Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024 – Recreating the cla.s.sics from his previous life

After Kameda Masao left, Feng Yu locked himself in the room to start writing the main storyline for Legend of Mir and its expansion. He had played these games in his previous life and read similar novels. He might not be good at writing novels but has no problem writing the main storyline and characters' backgrounds.

Feng Yu does not need to care about the details or the character developments, as he is not good at doing that. Reading novels and writing a novel is different!

Feng Yu is satisfied with what he wrote and felt he would shock everyone with this storyline. He will be known as a genius game writer!

Feng Yu also list out some of the known bugs in Legend of Mir. Mods and hacks will throw the balance off in the game and affect the gameplay. What's worse is these mods and hacks are expensive.

For example, if you manufactured a TV, and someone else produced and sold the remote control to your TV. Furthermore, the remote control is selling well, and you do not get a cent from it! This is like being taken advantage of, and this p.i.s.sed Feng Yu off!

In Feng Yu's previous life, the developers of Legend of Mir had been fighting a war with these mod developers. But this is not the worst thing that happens to Legend of Mir. At the peak of its popularity, its Source Code was leaked, and the company's profits drop drastically. In fact, many Legend of Mir players started playing through private servers!

Without these private servers, Legend of Mir's popularity will last for another three to five years. Now, Feng Yu decide to develop the mods himself as long as it will not make a player overpowered and disrupt the game's balance.

Feng Yu suddenly remember another game's source code was also leaked around the same time as Legend of Mir in his previous life. It is also a game developed by a Korean company. This game is called MU online.

MU Online is a 3d MMORPG game and is quite popular because of its graphics. Although the game is not 3d, it can be considered 2.5d and have the best graphics at that time. Also, the cla.s.ses and character designs of this game are more inclined to the West, and it is more popular with the Western players compared to Legend of Mir.

However, the company that developed this game is set up after the year 2000. That means this game or even the concept is not developed now.

If this is the case, why not I develop this game myself?

There are many game developers in Taiwan, j.a.pan, Korea, Europe, and America now. Still, they are mainly focusing on single-player or LAN games.

The profits from these games are not as high as the future online games because online games charged players through Prepaid Time Cards. The game servers, data storage, ma.s.sive multiplayer experience, etc. are different from single-player games.

Single-player games can only profit by selling the original game. But piracy exists not only in China. In Europe and the US, many people are also in this trade, and they are the ones who started selling the Cracked version of the games.

Of course, the cost of MMOs is much higher than single-player games.

Feng Yu starts to recall MU online and started writing the background story of the game, characters' designs, quests, etc. and he even lists out some of the equipment he remembers.

After that, Feng Yu start to think about the popular MMOs and other games in his previous life, which were considered cla.s.sics.

Legend of Mir, MU online, Westward Journey Online, World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online, Zhengtu, Fantasy Westward Journey, Perfect World, Crazyracing Kartrider, Crazy Arcade, O2Jam, Audition Online, CrossFire, Swordsman Online, Heroes of Jin Yong Online, Lineage, Jade Dynasty, Jade Dynasty, etc.

Feng Yu had played some of these games and heard of the rest. Of course, he can't develop all the popular games, and not all players will like the same game.

Every game has a targeted group of players, and Feng Yu just need to highlight the key feature of the games. Although the games will not be popular forever, it should last five to eight years.

“Mr. Kameda, is there anything wrong with Mr. Feng? He had been inside his room for a few days and had requested a lot of notebooks and pens. Is he writing something?” Weng Zhijian asked.

Kameda Masao is also not sure what his Boss is doing. Feng Yu is good with PC, and why is he not using the PC to type? Why must he write on paper?

Also, what is he writing? It's been three days, and he is still not finished?

Could it be the management rules and regulations of Wind and Rain Holdings? But Kameda Masao had asked Feng Yu about the company's regulations before, and Feng Yu said there is no need for so many rules and regulations.

Also, from Kameda Masao's understanding of Feng Yu, he knows Feng Yu is not bothered by these details. As long as the employee did not betray the company, Feng Yu is fine even if the employee's mistake cost the company to suffer some losses.

But Kameda Masao is not sure what Feng Yu is doing and will never ask. He turns to Weng Zhijian. “Don't ask about Boss's matters, understand?”

Weng Zhifeng smiled embarra.s.sedly. He doesn't mind, as he is paid daily. Even when he is not doing anything, he will still be paid.

If you all are not using my services, I will just watch TV and drink tea here and get 500 USD per day. I don't think I can find another job like this in my life.

But everyone is curious about what Feng Yu is writing.

Feng Yu is still writing about the ideas, structure, designs, gameplay, etc. of those games. He also wrote the target audiences of each game and how they are going to charge the players. These are something which is nonexistence now.

Some games will charge players through game-time cards, and some are from selling in-game items, members.h.i.+ps… regardless of the charging model, the company will make high profits, and many players will accept them.

Feng Yu did not use his laptop to write all these because he does not know how to use the Wubi input method, and the Pinyin input method is not so convenient now. Another reason is internet security. Feng Yu is worried about hackers, and there are lots of hackers in Korea.

These ideas are for Feng Yu to build his gaming empire. He does not want anyone to steal it from him, as these ideas will create a strong compet.i.tor.

One week later, Feng Yu puts down his pen, closed his notebook, and stretched himself.

Feng Yu went to the bathroom and saw himself in the mirror. He looks pale and unshaven. It's been a long time since he worked so hard and is not used to it. Seems like he needs some training.

After tidying up himself, Feng Yu walked out of his room and saw Kameda Masao outside.

“Boss, you are done?”

Feng Yu smiled and nodded. “I had written ideas for new games. You can distribute them to our other companies and ask them to develop it. Remember, you must not let outsiders see the contents in these notebooks!”

“Rest a.s.sured, Boss. If the contents of the notebooks are leaded, I will perform Seppuku!” Kameda Masao swear.

Translator's notes: Out of so many mentioned games, I had only played WOW. Which game have you all played?

Mu Online

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1024

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