Extraordinary Genius Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 – There are no problems with High Interests

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Feng Yu was really tempted as Brother Ke had offered excellent conditions. But he rationally thought about it for a while. He absolutely cannot agree to it!

Not to mention about his mutual trust with Kirilenko, Feng Yu had invested in Kirilenko more. He even told him about the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Yeltsin. Kirilenko must be his friend!

Feng Yu also knew about Kirilenko selling some machinery and technology to him without Brother Ke. Feng Yu was also part of the reason why Kirilenko kept Brother Ke out of these deals.

Feng Yu felt that if he rejects Brother Ke's offer and let Kirilenko knows about this, he would help Feng Yu get more loans.

“Brother Ke, I had drunk too much, and I feel like taking a nap.” Feng Yu changed the topic. He did not agree nor reject Brother Ke.

Brother Ke was slightly disappointed, but he did not say much. He had already told Feng Yu what he wanted to say and it was all up to Feng Yu to decide, He believed that Feng Yu would agree to his attractive offers.

Brother Ke did not notice that the drunk Kirilenko had moved slightly.

Back at the hotel, Feng Yu washed his face with cold water and sat on a chair waiting for someone to knock on the door.

Indeed, within less than 5 minutes, the doorbell rang. Feng Yu opened the door, and Kirilenko was standing there.

“Feng, why are you not watching TV? Our soap operas are exciting to watch.”

Soap opera? Forget it. Feng Yu still prefer watching the Soviet Union's songs and dance.

“Brother Ki, you are not drunk?” Feng Yu was asking the obvious.

Feng Yu had drunk with Kirilenko more than once. Kirilenko might be tipsy after a bottle of Volka, but he would never lie flat on the table.

He thought back and realized that Kirilenko was acting. He only wanted to listen to the conversation between Brother Ke and Feng Yu.

Feng Yu had all along thought that Kirilenko was an honest Russian businessman, but it seems that this was not the case. A businessman, especially someone who was selling their country's industrial machinery will never be an honest person!

Luckily Feng Yu did not say anything bad about Kirilenko. Instead, Brother Ke had said something that would pressurize Kirilenko.

Kirilenko shook his head and rubbed his temples: “I have a slight headache. But I'm fine. I had fallen asleep just now, and I forgot to mention about your loans.”

“Brother Ke had told me about it.”

“Really? What did he tell you? Feng, actually I had considered, and I can help you get loans from many banks, like Ukraine Bank, Belarus Bank, Latvia Bank, etc. You wanted more loans and this way, you can loan more money.” Kirilenko said.

Feng Yu showed a surprised expression: “Really? That's great. But how much can I loan in total and when can I get the money? My a.s.sets should not be enough to loan such a big amount.”

“Sigh…... Feng, we are good friends. I will solve these problems for you. You can use the same a.s.sets as collaterals for different banks. This is not a problem. Leave everything to me!” Kirilenko beat his chest and said.

“Really? Will it be too troublesome?” Feng Yu asked with an embarra.s.sed expression.

“No, of course not. We are brothers.” This guy suddenly becomes brothers with Feng Yu.

“Really? Then how much loans can I get?” Feng Yu continued to ask.

Feng Yu could not accept a vague answer. He wants an exact figure. Since Kirilenko had heard his conversation with Brother Ke, he will surely do something to maintain his friends.h.i.+p with Feng Yu, he does not want Feng Yu to work with Brother Ke.

“Is 300 million Rubles enough? You can just use your 30 million Rubles worth of a.s.sets as collaterals. I believe that you will be able to repay all these loans.”

Feng Yu's eyes grew wide. 300 million Rubles. Kirilenko had become more generous after he heard what Brother Ke said to Feng Yu. With 300 million Rubles, Feng Yu could realize his plans easier.

As for the repayment? Stop joking. As long as the repayment period was long enough, at the end of the 1990s, the Rubles will depreciate by a few thousand times! By that time, 300 million Rubles will only be worth less than 100,000 Rubles now. Why would Feng Yu worry about the repayment?

“It will be great if I can get loans of 300 million Rubles. Brother Ki, rest a.s.sured, I will send you 15 million Rubles worth of Chinese goods. But I can't send it all at one go. I need to send it on a few trips. This shouldn't be a problem, right?”

“Feng, why is it 15 million Rubles worth of goods? We had agreed on 5 million Rubles. You need to be prepared that you might need to spend not less than 3 million Rubles to give to the few banks' leaders.”

Using so little Rubles to bribe them? Feng Yu was thinking that if they dare to give him a loan of 300 million Rubles, he wouldn't mind giving them 10 million! It was a pity that even though the Soviet Union officials were corrupted, but they were not stupid. They dare not to take too many risks. Furthermore, the 300 million Rubles loan was not a small amount, and maybe only the Central Bank in Moscow would dare to give out the loan. Also, Kirilenko's influence was not enough to get the approval.

“Brother Ki, I understand. Don't worry. I am not a stingy person. But can the repayment period and the interests' repayments be more extended?” Feng Yu asked again.

“What do you mean? The repayment period can be extended, but the interest repayment cannot be extended. At least one payment of the interest is required every year.” Kirilenko was puzzled. The interests' repayment can also be delayed?

“Brother Ki, you help me ask if this is possible. I will take the loan for 8 years, and in the 8th year, I will repay everything, including the interests. I don't mind if the interest is higher.”

Kirilenko frowned. He had never heard of anyone taking loans this way. He was also unsure if this was possible. But he felt that since Feng Yu wanted to do it this way, he must have his reasons. He could not figure out why Feng Yu wanted the loan repayment to be this way.

“Higher interest? How high can you accept? 10% yearly interest? 20%? Or even higher?”

Feng Yu smiled and said: “How about yearly interest of 20%?”

Kirilenko gasped: “Yearly interest of 20%? You are willing to accept such high interest? 8 years later you need to repay almost 800 million Rubles even if using simple interest!”

Feng Yu was thinking in his heart, even if it was compounded interest, there's no problem if the repayment currency was in Rubles!

By that time, 800 million Rubles would be equivalent to a few million RMB. Feng Yu only needs to covert the Rubles from the loan into currencies like USD or RMB, he would get returns of over a thousand times. Why would he worry about the interest?

“Brother Ki, help me think of a way. I don't mind spending more, and I promise you that I will repay every single cent, including the interest in eight years' time!”

Kirilenko gritted and said: “Fine. I will help you think of a way!”

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 235

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