Extraordinary Genius Chapter 199 – Tender For Advertising Slots At Cctv Part 1

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When Feng Yu left Hou Haitao's office, he was holding a small metal tin. I had already given you a Soviet Union flagon, shouldn't you give me something in return? Many people had seen me bringing the flagon over. Are you not afraid of people talking behind your back?

These tea leaves were better than the tea Feng Yu drank at Zhang Ruiqiang's office. Good things were meant to be shared!

Feng Yu needs to wire the payment over to Kirilenko first. He needs to show his sincerity to Kirilenko so Kirilenko would help him look for more heavy machinery. Maybe in future, Kirilenko would contact him to sell him a batch of weapons!


School had started not long ago, and Tai Hua Trading received a call from CCTV Zheng Baojun. This year CCTV decided to gather all the advertisers from last year to bid for this year's advertising contracts!

When Feng Yu heard this, he was shocked. Even the advertising auction was brought forward. Could it be closed bids?

Feng Yu asked for more details and had a sigh of relief. All the advertising slots were reserved for the same advertisers last year. However, the advertising rates had increased. If any of the advertisers gave up their advertising slots, the rest of the advertisers could bid for it.

If it was really like this, then it was good news for Feng Yu. Feng Yu had 4 primetime advertising slots. He still had program sponsors.h.i.+p and advertising slots at CCTV other channels. He would surely buy all these slots again, and he wanted to buy more. In another month, the bladeless fan's patent would be approved and needed advertising!

Feng Yu was hoping there will be people giving up their advertising slots. He could accept a higher rate. It was the best that in future, CCTV would use this sales model to sell the advertising slots. This way, Feng Yu would be able to hog the 4 primetime advertising slots.

After applying leave from the school. Feng Yu left for Beijing alone. There were still lots of things to do in Tai Hua Trading, so Wu Zhigang needed to watch over at the company.

It was 4 pm when Feng Yu reached Beijing. He boarded a cab for CCTV, but the driver saw that Feng Yu was young and wanted to travel to such a far place. He refused to send Feng Yu. In the end, Feng Yu threw a 100 RMB note at the driver, and the driver sent Feng Yu to his destination.

Nowadays, people outside the capital were so rich!

Wen Feng Yu was checking in to a hotel located beside CCTV, he saw a familiar face.

This person was not from Bing City. He was from Hangzhou. Feng Yu recognized this person was because, in 10 years' time, this person would be one of China's richest man and also the number one man in China's beverage industry!

This person's company had advertised at CCTV at the end of last year. But the time slot was not during the primetime, and Feng Yu had not noticed it.

“Mr. Zhong? Are you Mr. Zhong?” Feng Yu enthusiastically greeted him.

Zhong Qingxian turned towards Feng Yu. There were not a lot of people with Zhong as their surnames. But when he turned around, he saw a young man about 20 years old. He thought back, and he had no impression of this young man.

But this young man had reached out with both his hands for a handshake and Zhong Qingxian could only shake this young man's hand. The guest at this hotel was mostly the advertisers for CCTV, and they were here for the contract signing at CCTV tomorrow. Maybe this young man was also a boss of a company. But this young man was too young.

“Hi, are you calling me? How do I address you?”

Feng Yu took out his name card and pa.s.sed to Zhong Qingxian. Zhong Qingxian exchanged name cards with Feng Yu.

Feng Yu took a close look at Zhong Qingxian's name card and almost laughed out loud. This man was indeed the successful businessman in the future. His company even compete against c.o.ke and Pepsi!

Drink Le Ha Ha, dinner would be better!

Because of this advertising slogan, many parents bought Le Ha Ha health supplement drinks for their children. They were afraid that their children would skip meals and would affect their growth.

This Le Ha Ha company had just started their own brand, and the company should have a lack of funds. Feng Yu was not sure if he has the chance to invest in this company. The next 3 years was the boom of China's health supplements industry!

The health supplement drinks were the most popular as many Chinese thought that these drinks looked more high cla.s.s. These drinks had lots of profits and hands would cramp after counting money!

