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Chapter 118 – A New Start for the New Year

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Crackling ~ ~ ~

The first sound of firecrackers sounded and soon spread to other households. There were 100 crackers pack, 200 crackers pack, and Feng family had the 500 crackers pack.

Feng Yu felt a bit pity that he could not get the 10,000-crackers pack. That will be so much fun, and most importantly, it can chase away his bad luck.

After the ice hole incident, he was hospitalized for 2 days, and Feng Xingtai doesn’t allow him to drive after that. This disrupts his plans to bring Li Na out.

This New Year, the conditions of the Feng family was much better than the previous year. The 8 dishes on the dining table were increased to 16 dishes. Most of the dishes were meat, and there were only 2 vegetable dishes.

The most prominent difference was that this year, they have 1 new member of the family.

Li s.h.i.+qiang had come over to the Feng’s family to celebrate the New Year. He and Feng Danying will be getting married on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. This was the last year Feng Danying would be spending New Year Eve at home. In future, she will have to spend the New Year Eve with the Li family home.

The Feng family had bought a new apartment in the district. This building was built last year and was the district’s second apartment building. 3 stories, 3 bedrooms, and a living room. The floor area was huge, and even the Chief Officer of the Farm Department did not get to live in such big apartment. This made Feng Xingtai very proud.

The furniture and electric appliances in the house was the best. The old ones? All the old furniture and appliances were sent to the pig farm. Feng Yu had said that they were not short of money and there was no point selling this old stuff for that little money. They might as well let their workers at the farm use them.

As such, the father and sons living quarters at the pig farm received colored TV, refrigerator, and even a was.h.i.+ng machine. The father and sons only had a black and white TV at home.

They were very grateful to Feng Xingtai and promised that they will work hard and make sure all the pigs are healthy. They will not let Feng Xingtai down.

The results had shown that they really put in the effort in taking care of the pigs. Tian Peng Pig Farm’s pigs grew faster compared to other farms.

Now the farm starts to rear sows. The male piglets were all castrated to prevent inbreeding. They will be buying a batch of male pigs from other places to breed.

The Food Processing Factory’s development was going well too. The sales of the Soybean oil and sugar were good, but the animal feed was not selling and stored in their warehouse. However, after the expansion of the pig farm, they will be consuming about one-third of the animal feed production. Feng Yu had already contacted some dealers. The coming year should not have the same situation again. Feng Yu forecasted that the output of the animal feed will not meet the demands in the following year. 

After the Wind and Rain Logistics was transferred to Li s.h.i.+qiang, Tai Hua Trading’s a.s.sets still have more than 10 million RMB. Even if they only do trading with the Soviet Union, the a.s.sets will also increase to at least 20 million by Summer, and within a year, Feng Yu can increase this 20 million RMB by a few times!

Furthermore, Feng Yu had spoken with Kirilenko, and he might be able to get his hands on some cheap Soviet Union’s advanced machinery later this year. Once these machines were sold, Feng Yu will earn another sum of profits.

The development of the Machinery Factory was not bad either. After the launch of the new products, they showcased it at a trade fair in the South, and it shocked the whole nation. No one had expected this Bing City Machinery Factory to produce such high-quality farming machines. The number of new orders that came in made Li Mingde very happy.    

Because of this, Li Mingde became famous in Bing City, and he also had a change of mind. Now, he does not want to return to the Agriculture Department. He wanted to stay in the Machinery Company. Here, he was the one with the highest authority, and everyone had to listen to him. The benefits here was also better than Agriculture Department.

Take now for example. The tractor’s engine produced by the Machinery Company was the best in the country. Li Mingde decided to focus their production on tractors. The demand for tractors was huge, and the profits were the highest.

Of course, when the Machinery Factory earns more profits, that would mean that the Feng Family would also get a share of it. Before the New Year, they just received 1 million dividends.

As usual, Feng Yu transferred this money to Tai Hua Trading. Feng Xingtai had no idea how to spend such a big sum of money, so he let Feng Yu do what he wants. Even if he loses the money, they still have the Food Processing Factory and the pig farm. They can still live comfortably and remain as the wealthiest family in the district!

This year was different from the last. Last year, only Feng Danying and Feng Yu got one new set of clothes and shoes. This year, everyone in the Feng Yu got a few sets of new clothes. They are rich now, and of course, they should wear new clothes.

But Feng Yu does not agree with his father’s taste. His father does not like suits and prefers Mao suit. Fine. But why did he have to get 3 sets of the same color?

Feng Yu chose his clothes himself. His coat was tailored, and he was the one who decided the style.


“Come, try this fish. I caught it from the pond.” Feng Yu pointed to a braised fish dish on the table.

“Humph! You caught it? You are so capable. You used yourself as bait, and the whole district knows about it. You really make me proud!” Feng Xingtai said sarcastically.

Feng Yu smile: “It was an accident. Dad, try it. This fish is very delicious. If you all are not eating it, I will finish it myself.”

“Have some ribs. These are our pigs. The taste is good.” Zhang Muhua pa.s.sed a piece of pork ribs to Feng Yu and stared at Feng Xingtai. It’s New Year and can’t he say something happy?

“Thanks, Mum. Mum, have some fish.” Feng Yu also did not expect that news of his accident will become known throughout the whole district.

It was because of that idiotic Wen Dongjun. He went around telling everyone he met about how he saved Feng Yu’s life. His story was Feng Yu almost disappeared into the hole, and he managed to pull him out. He even took off all his clothes and pa.s.s to Feng Yu. He also warmed up the car bare bodied and drove over 200 Km/h to send Feng Yu to the hospital. He made it in time by cras.h.i.+ng through the hospital gate and finally save Feng Yu’s life.

Anyway, it was all positive things about Wen Dongjun. New spread fast, and soon the whole district knew about this. Thus, Feng Yu became the bad example used by parents to educate their kids.

Feng Yu was crying inside. He was supposed to be a good example to all the kids in the district and have a good image. Why did it end up like this?

“Xiao Li, how is your…… logistics company going?” Feng Xingtai asked.

“It’s fine. I followed Xiao Yu’s suggestions, and now we have more than 10 companies joining our franchise. Business was good before the New Year. Mostly were deliveries for New Year goods.” When they talk about this, Li s.h.i.+qiang’s was beaming with joy. He did not expect his business to be so good. He should be making a few million RMB this year, and soon he will be able to cover the cost of the fleet of trucks.

“That’s good to hear. Don’t tire yourself out. You must also take care of your family.” Feng Xingtai said.

“I know. I will promote a few capable people from my staffs in 2 months’ time and let them oversee the daily operations. I will just take care of the company’s finances.” Li s.h.i.+qiang said smiling.

He had learned this from Feng Yu. As long as he controls the finances and everything must be signed by him, there will not be any big problems in the company. He can also relax.

“How’s the preparation for your new house?”

“Everything is ready. I had sent out the wedding invites. Please rest a.s.sured. I, Li s.h.i.+qiang will never let Danying down. I will treat her well forever.” Li s.h.i.+qiang gave his a.s.surance. He looked at Feng Danying lovingly.

Feng Xingtai looked at Li s.h.i.+qiang for a long time and nodded. He then raised his gla.s.s: “Come, let’s toasts and hope that our lives will get better every year!”


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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 118

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