Extraordinary Genius Chapter 146

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Chapter 146 - Just landed and disappeared

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Although Feng Yu had lived 2 lives, this was the first time he went to Moscow. Moscow was not a popular tourist destination, and in his previous life, he had never thought of visiting Moscow.

This time, Feng Yu was not here for leisure too. He had 2 purposes for visiting Moscow. Firstly, he was there to get the credentials for a reserved place in Beijing top university. Secondly, he was there to visit those semi-shutdown factories with Kirilenko. He wanted to repurchase some useful machinery and technologies to China.

“Princ.i.p.al Sun, I am applying for leave. One of my friends is fetching me.”

Princ.i.p.al Sun frowned: “Feng Yu, today is the reporting day for the Summer Camp. You have not even reached the campsite, and you are applying leave? This is not right.”

Feng Yu smiled: “No problem. The organizing committee will not care. Look, my friend is here to pick me.”

2 Land Rovers with Soviet Union military number plates drove into the ap.r.o.n and stopped beside the airplane. Kirilenko alighted from the vehicle, spread his arms and walked towards Feng Yu.

“My dear Feng, long time no see.”

“Brother Ki, it’s been a while.” Feng Yu hurriedly escaped from Kirilenko’s hug. He was too strong and almost suffocated Feng Yu to death with his embrace.

“Hi, you must be the Third High School’s team leader. I am the organizer of this Summer Camp. Now, Feng Yu must follow me to handle some procedures. This is my identification card.’

Princ.i.p.al Sun saw Feng Yu knows this burly Russian and this Russian identified himself as the organizer of the camp. So, he agreed with Feng Yu leaving the team but requested Feng Yu to give him a call if he was not returning at night.

Li Na and the rest knew that Feng Yu would be leaving the team before the trip, but they did not know that he would go the moment they arrived. Although they can’t bear to see Feng Yu leave, they were soon overwhelmed by the excitement of staying in the Moscow University.

In the car, Feng Yu curiously asked: “Brother Ki, how come you are the organizer of this Summer Camp?”

Kirilenko replied, trying his best to hold back his laughter: “You also believe me? I made that up just now. The identification card I showed was just an ordinary pa.s.s.”

Feng Yu shook his head and laughed.

Their vehicle arrived at a restaurant. It was a traditional Soviet restaurant. The restaurant served local Soviet delicacies. But Feng Yu was feeling weird. This time, Feng Yu was representing Tai Hua Trading to visit Moscow and Kirilenko’s business partners were not there to receive him? Those Military 2nd generations still look down on him?

Actually, Feng Yu was overthinking things. Those Military 2nd generations did not look down on Feng Yu. In fact, they were impressed by Feng Yu’s financial power the last time they visited Bing City. But Kirilenko was thinking of ways to ditch his business partners and worked with Feng Yu alone. He was earning a lot more and was richer than them. He intends to venture out on his own.

So, Kirilenko deliberately informed his business partners about Feng Yu’s arrival late. All his business partners were Soviets, but they were not from Moscow. The most powerful partner was from Kiev. He can only arrive in Moscow tomorrow. As for the rest of his partners, Kirilenko does not care. He wanted to kick them out one by one.

China’s procurement and sales distribution channels were controlled by Feng Yu, and Feng Yu only contact Kirilenko. This was the reason why Kirilenko wants to venture alone. Furthermore, he was rich now, and with the money he earned, he used it to “take care” of his father’s and brother’s higher-ups and subordinates. Their family had even gained some fame in the Soviet Army. There were still some higher-ups that want to recruit his father. But his father still has not decided which faction to join yet.

Feng Yu tried the traditional Soviet food. He really enjoyed it, especially the roast meat. Feng Yu thought if he should bring Li Na to dine here before they leave.

As for Wen Dongjun? Forget it. That idiot will be shouting that he wants to packet a portion back after his meal!

Feng Yu was satisfied with the meal. But Feng Yu did not expect that he would be drunk from that meal!

