Extraordinary Genius Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – Wen Dongjun and Fat Chick

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“How was your revision? Tomorrow is the final exams.’ Wen Dongjun looked at Feng Yu listlessly.

“Not bad. It should be fine. Look at you, you don’t seem to be confident. How many positions do you intend to improve this time?” Feng Yu raised his eyebrows and asked Wen Dongjun. Didn’t you say that you will improve by a few positions every exam and graduate as one of the top students?

“I will definitely improve and get out of the last 10 positions zone. But I will still be about 10 positions behind the school’s midrange section. What should I do?” Wen Dongjun said with a worried look.

Feng Yu curiously asked: “Uncle Wen wanted you to reach the middle section in this semester?”

“No. Even if I am within the last 10 positions in cla.s.s, I would still be able to get into a university. It was not my parents but someone else.” Wen Dongjun said and stole a glanced in a direction.

f.u.c.k. This idiot is eyeing my girl? Feng Yu was furious. Wen Dongjun was looking at Li Na just now. But he calmed down and thought. Wen Dongjun was not this type of person. Furthermore, he knew Li Na well, and he knows that Li Na was not the type that would quickly change her heart.

Don’t…… Oh f.u.c.k. Could it be Wen Dongjun like Fat Chick?

Feng Yu’s eyes opened up wide and stared at Wen Dongjun. Hmmm...... This was indeed Wen Dongjun and not some aliens in disguise. His head must have been bang by the door!

Wen Dongjun got angry: “Why are you staring at me for?”

“You…… like Fat Chick?”

Feng Yu felt apologetic for Wen Dongjun. Every time he goes out with Li Na, Fat Chick will tag along, and Feng Yu will drag Wen Dongjun along to accompany her. But he never expects Wen Dongjun to like Fat Chick. This…… is too funny!

“Why not? What Fat Chick? It’s so disrespectful. Her name is Zhang Han!”

“Fine, fine, fine. So, you like Zhang Han? No wonder you stopped wooing the prettiest girl from next cla.s.s. You are even studying hard for Zhang Han? But don’t you think that Zhang Han is a bit fat?” Feng Yu said and used his hand to make a ‘tiny’ gesture. Feng Yu was trying his best not to burst out laughing.

“What fat? I was also fat when I was young. Didn’t I slim down now? Zhang Han said that she will lose at least 10 KG during the winter break.”

“Fine. I wish you good luck. No wonder you are confident of improving your results. With Zhang Han is helping you with your studies, no wonder you are confident that your results will improve. Both of you are quite compatible after all. You are from the sports committee, and she is from the literary committee.” Lose 10 kg? Even if it really happened, Zhang Han would still be fat. She was at least 80 KG now!

“Sighed. You think she is able to lose 10 KG this winter break?” Wen Dongjun asked.

“It should be impossible in 1 month, but it should not be a problem if its 1 year. Believe in yourself that she will lose weight for you.” Feng Yu tapped on Wen Dongjun back with an “I know you can do it” look.

It seems that if Zhang Han doesn’t lose weight, Wen Dongjun would feel uncomfortable and eventually their relations.h.i.+p would die off. But Feng Yu does not believe that Zhang Han would successfully lose weight.

Feng Yu studies were still considered not bad. He got full marks for his Russian, his scores for languages was considered good too. His math was not regarded as bad, but the rest of the subjects like chemistry, physics, etc. were only so-so. His memory was quite good, so his history and those subjects that required memorization should not be a problem for him. There should not be any problem for him to get into the top 10 positions. As for this exam, it was not a problem for Feng Yu.

During the final exams, all the year 1, 2 and 3 students were sitting together to prevent anyone from cheating. 

Feng Yu did well for the first few subjects, including his 2 weakest subjects, biology and chemistry. Feng Yu stretched himself after the last paper, politics, was concluded. This time, he should get good results and should be able to answer to his parents. As for himself, Feng Yu had always been strict with others and generous to ownself!

When they came out of the examinations hall, Feng Yu saw a beaming Wen Dongjun. This idiot did well for his exams? Impossible. His chemistry and physics were not bad but did badly for the rest of his subjects. Why was he so confident this time?

“I tell you, I am confident to be in the top 10 positions this time!” Wen Dongjun said proudly.

Feng Yu touched his forehead and said: “You do not have a fever. Stop talking nonsenses.”

Wen Dongjun brushed Feng Yu’s hands aside and said: “Who is talking nonsenses? I am really confident! My Russian improved a lot because I was sitting beside you. My math, physics, and chemistry scores were all better than you. As for history and those subjects that need to be memorized, I met a good person!”

“What you mean?”

“Stupid. I am sitting beside a year 3 student, and he is a liberal arts student. He was able to answer those questions which I couldn’t answer. After he finished his papers, he took my papers and practiced. He said that he used to get full marks for history, geography, politics, etc.!”

f.u.c.k! Feng Yu was speechless. Why was this idiot’s luck so good? He got to sit together with a year 3 top student who was willing to help him answer his papers.

If Wen Dongjun got full marks for those subjects, then he might really be in the top 10 positions. Fine. He can brag all he wants now. Let’s see how well he does in the next semester!

“Let’s go. Tonight, we can catch a movie at the Cultural Palace. Drive there. I will pay for the tickets!”

This time, Liu Kun had joined them for the movies. Tomorrow was the start of the Winter break, and Feng Yu will be driving back. He will give a lift to them, and they don’t need to wake up early to get the bus tickets back to their districts. Today, they can stay ou a little later.

Liu Kun was indeed a smart student. Even at the Third High School, he was the top student in his cla.s.s and in the top 3 of the whole grade. He was the good student where all teachers and parents would praise. Of course, the teachers and parents also talked about Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun. But it was for the wrong reasons.

Feng Yu kept skipping cla.s.ses, and there were rumors that his family was with the triads. Wen Dongjun was always on the basketball court playing basketball. This type of students can get into universities? The parents would warn their children not to mix with them. If not, they would break their children’s legs!

At the Cultural Palace, Feng Yu and Li Na sat together, and Feng Yu held Li Na’s hands. Li Na did not avoid Feng Yu but blushed in the dark cinema. She could not concentrate on the movies and kept worrying. She was afraid if Feng Yu turned around and kissed her, what should she do. Resist?

But unfortunately for her, until the end of the movie, Feng Yu did not do anything else.  Li Na was feeling a little disappointed. There was someone in her hostel who had kissed her boyfriend.

Wen Dongjun and Zhang Han were sitting together, but he did not hold Zhang Han’s hands. Hang Han had rested her head on Wen Dongjun’s shoulders. This made Wen Dongjun’s heart beats faster. He felt that Zhang Han was getting prettier the more he looked at her.

Liu Kun, sitting lonely at a corner, was the only one who managed to enjoy the movie. After the movie, he tried to discuss with the others about the movie but the rest were not paying attention to the movie, and there was nothing to talk about. Feng Yu felt that for someone like Liu Kun, most likely would need matchmaking. He would never get a girlfriend by himself!

Outside Zhang Han’s house, Wen Dingjun reluctantly bided his goodbyes to her. Feng Yu was dumb fold. It was only the winter break.

Feng Yu had totally forgotten how he felt when he did not see Li Na for a few days. But his only concern now was what would be Wen Dongjun’s expression when he sees a fatter Zhang Han after the break!

Really looking forward to it……

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 104

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