Extraordinary Genius Chapter 239

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Chapter 239 – Shooting (Part 1)

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Kirilenko arranged his men to send the girls back. Feng Yu sat down to have breakfast with Kirilenko.

m.u.f.fins, sausage, bread, jam, fruit and black tea. The Soviet breakfast was really rich. Feng Yu s.h.i.+fted his attention to the food.

“Feng, you had mentioned that you envied soldiers can shoot guns two days ago. Today, I had arranged for you to visit a shooting range. Do you still have the energy to shoot?” Kirilenko asked, and he raised his eyebrows. He had an irritating look, and Feng Yu felt like slapping him.

Feng Yu eyes widen. He was excited. Most men like to play with guns. Feng Yu had only fired hunting rifles, and he had not tried other types of firearms.

As for energy, he only did not sleep well last night, and he did not do any strenuous activities. Last night, Elena tried to seduce Feng Yu by dropping her towel. Feng Yu rushed over to pick up the towel and covered Elena.

Elena was tall, slim and had long legs. But it might be due to her dancing, or maybe she was still young, she was flat chested.

This reminded Feng Yu that Elena was still a young girl. Although he was not a saint, he would never do anything to a child!

If Elena was 18 years' old, then things might be different.

Feng Yu tried to persuade Elena not to do such things again and also tried to find out what was promised to her.

Elena told Feng Yu that her leader had promised her an opportunity to be the lead dancer and will transfer her to Russian Dance Troupe. She cried when she mentioned her mother living alone in Saint Petersburgh.

Feng Yu could not stand her crying and promised to help her. He told her that he would ask his friend to help her. Elena smiled and said that her body was the only way she can repay Feng Yu.

Feng Yu immediately pushed her away. Forget it. If you can't sleep, then we can have a good talk. But if you want to do something else, no way! Feng Yu tried to persuade to take care of herself and must love her body. Her body cannot be used to trade for things.

Elena told Feng Yu about the happy days when she was learning to dance. He also told him about the living conditions of the Soviets. Feng Yu listen carefully. This was a chance for him to understand the Soviet Union better.

The both of them talked until late at night and Elena went back into the bedroom to sleep. Feng Yu slept on the couch. He did not sleep well that night, and this explains the dark circles around his eyes.

“Brother Ki, what guns can I play?”

“Other than heavy machine guns, you can shoot handguns and rifles. I can also get you some light machine guns. Oh yes, are you interested in playing with grenades?”

Feng Yu waved his hands: “Forget about grenades. I prefer guns.”

He had heard that many new soldiers were killed by the grenades thrown by their own men.

Feng Yu had never thrown a grenade before and if he was nervous or the grenade slipped from his hand, he would be killed by himself.

Feng Yu was satisfied with Kirilenko's arrangement today. He did not know that this was arranged by Brother Ke and Kirilenko had claimed credit for this arrangement.

After breakfast, a car arrived at the hotel to pick them up. Feng Yu was in awe of Kirilenko. His planning was great. If Brother Ke knows that his arrangement had let Feng Yu be in awe of Kirilenko, he would have banged his head against the wall.

Feng Yu took a nap on the car, and the driver woke him up after an hour. They had arrived at the shooting range. It was not that far from his hotel.

Feng Yu had thought that the shooting range would be in some remote army camp and should take at least 2 hours to get there.

After alighting from the car, Feng Yu saw Brother Ke. He was wearing his army uniform. Feng Yu greeted him and was dragged away by Kirilenko to change into military camouflage uniforms. They also get the guns and ammunition from the armory. 

“Feng, this is Instructor Leo. He will guide you.” Kirilenko introduced an instructor to Feng Yu, and he walked aside to check his weapon. Feng Yu could tell that Kirilenko was very familiar with firearms from the way Kirilenko handles them.

The instructor told Feng Yu to never point the gun and anybody. Also, the signs as to stop shooting and point the gun downwards. After these simple instructions, Instructor Leo lead Feng Yu to pick up his weapon.

This is a Black Star Pistol? Type 54 pistols, used by the Chinese Police, were copied from Black Star Pistols. Oh, that's a TT33. This handgun is also very beautiful. Hold on, this gun and that gun are also beautiful.

Feng Yu do not know which gun to choose! The Soviet Union armies had used many types of handguns, and Feng Yu wanted to try out every weapon.

“Can I try all these guns?”

Instructor Leo: “……”

Try all the guns? There was at least over 10 different types of weapons here, and if you finish a clip for each gun, you will not even lift your fork for dinner tonight.

“Mr. Feng, I suggest you try two types of handguns. Don't you want to try other types of guns? There are rifles over there.”

After the reminder from Instructor Leo, Feng Yu choose a TT33 and a Makarov pistol. The Chinese had made an imitation of the Makarov Pistol and named it 59.

Feng Yu picked AK 47 first when he walked over to the rifles. This was the world's most iconic a.s.sault rifle. Before Feng Yu's rebirth, almost every terrorist that appears on the news held an AK47.

The second rife Feng Yu picked was the Mosin Rifle. I was recommended by Instructor Leo. There was a scope on the rifle, and it was a commonly used hunting rifle, and it was suitable for beginners.

Instructor Leo told Feng Yu to pick the machine guns later after he finished shooting the firearms he chose. If his arms still have strength, then he can fire the machine guns later.

“Feng, are you done? Let's go to the indoor range and fire some handguns.” Kirilenko said like a big brother. He seems very confident with his shooting skills.

“Okay. How about a compet.i.tion?” Feng Yu asked, and he immediately regrets. He had just blurted out this question without thinking.

Kirilenko looked at Feng Yu: “You want to challenge shooting with me? No problems. I will let you have two extra bullets. Leo, get me the same guns as Feng Yu.”

d.a.m.n. This is insulting. These two handguns clip could only hold 8 bullets each, and you want to let me have two extra bullets? Feng Yu accepted the challenge!

“Humph! You are the one who said it. You will be disgracing the Soviet Army if you lose to me!” Feng Yu raised the stakes. Kirilenko had always bragged that he was a sharpshooter and Feng Yu wants to see who will be a disgrace!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 239

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