Extraordinary Genius Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 – Giving lessons to the people at CCTV

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The station Chief looked at Cheng Baojun. He was angry till he threw the doc.u.ments in front of him at Cheng Baojun. He had asked Cheng Baojun to get this advertising deal and removed the program t.i.tle changing part. Cheng Baojun promised that he will get it done but what did he do?

He even dared to ask our TV host to shoot a commercial for them? Our TV host was getting a salary from them and does not represent herself. She represents the TV station and will affect the image of the Broadcasting Ministry. How can she shoot a commercial for a private company? If the leaders at the Broadcasting Ministry knows about this, he would be reprimanded for his greed for money!

“You tell me the truth. How are you related to this Tai Hua Trading General Manager Feng?” The station Chief banged the table and asked.

Cheng Baojun was shocked: “Chief, I am not related to him. He was introduced to me by the Broadcasting Ministry’s 2nd Communications division, Deputy Chief Lu.”

“Deputy Chief Lu? Lu Wenbo? Hmm~~~ Fine, you go and talk to that Manager Feng. Tell him that Shen Li will not star in his commercial!”

“Station Chief, that Manager Feng is now in my office. He says that if possible, he would like to speak to you. He has some ideas which are not against the regulations and still a win-win situation for the both of us!”

“Ask him here.” The Station Chief also wanted to meet the person who came up with this program sponsors.h.i.+p advertising method. Also, Feng Yu was introduced by Lu Wenbo, so it was not nice to reject him straight away. That’s why he agreed to meet Feng Yu.

When he saw Feng Yu, the Station Chief couldn’t believe his eyes. Cheng Baojun had told him that Feng Yu was very young, but he did not mention that Feng Yu was still a student!

“You are Manager Feng from Tai Hua Trading?”

“Yes!” Feng Yu warmly shook the Station Chief’s hands. He had been accustomed to being despised by his age. However, Feng Yu felt that this was also his advantage.

“Manager Feng, we welcome you to advertise with us. When you told us that you want to buy the advertising slots for a year, Xiao Cheng even gave you the best timings and adjusted other advertiser’s slots. But to want the naming rights and getting our TV host to star in a private company’s commercial is not according to our rules. You can forget about it.”

Private company? You look down on private companies? 10 years later, private companies will be everywhere. All of CCTV advertis.e.m.e.nts slots will be taken up by private companies. Since you don’t like private companies, fine. I will talk to you about state-owned enterprise!

“Private company? That’s right. We are a private company. But our product is not manufactured by us. It’s Bing City’s Motor Factory. The development of this product is by Bing City’s Aviation Factory. These are all established state-owned enterprises. My company is only in-charge of the sales and marketing. This commercial’s product does not belong to Tai Hua Trading. Furthermore, this product has the patent rights for China, Asia, Europe, and the US. It had helped our country earn from other countries. Wind and Rain brand is China’s first high-tech home appliances brand and can be said to be the pride of the country. Why can’t we use a TV host with a good image to star in our commercial?”

Feng Yu started to increase the profile of his company to suppress the other party. That “China’s first High-tech home appliances brand’ shocked the Station Chief. Although Feng Yu speaks very fast and he could not really catch everything he said, but it seems like this Wind and Rain brand must be outstanding to be the nation’s pride.

“You all are really working with Bing City’s Motor Factory and Aviation Factory?” The Station Manager asked.

“Of course. You can call them right now to verify. We are in 3-way cooperation. I came up with the design and is in-charge of the sales and marketing. The profits will be split between the 3 parties.” Feng Yu did not tell the Station Chief that he was getting the biggest share out of this cooperation.

The Station Manager was deceived by Feng Yu’s confident look, and he did not call the two other factories to verify. Anyway, this will be written in the contract. If Feng Yu deceived them, they could not air the commercial and keep the advertising fees! There was still no one that dares to deceive CCTV!   

“But we had never let our TV host star in commercials before.”

“No, no, no. Station Chief, you misunderstood. Maybe I did not make it clear. The TV host will only appear in the commercial. We will extract footage of the TV host from , and use a voice-over. This will not be considered your TV host staring in our commercial. This advertising fees will also help your TV station a lot, right? Also, I mentioned that I can purchase the advertising slots for 3 years. If I cannot add our brand in the program t.i.tle, we can change to exclusive sponsors.h.i.+p. Sponsors.h.i.+p is not against the regulations. The stage can remain the same, but our product must be in a prominent place……”

Feng Yu start to persuade the Station Chief. This was not too difficult.

The Station Chief hesitate for a while: “Then can you show me a demo of your commercial idea?”

“No problem. Can you lend me the studio of ?”

The Station Chief nodded and personally brought Feng Yu over to the studio. CCTV at that time does not have many programs, but they had very few studios. Just happen, that studio was filming another program.

Feng Yu looked at the old and shabby studio and shook his head. Before his rebirth, even a city TV station’s studio was better than this. What're all these? Even though Feng Yu was not a professional, he could produce a better set than this in the studio!

“Station Chief, at the back, you can put up painting as the backdrop. Don’t use those plain curtains anymore. We can place a humidifier in front of the host. We can print the words “Servicing you” on it. This is the program’s t.i.tle and theme. When the air is dry, you can switch on the humidifier. This will not affect the show, and even if you don’t switch it on, you can use our humidifier as decorations. In the commercial, the humidifier must be switched on. Also, the program must talk more about matters relating to most citizens. The outdoor shoots must be filmed properly as well. Don’t keep filming and report events that happened in Beijing. Must do the filming in other provinces too. Beijing does represent the whole China……”

Feng Yu told the Station Chief about the areas to improve. These ideas were taken from some of the more popular TV shows in his previous life. If this program can really do what he said, then it’s ratings will remain high.

At first, the people were asking around who Feng Yu was when he was pointing here and there. The Station Chief had personally brought him to the studio. But when they heard Feng Yu’s comments some of the TV station’s workers were unhappy.

These were all professional matters. Even the Station Chief does not direct them what to do, yet this kid was commenting on all these.

But after a while, more people start to crowd around. What this kid said made senses. The viewers will definitely like it if they followed what this kid said. It’s not that they had not thought of all these, but it could not be implemented. The main reason was that they had no budget!

Changing the set needs money. Sending the host to film outdoor scenes also cost money. Also, it was hard for them to even shoot in Beijing, let alone other provinces. The furthest they went to is the outskirts of Beijing. This kid still suggests going to places like Northeast and Southern regions. Just the train tickets would cost them a lot.

The crowd grew, and Feng Yu got more excited. He felt like he was the leader teaching them what to do. But he did not get the applause he wanted. Many people were looking at him like looking at a monkey in the zoo. This made Feng Yu very unhappy.

After the program had finish recording, Feng Yu raised his voice and said: “Station Chief, if you followed what I suggested, there will be more viewers for this program. As for the production budget, with our Wind and Rain humidifier sponsors.h.i.+p of 1 million RMB, it will not be a problem!”

Those that were laughing at Feng Yu earlier froze. Did this kid say that there will be a sponsors.h.i.+p of 1 million RMB? 

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 132

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