Extraordinary Genius Chapter 178

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Chapter 178 – Celebrities endors.e.m.e.nts Part 2

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Motorcycles were not some fake products, and Zhu Simao felt that he could consider about taking up this job. However, he still got to look at the storyline of the advertis.e.m.e.nt. If it were some comedy, he would never agree!

Feng Yu took out the script he prepared and pa.s.sed to Zhu Simao: “The first commercial would be you wearing a helmet driving fast along the expressway, and you met a woman with a scarf covering her face waving for a lift by the roadside. You will then do a sliding stop and took off your helmet beside her.”

“The second commercial will be showing the woman taking off her scarf and show her face. This lady will be Liu Daqing. You pa.s.s her the other helmet, and she got onto your bike and hug you from the back. You will then ride off with her.”

“The third commercial will be Liu Daqing riding the bike on a country road, and this time you will be the one by the roadside waving for a lift. She will stop for you and throw a helmet to you.”

“The fourth commercial will be the both of you riding the bikes along the road. At the same time, both of you will turn towards each other and smile.”

Zhu Simao frowned: “4 commercials and the commercials are linked? Are there any lines in the commercial?”

“Yes. The lines are only you ask her where is she going and her asking you where are you going. There’s no need for the both of you to mention about the motorcycle. There will be a font advertis.e.m.e.nt at the final 3 seconds of the commercials.”

Feng Yu’s creativity in the ad was from a xylitol ad in the future. The commercial will be filmed into a story and divided into 4 parts. This will create a deep impression on the audience. It will be better than those advertis.e.m.e.nts which repeat the brand over and over again.

“Mr. Zhu, what do you think of this commercial script? Do you want to change any parts of the script?”

“Yes. The first part about driving along the expressway is not very good. Who would be walking along the expressway? Change it to suburban roads which will be more realistic. The last part where we ride off can be on the expressway. The colors of our clothing must match the color of your motorcycle. Even the color of the helmets must be different……”

Zhu Simao was a professional, and his considerations were evident. He amended many small details in Feng Yu’s script. When Feng Yu listened to what Zhu Simao said, he also felt that it was reasonable.

“Mr. Zhu, I suppose that you agree to film this commercial? Then how much advertising fees do you want to charge? We want to have a long-term contract. How many years are you willing to sign with us?”

Feng Yu was thinking. Until the end of the century, before Baldy Chen sued CCTV, both were China top rated artists. But now, their rates were not that high. If he could sign a contract for more than 5 years, it would be great. Even if Zhu Simao wanted a 10-year contract, Feng Yu would also agree!

“How many years? Oh, you want to use me for a few years? Then how many years do you think is suitable?”

Feng Yu thought for a while. When Zhu Simao and Baldy Chen were blocked by CCTV, their advertis.e.m.e.nts could not be aired at CCTV and even other TV stations for 2 years. Then it seems that 8 to 9 years will be a more suitable term.

“How about 8 years?”

Zhu Simao was surprised. He had never heard before commercials and product endors.e.m.e.nts contracts lasting 8 years!

“You sure it’s 8 years?”

“That’s right. Product endors.e.m.e.nt for 8 years and every year, you must film at least a commercial and do some printed ads for us. You are also required to promote in person for us at least once. I am not sure about the market rates. Name me a price.”

“100,000 RMB a year?” Zhu Simao said a figure. He felt that 1100,000 RMB was a very high price. Although he was a celebrity, he heard that the stars from the South charge a lot for commercials and endors.e.m.e.nts. But the current average wages in Beijing was only about 2,000 RMB annually. This was already 50 times more than the average.

Feng Yu remembered the stars in his previous life charges tens of millions for product endors.e.m.e.nts and that was over 200 times of an average person annual wages. Zhu Simao’s price was very reasonable.

“No problem. For every promotional event you attended, there will also be red packets.” Feng Yu knew that the advertis.e.m.e.nt rates for celebrities will rise significantly in the next 2 years. At that time, Zhu Simao would felt that he was shortchanged and there might be problems working together. Feng Yu decided to use red packets to make up for him.

“When will the filming start? Recently I still need to prepare for the Spring Gala’s skit performance. I might not have too much time.”

“No problem. The filming of the commercial will be very fast. I had already contacted the filming crew. 2 days will be sufficient to complete the filming. Oh yes, can you introduce your skit partner to me? We would also like him to do a commercial and product endors.e.m.e.nt for us.”

Feng Yu remembered that this year will be the year the both of them acted in the most famous skit . If he could film a similar advertis.e.m.e.nt, it will be very popular!

“He is down with a flu today and is resting at home. How about I help you ask him?”

“Fine. I will bring the contract with me tomorrow, and the three of us can discuss the finer details together.”


After leaving August First Film Studio, Feng Yu rushed to Beijing Film Studios. Liu Daqing was waiting for him. Liu Daqing was more sensitive with money, and she was also brilliant. Feng Yu decided to use Zhu Simao’s rate to press down Liu Daqing’s rates.

“Miss Liu, you are prettier in person.”

“Thanks for the compliments. Manager Feng, let’s not beat around the bush. I heard that you want me to film a commercial for you?” Liu Daqing asked anxiously.

“That’s right. The actor will be Zhu Simao, and maybe Baldy Chen would be involved. This is the script. You can take a look first.”

When Liu Daqing heard Zhu Simao, she dares not to look down on Feng Yu. Even Baldy Chen might be filming this commercial? These 2 were the current first rated actors in China.

This product of this commercial was a motorcycle and men will be more suitable than female to star in the ad. She felt that she might not be getting a lot for this commercial.

“The script is not bad. I could tell that it was amended before. Can I ask how much will I be getting?” Liu Daqing was straight to the point. She was not the type to be choosy with scripts. She was more concerned money.

“Miss Liu, from the perspective of China’s audience, between you and Zhu Simao, who do you think is more popular?” Feng Yu did not talk about her rates but asked her a question.

Liu Daqing had recently received the best actress award, but she dare not say that she was more popular than Zhu Simao. Zu Simao’s movie had better reviews than her films. Furthermore, the past 2 years, Zhu Simao was performing for the Spring Gala. He was considered the crowd puller. This was the status of Zhu Simao currently.

“I lose to the both of them slightly.” Liu Daqing’s answer was fascinating.

What? You mean the if it was not the both of them, you are more popular than Zhu Simao? Zhu Simao had more advantage because of his image. Although Liu Daqing was beautiful, many female viewers were jealous of her looks and do not like her. But Zhu Simao was different. Both male and female audiences loved him.

“Zhu Simao agreed to an 8-year contract with us, and he will be getting 100,000 RMB a year. Total will be 800,000 RMB. The contract I prepared for Miss Liu will also be 800,000 RMB a year, but the contract duration will be 10 years. It includes TV commercials and printed ads. Every year, you have to attend a promotional event once. Of course, we will give you a red packet when you attend……”

Feng Yu listed out the terms and Liu Daqing listened carefully. Many of the conditions she had not heard before. But Feng Yu said that he could pay her 800,000 RMB at once. She had heard it clearly. 800,000 RMB! With this sum of money, she would not have any worries.

She agreed to this contract!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 178

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