Extraordinary Genius Chapter 126 – Product Placement (Part 2)

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The report and cameraman followed Li s.h.i.+you to the Motor Factory's production workshop. But the workshop was producing something they did not expect.

Shouldn't it be electric generators? Even if the manufacturing process needs to be kept secret, it should also be showing them the manufacturing of the generators' parts. This workshop was manufacturing something familiar. d.a.m.n, it was the new model of humidifier they saw in the office!

“Director Li, did you bring us to the wrong workshop? The report asked.

“Nope. This workshop is producing our factory's most profitable product. Oh, there are a few other workshops also producing this product. You want to look at those workshops?” Li s.h.i.+you was asking the obvious. Feng Yu said to show the reporter this workshop, and this part must be aired, even if leaking the technology. They were not afraid of leaking this technology, and could also make use of this to promote their humidifier. Most importantly, Feng Yu told Li s.h.i.+you that this would be considered an advertis.e.m.e.nt for their humidifier and he would pay the Motor Factory a handsome sum of advertising fees.

The reporter was speechless. Forget it. This was the Factory Director. He can show whatever he wants.

Standing in the workshop, Li s.h.i.+you continued to answer the reporter's questions. But his answers start to stray from the script. “Wind and Rain Humidifier” was mentioned a lot of times in his answers.

“This 2nd generation humidifier was the result of a cooperation with the Aviation Factory. It uses state-of-the-art technology, and we had applied the domestic and international patents for this technology. This humidifier would produce mists almost immediately once switched on. It is more efficient and saves the time of heating up the water. It also uses lesser electricity and water. You do not need to refill the water so many times. The mist produced is cold mist. It will not scald you and is much safer……”

The reporter quickly signals to the cameraman to stop the camera. This was no longer an interview but an advertis.e.m.e.nt.

“Director Li, can we stick to script? Why do you keep promoting your factory's products?” The reporter had a helpless look. They had limited videotapes with them.

“Ah, I'm sorry. I kept thinking about these humidifiers in my head and subconsciously will talk about this. Fine. We will stick strictly to the script from now on. Let's go to the warehouse.” Li s.h.i.+you glanced at Feng Yu and saw Feng Yu giving him a thumb up secretly.

When they stepped into the warehouse, not only the reporter and cameraman were shocked. Even Li s.h.i.+you was also stunned by what they saw.

This was the Motor Factory's warehouse? Earlier, the warehouse was not like this. Now, this was…… a picture made by stacking the humidifier boxes?

Feng Yu indicate to Li s.h.i.+you to stand in front of the boxes for the interview. He also asked the cameraman to film from a distance, making sure the full warehouse was captured in the film.

The cameraman was cursing in his heart. This warehouse was not full at all. There were a lot of empty s.p.a.ces and who the h.e.l.l would stack their products this way? Even a layman like him knew that this was a waste of s.p.a.ce.

This time, Li s.h.i.+you answered the reporter's question according to what was planned. But the reporter and cameraman had a troubled expression. How were they going to explain to their bosses and which part of the interview should they use for the evening news tomorrow?

The first part, it showed Li s.h.i.+you switching on the humidifier, and there was a wall of humidifiers in the background. The second part was ill.u.s.trating the production process of these humidifiers, and Li s.h.i.+you kept talking about the humidifiers. Lastly, there were no issues with the answers given by Li s.h.i.+you for the last part. But, what's in the background? The workers at the Motor Factory likes to play with Lego?

Forget it. Let the leaders solve this problem. It seems like Director Li would not agree to re-do the whole interview and they also do not have enough videotapes. If they reshoot the interview tomorrow, it might not be in time for the evening news. They just hoped that their leaders would not notice about this interview so they will not be reprimanded.

Before they left, Feng Yu also placed some souvenirs in their car. These souvenirs were the 2nd generation humidifier. These humidifiers were not even introduced into the market, and even the City Government leaders do not have them yet!

The Motor Factory was more generous than the other leaders they interviewed. They received red packets and souvenirs when they were here. So, they were fine even if they were reprimanded by their leaders.

When they opened the red packets, they were surprised to see they gotten 500 RMB each. They thought there were only a few ten RMB notes in the red packets as it felt quite thin, but to their surprised, it was a few pieces of 100 RMB notes!

500 RMB was their few months salaries. This appeased their dissatisfaction with Director Li. Now, they do not mind being reprimanded, and even if their wages were docked, they were also willing to accept. This was 500 RMB!

After the people from the TV station left, Feng Yu made a few phone calls and asked the advertis.e.m.e.nt producer over. He wants to film the first advertis.e.m.e.nt. It would be similar to the interview, with the same settings and backgrounds.

Li s.h.i.+you continued to work hard, and he was the star of the advertis.e.m.e.nt. But at the workshop, he was replaced by the chief engineer. Having the chief engineer to introduce the manufacturing process was more convincing.

Feng Yu was most satisfied with the picture created from the stacked boxes in the background. It was the same as those product displays seen in supermarkets in his past life.

Li s.h.i.+you's interview was aired during the evening news the following day. Many footages were cut but what surprised Feng Yu was the footage of Li s.h.i.+you switching on the humidifier was not removed. This made it look more realistic, and the footage at the warehouse was also aired. This was to show the audiences, the warehouse and the hardworking workers there.

Feng Yu burst out into laughter after he watches the news. It's was worth giving those 2 red packets!

The whole interview was also aired on a TV program after the news. This time, the effects were better. No footages were edited. After watching the program, even Feng Yu had the urge to buy that humidifier, let alone the other viewers. It can be said that Li s.h.i.+you was outs.h.i.+ned by these humidifiers. Feng Yu could only apologize to Li s.h.i.+you.

The next day, the interview-like advertis.e.m.e.nts were aired by the provincial TV station. 3 one-minute advertis.e.m.e.nts a day showing the 3 interviews at the 3 different locations. This time, Feng Yu used high prices to secure a 1-year advertising contract with the Provincial TV station. He used Tai Hua Trading to sign the contract, and one of the contract terms was the flexibility to change the products and advertis.e.m.e.nts anytime he wants. For instance, these humidifier advertis.e.m.e.nts will be added to the humidifier costs.

Once again, the Bing City's residents had something interesting to discuss. The stacking of the humidifier boxes in the Motor Factory's warehouse. It was aired on TV, and they felt that the warehouse workers were genius. Those workers could use the different colors on the boxes to create the words “Wind” and “Rain” by stacking them up!

Feng Yu heard the discussions along the streets and laugh to himself. This was nothing compared to the supermarket display staffs from his previous life. Those staffs were able to create Optimus Prime using supermarket products.

Nevertheless, the 2nd general humidifiers were the talk of the town even before they were launched. Everyone was talking about the advertis.e.m.e.nts, and Feng Yu believed that this humidifier would be a success when they launched the application for the patent was approved!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 126 – Product Placement (Part 2)

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