Extraordinary Genius Chapter 172

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Chapter 172 – Master Designer?

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“Manager Li, why are you looking for me?” Feng Yu was at his school’s administrative office calling Li Mingde. He was still in cla.s.s when his pager starts beeping non-stop. All his cla.s.smates and the teacher were staring at him.

This was the first time it happens in this semester. Even the form teachers can’t be bothered, the rest of the teachers were also used to it. Feng Yu was “send” out of the cla.s.s, and he made his way to the office to make phone calls.

When the security saw Feng Yu walking into the office, he unlocks the phone. This kid must be coming here to make phone calls again.

“Xiao Feng, can you come down to the Motorcycle Factory? The exterior designs are ready. Aren’t you the one who wanted to look at the designs?” Li Mingde said while puffing out cigarette smoke. If it were not for Feng Yu insisting on looking at the design of the motorcycle, he would have approved it and start the production.

The exterior designs of the motorcycle were ready? This was very important to Feng Yu. 

Those bunch of old conservatives thinking, would think that the most important things were quality, durability and good suspension. They did not care about the rest.

When will the consumers take note of the things they focus? It will take at least more than 6 months. Exterior designs can be seen immediately. If there were 2 motorcycles parked outside, the one with a better exterior design would attract more attention!

If it can’t attract people’s attention, who would want to buy your motorcycles? Especially when it is a new brand.

Because of this motorcycle brand, Feng Yu had argued with Li Mingde. Li Mingde wanted to name the brand as Bing City Motorcycle, but Feng Yu rejected it. He felt that this name does not sound nice. How can it attract the consumers?

Hou Haitao wanted to use the name Longjiang Motorcycle, but Feng Yu reject it too. The Aviation Factory had a car brand called Longjiang Cars. If they were to use that name, people would think that the motorcycles were manufactured by the Aviation Factory!

The Machinery Company was an established brand, but it was specializing in agriculture equipment. Feng Yu also do not want to use that name. Li Mingde was furious till he banged the table. So, what if you have a veto vote? I am the General Manager here!

Whatever names I suggested you reject. Yet you recommend Tai Hua Brand, Wind and Rain brand? That’s your company’s brand. I am the representative of the major shareholder here! The City Government is the major shareholder. You want to increase your company’s reputation?

Hou Haitao immediately stepped in to stop the argument. He suggested using the name of the river, Songjiang, that pa.s.ses through Bing City as the brand name.

Songjiang Motor. The name of the brand was finally settled. But Feng Yu and Li Mingde got into another argument over the design of the motorcycle. Li Mingde wanted to use the design of the Soviet Union motorcycles. Anyway, they were also using the production lines and technologies from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union bikes were also selling well in China too,

Of course, Feng Yu did not agree to this. They were using a new brand name why would he still want to copy other’s design? Furthermore, the Soviet Union motorcycles designs do not suit the Chinese tastes.

Just look at the back of the motorcycle. How can there be no rack? The front was too high too. Can one feel comfortable when riding it? Also, there’s no reserve fuel tank. What if there’s no more petrol? This motorcycle is so heavy, who can push it back?

Feng Yu said a lot, and there was nothing Li Mingde could rebut. Li Mingde also got angry. You want to design? You know how to design? You just wanted a new exterior design, right? I will hire a designer to design the motorcycle. I will not let you have the chance to hire the designer!

Feng Yu also knew that he was not a professional. Maybe it would be better to hire a product designer. This time, Feng Yu did not argue with Li Mingde. But he requested that he must check through the design first, if not he would not pay a single cent for the design fees!


“Xiao Feng, this is the Michael Liu, Master Designer, who had come back from overseas. He is running his own designing firm in Shanghai.” Li Mingde pointed to a bespectacled middle-aged man.

Michael Liu? He had a western name? He looked like Chinese. Is he from other countries?

“Hi, Mr. Liu.”

Michael Liu had his chin up and shook Feng Yu’s hands. He had returned from his studies overseas and had started his own designing firm not too long ago. His firm was still considered in its starting phase. However, his arrogance made him look down on those rich second generations like Feng Yu.

A useless 2nd generation, who depended on his father’s and currently wasting time in the Machinery Company, dares to judge his design?

Hrmph, I will show him the design which I came up in 3 days’ time later. Guaranteed to shock him!

Feng Yu looked at Michael Liu and frowned slightly. This person is a bit arrogant. He better be capable. If he is useless and still acting so proud, he would be chased out of the room!

Arrogant because of studying overseas? He must be not making any progress overseas that’s why he returned to China. These type of people, Feng Yu, had met a lot in his previous life!

Feng Yu also did not give him face. He sat down on the Sofa, crossed his leg and pointed to Michael Liu: “You must be the designing staff hired by my company. Where’s the design? Show me.”

“I am a Master Designer and not a designing staff!” Michael Liu retorted unhappily.

“What’s the difference? Who’s the one who gave you the t.i.tle of Master?” Feng Yu asked while shaking his legs.

Michael Liu could not find any words to answer Feng Yu, so he kept quiet and took out his design and placed it on the table. He held his chin up and pointed at the drawing.

Oh, what a character. I really hope that you are capable.

“Mr. Liu, can you introduce your design?” Li Mingde smilingly asked.

“Please address me as Michael.” Michael Liu corrected him and continued: “The design concept is based on the requirements given by your company. You wanted the exterior to be eye-catching and different from the Soviet Union motorcycles and the rest of the motorcycles produced in China. Everyone, please look at this. I had increased the height of the motorcycle and increased the length. When ridding, you will look cool, and you will look like a soaring eagle! I had also increased the capacity of the fuel tank for long distance travel. The bike can travel further than any motorcycles in China……”

Looking at Michael Liu introducing his design, Feng Yu shook his head. What the f.u.c.k is this design? It’s just the exterior of an American Chopper. I still thought that this would be some outstanding designs.

Why are the handlebars so high? Is it convenient to turn? You think the roads in China are those long and wide roads where you can ride for hours? Increased fuel tank? I had already felt that the fuel tank in the original design is too big!

The Soviet Union motorcycles are already heavy. If our bikes used this design, it would be heavier!

“Michael, right? This is your design?” Feng Yu stood up and asked.

Michael saw that this useless 2nd generation was so impressed by his design until he stood. He felt the satisfaction.

“How is it? Don’t you think that this design is fas.h.i.+onable and cool?” Michael Liu asked with his chin held high.

“Fas.h.i.+onable, cool? Who gave you your confidence? This is your design? Worthless rubbis.h.!.+” Feng Yu said.

“What did you say?”

“You still want me to repeat myself? You are just copying the design of the American Choppers. You think I don’t know? Our motorcycles will be sold in China, and it must be suitable for the road conditions and the tastes of our people. What rubbish did you design? Master Designer? I think you are not even fit to be a designing staff here!”

What? This design is an imitation?

Li Mingde had wanted to speak up for Michael Liu, but now he kept quiet. He had wanted to use Michael to spite Feng Yu, but now, he was the one who felt disgusted!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 172

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