Extraordinary Genius Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – Killer Move Part 2

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“You say election? The motorcycle factory is all my people. They will follow my orders to elect the person I choose!” Li Mingde said confidently. Election? It was just a process, and he can determine who gets elected!

“Director Li, your thinking is too simple. The Machinery Company's election is not up to those people to decide. It will be decided by the shareholders!”

Deputy Mayor Xu was shocked. Shareholders to decide? What does this mean?

Feng Yu looked at the shocked Deputy Mayor Xu and sighed. These were all old concepts. They still thought that the Machinery Company was still before restructuring and the City can control it with their authority. The company is now a shareholding company and is control by the shareholders.

“Right, did the office informs Director Li? Mr. Fu will be coming to Bing city tomorrow. We will be holding this a shareholders meeting!”

What? Shareholders meeting? What does that mean?

Deputy Mayor Xu was puzzled, and he looks at Li Mingde. What was Feng Yu talking about?

Li Mingde was also stunned. Beads of sweat start to appear on his forehead. It was not sure if the room was too warm or he was too nervous.

When the state-owned enterprise was restructured into shareholdings company, Li Mingde had also read up on the related laws and regulations. The shareholders meeting was the most important meeting for a shareholding company. Did Feng Yu indeed contacted Fu Guangzheng and will work together to remove him from his position at the shareholders meeting?

Knock, knock, knock~~~

There were loud knockings on the door.

Xiao Sun opened the door and saw the Machinery Company's Office Chief.

“The leader is busy. What do you want?” Xiao Sun asked unhappily. All these people from the Machinery Company were so rude and do not follow the rules!

“Secretary Sun, please ask Director Li to come out. I have something important for him.”

Li Mingde came out of the office and saw his subordinate panicking. In his heart, he was also getting nervous, but he calmed himself and tried his best to ask in a calm tone: “What are you panicking for? What happened?”

“Director Li, Mr. Fu had just called and said that he will be arriving tomorrow for a shareholders meeting. He wants to discuss the appointment of the Machinery Company's top management.” The Office Chief quickly said.

What? Discuss the appointment of the Machinery Company's top management!

Li Mingde was shaken. They really dare to do this!

Li Mingde looked towards the office. This was the reason why Feng Yu was so calm today? All of these happened too fast, and he couldn't react in time.

He was now regretting. If he had known about this earlier, he would not ask the leader to force Feng Yu. Currently, there was no way for him to back down. Even if he back down now, Feng Yu would not let him off!

Feng Yu saw Li Mingde's expression and smiled: “Director Li, have you receive the notification?”

Li Mingde glared at Feng Yu and walked over to Deputy Mayor Xu. He whispered something into Deputy Mayor Xu's ears, and Deputy Mayor Xu's face changed. He pointed at Feng Yu but could not find the words.

“If there are no other matters, I will make a move first. Oh yes, I will make a special exception and invite Deputy Mayor Xu to sit in for tomorrow's shareholder's meeting!”

Sit in? Deputy Mayor Xu almost vomits blood. He was the Deputy Mayor, and he had to be invited to sit in for a company's meeting? Li Mingde had told him earlier that the shareholders are the ones with the most authority in the company and not the City Government!

He wanted to curse and swear. This was a state-owned enterprise and how can the one with the most authority, not the City Government? Shareholders meeting? What the h.e.l.l is that?


“Son, what do you mean? You want to remove Li Mingde? He is the City's appointed General Manager and was the old factory's director. How do you remove him?” Feng Xingtai looked at Feng Yu as if he was looking at an alien.

“Dad, the company is now a shareholding, and the ones with the highest authorities are the shareholders. Li Mingde is only representing the City Government with 40% shares. But we have more shares than him. We have more than 50%.”

“More than half? The both of us only add up to slightly over 40%. Are you talking about that Fu……”

“Fu Guangzheng.” Feng Yu reminded his father.

“Right, Fu Guangzheng also supports you?”

Feng Yu nodded: “That's right. Fu Guangzheng will surely support me. He is not doing this as a favor. We just have the same goals. Dad, are you willing to be the company's general manager?”

Feng Yu wanted to test his father. To run a company, the worst thing that could happen was to let a novice lead the company! But if his father were sitting in that position, he would at least listen to his suggestions.

Feng Xingtai waved his hands: “Nah. I am already very busy with the food processing factory, and I do not have the experience to manage so many people. I find that Li Mingde had performed quite well. You should let him carry on being the general manager. Also, you can avoid offending the leaders in the City Government.”

Feng Yu also did not want to offend the City. There were no benefits if he goes against the City Government. Fu Guangzheng was also not interested in staying in Bing City, and Feng Yu still need to attend school. The Machinery Company was not like Tai Hua Trading. There were many things to handle.

If Li Mingde continued to be the General Manager, at least there would not be any problems with the company's operation. But nevertheless, Feng Yu must let Li Mingde knows that who was the one that has the final say in the company!


“Everybody, this shareholders meeting was suggested by me, and the main agenda is to talk about the Machinery Company and the motorcycle factory's personnel reshuffling! We shall start from the top. First, the position General Manager of the Machinery Company.”

Li Mingde who was holding to a teacup trembled. His palms were sweating. Will he be kicked out of the company? Feng Yu really dare to treat him this way? Is he not afraid of the City Government going after him?

Or could it be that Feng Yu had the backing of Deputy Mayor Zhang?

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Xu was sitting in Zhang Ruiqiang's office. He wanted an explanation from Zhang Ruiqiang. Why did a state-owned factory change so much within such a short period of time after restructuring!

“Deputy Mayor Xu, I did not expect the Aviation Factory to sell the Machinery Company's shares to Feng Yu. When the Machinery Factory was restructured to the Machinery Company, the City was still the major shareholder, and we are still in control. You are the one who suggested to sell the City's shares to the Aviation Factory.”

Deputy Mayor Xu was at a loss of words. He had listened to Li Mingde. Li Mingde had told him that Feng Yu was going to cooperate with the Aviation Factory on the motorcycles. To stop Feng Yu from working with the Aviation Factory, he decided to let the Aviation Factory buy a stake in the Machinery Company. But he never expects that the Aviation Factory would sell the shares to Feng Yu. There were not even warning signs!

“Deputy Mayor Xu, there is nothing wrong with restructuring. Even now, the City had collected back all the initial funds, and in the future, there will be dividends and the taxes will be increased. The workers' salaries will also increase. The restructuring is a success……”

Zhang Ruiqiang also did not expect Feng Yu to call for a shareholders meeting to discuss the management personnel. This was to get full control over the company? He called Feng Yu and asked Feng Yu to not remove Li Mingde as the General Manager.

Feng Yu agreed. He had discussed with Fu Guangzheng beforehand. Li Mingde will not be replaced. In the end, Zhang Ruiqiang still owed Feng Yu a favor.


The shareholders meeting ended. The Office Chief, who was taking minutes of the meeting left with the dejected Li Mingde. This Machinery Company had changed!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 211

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