Extraordinary Genius Chapter 180

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Chapter 180 - Celebrity Influences 1

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There was nothing to complain about the professionalism of these actors in this era. They were far better than those in the future years. Even when facing cold winds and not trained in riding motorcycles, they finished the filming of the 4 parts commercials before dark.

Feng Yu looked at the finished commercial, and it was better than he imagined. Later, after the dubbing and adding the fonts at the end, it could be aired at the TV stations.

At night, Feng Yu treated all of them to taste the Northeast local charcoal hotpot. Every one of them enjoyed the dinner and were praising Feng Yu riding skills. If Feng Yu did not show them how to do the stunt personally, they might not finish filming.

Feng Yu smiled reservedly. The actors and actress in this era did not even request for body doubles. But the effects were better this way.

That night, it started snowing. They were feeling lucky. Although having a snowy backdrop was also good, but the camera they used was not suitable for filming in this environment. The effects will not be good.

The next afternoon, Liu Daqing and Zhu Simao started the photoshoot for the printed ads. There were outdoor shoots in the wilderness, indoor shoots and even at the factory. Of course, Baldy Chen also took part in the photoshoots.

Currently, Baldy Chen was not required to be in any commercials, but the contract stated that he was expected to do printed ads.

After shooting for a day and used up some films, they wrapped up. That night, all of them returned to Beijing. They wrapped up everything 1 day in advanced. 3 motorcycles were also transported together with them by train to Beijing.

This was given to them and was not included in the contract. This made them feel Feng Yu’s generosity. 125 motorcycles at that time cost at least 20,000 RMB! Even the 2 staffs Baldy Chen brought along got a 500 RMB red packet each from Feng Yu. This was to let them know that if they do well in their job, Feng Yu will reward them handsomely.

Baldy Chen will bring the edited commercials and photographs to show Feng Yu in 1 week time. Feng Yu was not worried about the quality. Baldy Chen was a professional director who had filmed movies before!

It was worth mentioning that when the workers heard that the stars had arrived at the factory, all there wanted to crowd around them. If it wasn’t for Li Mingde personally stopping them, the production might come to a halt that day.

Even Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua who had heard the news came to Bing City. Feng Yu had told them that they would be able to take a picture with the stars.

From Feng Yu’s mother, both of them were too excited to sleep the night before!

Luckily it was only a picture and not some other activities. This proves the popularity of these 3 celebrities. From young to old, everybody likes them!

Feng Yu instructed the factory’s in-charge to manufacture the motorcycles at full capacity. He was not worried that no one would buy his bikes. He wanted to achieve record high sales before the end of the year.

1 week later, Baldy Chen returned with the edited products. Feng Yu went through the commercials and the photographs. He was delighted even though the effects were not as good as the future, it was one of the best advertis.e.m.e.nts in the current era. Baldy Chen had filmed it as if it was a movie.

The photographs were sent to the printers for them to make it into posters. Feng Yu ordered 10,000 copies.

A colored poster cost 1 RMB, and this was over Feng Yu’s expectations. But this was only a small issue. These investments will be recovered from the sales of the motorcycles!

“Manager Li, I need some manpower now to post these posters along the streets. Please a.s.sign some people from your factory.” Feng Yu went to Li Mingde to request for manpower. Everyone at the motorcycle factory was busy, but the Machinery Company was able to spare some people.

There was a lack of recreational activities in this era. When the posters were placed in a conspicuous position, there was bound to have people looking at it. One, two…… more and more people will start to crowd.

There were still not many posters pasted along the streets or telegraph post, and there were no regulations against posting posters on them so there will be no one removing them.

Furthermore, Feng Yu was using colored posters, and it featured 3 famous stars. Some people will surely remove the posters and bring back home.

This was what Feng Yu wanted. His Songjiang Motorcycles were also in the pictures, and when these people looked at the stars, they will also notice the motorcycles.

Just the attractive design of the motorcycles, Feng Yu, was sure that his bikes would be selling like hotcakes!

The only problem was that Bing City was too cold now and this might affect the sales. But it’s fine. During the New Year period, the sales will still pick up.

Feng Yu wanted to warm up the market and make people curious about Songjiang Motorcycles. He wanted the people who wanted to buy other brands of motorcycles to wait for a few weeks. There’s a better motorcycle in the market, and it’s only 2 weeks more for the launch. Why not wait a while?

The next day, people started noticing that there were posters of famous stars at high human traffic places like bus stops, train stations, malls, markets, etc.

Zhu Simao, Baldy Chen and Liu Daqing. Are the 3 of them going to star in a movie? What’s the name of this movie? When will it be aired?

But something was not right. Shouldn’t these posters be placed out the cinemas or the Cultural Palace? Why were these posters all over the city?

People started crowding around the posters, and some even reached out to touch it. It was as if they were feeling the stars themselves.

“Eh, the stars are riding motorcycles or pus.h.i.+ng the bikes. This motorcycle is stunning.” Someone in the crowded mentioned loudly.

Soon everybody noticed the motorcycles on every poster. The bikes were very attractive and more beautiful than any bikes they had ever seen!

“Yes, yes! Are they shooting a movie about motorcycles?”

“Who knows? Liu Daqing is pretty. How I wish I could meet her in person.” A young man said while staring at the posters.

“Zhu Simao is really handsome. I wish to get married to him.” A girl said while daydreaming.

“Hahaha, look at Baldy Chen. He is so funny. He is cleaning the bike? I love his comedy skits. Not sure if he would be performing at this year’s Spring Night Gala.”


While the crowds were discussing loudly, Tai Hua Trading staffs secretly walk off from the crowd. The good thing about the crowd was that once someone started a topic, everybody will discuss it and it would last at least half an hour.

The same scene happened at many places in Bing City and not sure when someone removed a poster of Liu Daqing and ran off.

The crowd was shocked. No one was stopping him? Since there was no one preventing them from removing the posters, let’s bring these posters home!

The event of removing posters started. The 2,000 posters that were put up that day were all gone in seconds. People wanted to bring back the posters to show their neighbors and friends. These were posters of China’s top celebrities. Even if you have money, you will also not get these posters!

When they were flaunting, they were also creating awareness for Songjiang Motorcycles. Feng Yu had purposely printed Songjiang Motors in smaller print. But it was also because of this, people would look closer to see what was written there.

But the thing that Wu Zhigang and the rest, least expected was that Feng Yu placed the most posters around state-owned enterprises. Aviation Factory, Motor Factory, Thermal Electric Factory, Beer Factory, Plastic Factory…… Every state-owned factories’ vicinities were full of posters.

It was because that the number of young men at these areas was the highest. The posters of Zhu Simao riding the motorcycles with Liu Daqing as the pillion would undoubtedly stimulate the desires of those young men to own one bike.

The next day, when people went on the streets, they discovered that there were more posters again……

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 180

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