Zhong Qingxian looked at the name card in his hands. Tai Hua International Trading Company General Manager, Feng Yu. He had heard of this company before. The company's address was in Bing City, and he should not know this young man.

Zhong Qingxian looked at the back of the name card and was surprised!

Mani products: Wind and Rain electric fans, Wind and Rain humidifiers, Songjiang Motorcycles, Soviet Union's imported machinery!

This electric fan was very popular two years ago. He had these fans in his office and home. No wonder he had some impression of this company. As for the humidifiers, he had seen the advertis.e.m.e.nts before on CCTV. He heard that these humidifiers were very popular in the northeast region.

There's still the Songjiang Motorcycles. Famous TV stars were starring in the commercials. He had also bought one motorcycle this year!

Soviet Union's imported machinery? This needs strong connections. Even if you have money, without connections, you will also not be able to get those machines.

This Feng Yu was not a simple person!

But he was curious. Tai Hai Trading's products had nothing to do with his health drinks. Why did this Feng Yu call him? Also, how did Feng Yu know him?

“So, you are Tai Hua Trading's, Manager Feng. I had heard your name. Do you need anything from me?”

Heard of me? Feng Yu was thinking. I should be the one who had heard of you. All the beverages you sold were popular in China. Even c.o.ke and Pepsi could not beat you in the beverage industry. In the past life, Feng Yu had only seen his pictures on TV, newspapers, and internet. This time he finally got to meet Zhong Qingxian in person, and it was the young Zhong Qingxian!

“Mr. Zhong, are you also attending CCTV's conference? We are the same. There should be nothing for us today. How about having dinner and a couple of drinks later?”

Zhong Qingxian did not know anyone here. If not, he would not be going out alone for dinner. But his company was short of funds, and he did not have enough money with him. He had planned to go to a roadside stall for a bowl of noodles. This Feng Yu had invited him for dinner, and Feng Yu should be treating him today. Tomorrow he should be returning a treat to Feng Yu. This time he would be incurring extra expenses.

Feng Yu did not let Zhong Qingxian had the chance to reject him. Since he had no luggage and only had a wallet, he pulled Zhong Qingxian out of the hotel.

Zhong Qingxian was feeling helpless. In his heart, he was praying that Feng Yu would not go to some fancy restaurant. A simple restaurant will do. Even the restaurant at the hotel will do. As long as it was not too expensive.

But things did not go as he wishes. Feng Yu dragged him across the street to Little Sheep Hotpot restaurant.

Little Sheep Hotpot was a new chain of the restaurant opened within these two years. It might not taste as good as those 100 years' old restaurant, but the food was still considered good, and it was costly!

These two were still considered early. A little while more, it would be the rush hour, and they might not get seats.

Feng Yu pa.s.sed the menu to Zhong Qingxian for him to order. Zhong Qingxian looked at the prices on the menu. He was calculating in his heart. In the end, he only ordered a plate of lamb and 2 plates of vegetables.

Feng Yu took a look. How can this be? These dishes were not even enough for him alone. He took back the menu, and that page was all the meat dishes.

He showed the menu to the waitress and pointed: “This, this, and this.”

When the waitress wanted to write down Feng Yu's orders, Feng Yu said: “These are the dishes which I do not want. Give me the rest of the dishes!”

The waitress was jolted, but she immediately says fine. The young girl couldn't help but stole a few glances at Feng Yu. Where did this person come from? She had been working as a waitress for so long, and this was the first time she saw someone ordering like this. Rich!

Zhong Qingxian had thought that Feng Yu ordered only 3 more plates of meat. He could still accept it. But when Feng Yu said the following sentence, he was shocked.

So all people from Northeast order food this way?

Zhong Qingxian had a bitter taste in his mouth, and his heart was bleeding. This meal costed more than his one-month food expenses. Tomorrow he still got to treat Feng Yu back~~~

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 199 – Tender For Advertising Slots At Cctv Part 1

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