department!

“What unreasonable demands? The land is really worth that much.” Deputy Officer Xu insisted.

Feng Yu pointed to him and said: “I do not want to talk to you. If you interrupt again, we will leave!”

“You……” Deputy Officer Xu felt he was insulted. He was a leader and was told off by a teenager!

Wen Deguang hurriedly said: “Xiao Yu, then you tell us a price. How much are you going to spend?”

“The pig farm is worth the most 100,000 RMB. I will offer 200,000 RMB for the land surrounding it. As for the pigs in the farm, based on the market rate, it is not even worth 10,000 RMB. But I will count it as 10,000 RMB. The total is 310,000 RMB.”

“310,000 RMB? It’s too little. That is a big plot of land, and that pig farm couldn’t be worth only 100,000 RMB. Yesterday you said that you will offer 500,000 RMB.” The Chief Officer was disappointed. The amount was too little. Although, what Feng Yu said was reasonable, but what can he do with 300,000 RMB? He could not make any changes to the district, let alone creating an achievement.

“500,000 RMB, but you still have to fulfill my conditions. Chief Officer, you should know about the location of that plot of land. It is not near to the village or any shops. The road conditions were not good either. That dirt road is full of potholes, and it will be an inconvenience for us to transport our pigs.”    

“We can repair the roads for you. Then the value of the land should be higher?” The Chief Officer said.

“How about this? I will increase it by 100,000 RMB. It’s 100,000 RMB! This should be enough? Also, I need to expand and upgrade the pigsty after New Year. The materials I needed will be purchased from your department. I will pay you 90,000 RMB as deposits. The total will be 500,000 RMB. This is my final offer. In future, if the pig farm needs anything, I will also purchase through the Farm Department. This is also money.”

Yesterday afternoon, these people wanted at least 1 million. In the evenings, they felt that they can also accept 800,000 RMB. But now, they felt that Feng Yu’s offer of 500,000 RMB was also reasonable.

The Chief Officer was a decisive person and accepted Feng Yu’s offer on the spot!

Deputy Officer Xu left with a black face. Feng family, you just wait!


“The ventilation is not good. It is important to take note of the temperature during Winter, but the ventilation is also important. The smell is too bad here. Where are all the pig’s feces kept? Thrown away? Don’t throw them away in future. Keep the feces in the northeast area……”

Feng Yu went to look at the pig farm, and the moment he stepped in, he almost vomited. The smell of the pig feces was terrible. He doesn’t understand how did the previous employees at the pig farm stand it.

The full-time workers at the pig farm were transferred to other departments. Only 3 temporary workers remained and were hired by Feng Yu. If not, Feng Yu would have no one to take care of his farm now. 

The Farm Department also a.s.signed a vet to Feng Yu’s pig farm. But after meeting the vet, Feng Yu decided to hire another vet himself. The vet was drunk in broad daylight, and Feng Yu does not really trust him with his pigs.

Feng Yu had also contacted some experts in pigs rearing. They used to own a pig farm, but the farm was confiscated by the government during the troubled times and was not returned to them.


They were a family which consists of a father and 2 sons. They were now rearing a few pigs and needed to work in the fields to feed their stomach. When Feng Yu offered them 1,500 RMB a year each, they agreed immediately.

Food and lodging were provided, and the family income will reach 4,500 RMB a year. If they rent out the plot of land a.s.signed to them, the elder son can get married in 2 years.

The state of the pig farm was worse than what Feng Yu imagined. Parts of the fence were broken, and plastic sheets were used to cover up those parts. The door was broken too, and there was even a hole in the door, which was covered up using a bunch of gra.s.s.

There were slightly over 100 pigs in the pigsty. Among these pigs, there were 10 sows and 2 boars. The rest were piglets, and most of them were not ready to be sold.

Feng Yu sighed. f.u.c.k. The pigs here do not worth 10,000 RMB. He had paid more.

“Those windows need to be changed. The door too. Get it done today. Those tools too, change them to new ones. These areas need to be disinfected. Clean up the exterior areas of the pigsty too. Those places need to be rebuilt. Take note of these and work will start in Spring.”

f.u.c.k. This pigsty was also not worth 100,000 RMB. He had paid more again.

Luckily, Feng Yu still had the plot of land. He should have visited the farm or bring the Farm Department officers here to negotiate. Now Feng Yu felt that even if the farm and land are valued at 300,000 RMB, it was considered high!

The leaders of the Farm Department were celebrating now. This pig farm was making losses every year. Finally, they had finally offload this burden to someone else. Although the amount was less than what they wanted, they were still happy.

If it weren’t for Feng Yu buying the factory’s land at a high price and acted like a wealthy tyc.o.o.n, the leaders would agree to sell the plot of land, along with the pig farm to him for 300,000 RMB.

Now the department had the funds from the sales of the lands, they can start building a new office building or hostel next year.

Feng Xingtai went back to the village and hired some people to help clean up the pig farm and change the windows and doors. The roofs were repaired too. He also arranged people to buy young pigs from the village to fill up the pigsty. These pigs should be ready to be sold before the end of the year.

After paying the people from the village, Feng Yu saw a new pig farm, and he was feeling better. Even though this was not considered a modernized pig farm, but it was finally livable.

On the main door to the pigsty, there was a painting of Zhu Bajie (Pigsy from Journey to the West).

Hmm, this door is too dull. It would be better if there is a couplet.

Feng Yu took out red paper and used a brush to write some words: “A general in heavens!”

He pasted the paper on the right side of the door and a piece of red paper, with nothing written on, on the left. Feng Yu laughed happily. He wonders if the leaders from the farm come and visit, can they guess the second verse!

Translator’s notes: The words written on the couplet was “在上为帅!”. This was based on Journey to the West, where Zhu Bajie or Pigsy was a general in heavens but was banished to earth as a pig. The second verse is “在下为猪!”. The second verse had a double meaning. First, it means “A pig on Earth.” The second meaning is “I am a pig!” This is a Chinese joke, and after it is translated into English, it loses the humor.   

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 101

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