Kirilenko had told him that he must drink Vodka in Moscow. Kirilenko does not care if Feng Yu say to him that he does not drink. Do what the Romans do! 

The restaurant serves its drinks using a small delicate gla.s.s. It looked like the small, slender gla.s.ses used in bars in Feng Yu’s previous life. Feng Yu thought he would only need to drink 1 or 2 gla.s.ses. But Kirilenko kept bottoms up with him and does not even give Feng Yu a chance to reject him.

Within half an hour, Feng Yu saw double!

Kirilenko asked his men to drive Feng Yu to the hotel he arranged. It was still a double room and this night, Kirilenko was the one that can’t sleep.

Feng Yu did not snore, grind his teeth or speak in his dreams. However, he kept asking for water, wanting to go to the toilet. The worst part was Feng Yu said all those in Chinese, which Kirilenko did not understand.

The most frustrating part was Feng Yu woke up refreshed, and Kirilenko had dark circles around his eyes. Kirilenko kept yawning. He did not get much sleep the night before!

After breakfast, Feng Yu and Kirilenko went to visit the factories they targeted. These few factories were specially selected by Feng Yu. They had the latest machinery and advanced technologies. Most importantly, there were lots of experts who were poor!

What’s the use of experts when the equipment and technologies were sold to China? Feng Yu had a principle of not wasting any resources. By giving these half unemployed experts a well-paying job in China, he was also seen as a great Samaritan!


Everything was going smoothly on Feng Yu’s side, but this was not the case for Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun. Princ.i.p.al Sun was in big trouble!

Yesterday when they arrived at Moscow University, the organizer checked their doc.u.ments and noticed that one student was missing. Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun told him that an organizer took the student away to settle some procedures.

The organizers were confused. Someone from their side brought the student away? Where did that “organizer” come from?

That night, Feng Yu did not return to Moscow University and did not call them. Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun was not worried as Feng Yu and that Russian seems to be good friends. However, the organizing committee did not think so. They kept asking Vice Princ.i.p.al to contact the missing student and tried to find out from him, where did the student go to.

Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun explained numerous time, and finally, the people from the organizing committee left. But when the Summer Camp started the next day and the students were meeting students from other countries and getting to know each other, Feng Yu still had not returned.

The people from the organizing committee came to look for Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun again. They wanted him to contact Feng Yu. It’s not that the student cannot take leave from the camp but the student must apply for the leave in person and cannot get someone to apply for leave on behalf.

If it wasn’t for the records at the airport proving that Feng Yu had indeed arrived at Moscow, the organizers still thought that Third High School did not send this student. This missing student was still the specifically invited student listed in the invitation letter. This must be an important student and how can he be uncontactable?

Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun was sweating buckets. He was cursing and swearing at Feng Yu in his heart. He had instructed Feng Yu to call him at night yesterday if he was not returning. Feng Yu should also leave some contact number before he left. Now the organizing committee kept going to him to look for Feng Yu. What should he do? If the leaders of other overseas student teams know about this, it would be a national disgrace.

The thing that almost made Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun fainted finally appeared. The people from the organizing committee reported this matter to their higher-ups, and they wanted to report to the police with regards to this missing student. They decided to report to police because this student was missing the moment he touched down at the airport. They were worried for his safety.

Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun was worried. If the university reported to the police, then he, being the leader, would not get promoted but instead, he would be questioned and reprimanded!


At the same time, Feng Yu was still happily visiting a factory, admiring the advanced machinery and technologies in there. It’s true that the Soviet Union in that era was one of the most advanced countries in the world. The most importantly, this factory was in a semi-shutdown state, and the factory director was already bought over by Kirilenko!

When Feng Yu was talking to the Factory Director, he felt that he had forgotten something, but he could not recall what it was. Since he can’t remember what it was, never mind. It’s more important to negotiate with the Factory Director with regards to the sales of the factory’s equipment and technologies.

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 146

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