Extraordinary Genius Chapter 248

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Chapter 248 – Sixth Sense

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One day later, Kameda Masao arrived at Hong Kong's International Airport. Feng Yu had called him over to sign the contract. Feng Yu gave Kameda the 1 million USD investment.

Kameda Masao had waited for Feng Yu for over a month. He thought that Feng Yu would not invest in his company because he could not help Feng Yu acquire the Aiwa shares from the shareholders. But Feng Yu finally called him.

“Kameda, how's your preparation for the company?”

“I had already registered the company. When your funds are transferred to the company, we can start to buy over the factory and start production.” Kameda Masai bowed and said.

“Ok, let's go to the Law firm to sign the contract.”

Feng Yu had made an appointment with Hong Kong's Wilson Law office yesterday. The owner of this law firm was Wilson, a Royal Counsel.

A Royal Counsel was not necessarily a lawyer working for the English Royal family. Lawyers with more than 10 years' experience and had outstanding achievements can apply for this t.i.tle. It was upon the approval from the Royal Family, then the lawyer can use this t.i.tle.

This t.i.tle was more of a status. In the Commonwealth countries, Queen's Counsel status was between a n.o.ble and a peasant.

Wilson had another t.i.tle, which was Queen's Counsel. Wilson was a legal advisor for the English Royal Family, and he could receive special privileges in Commonwealth countries.

These two t.i.tles did not really show Wilson's full capabilities. Wilson was also the legal consultant for Superman Lee. This showed how high his status was in Hong Kong.

There were only 2 or 3 other lawyers in Hong Kong that can match Wilson's status. For instance, Fu family's legal consultant was also another Queen's Counsel.

These t.i.tles not only represented their status but also their abilities. Most importantly, they could charge very high lawyer fees!

Feng Yu had no plans to go to j.a.pan in the short term. He wanted to engage the services of Wilson to act as his legal advisor to handle the legal issues of Aiwa Co. and Kameda Masao's company.

Wilson could prepare the legal doc.u.ments, change the company's representative and even hire accountants and auditors on Feng Yu's behalf.

Hong Kong's law firms provided a wide variety of services and saved Feng Yu lots of trouble. Feng Yu only told Wilson what he wanted, and his staff will prepare the contracts.

It was a pity that it was not Wilson that would be helping Feng Yu personally. Feng Yu's deal was only 1 million USD, and Wilson just showed his face for a while and a.s.signed his staff to do the rest.

But this was the reason why senior lawyers set up their own law firms. They would charge based on their status and reputations, but most of the work could be pa.s.sed to the junior lawyers. The salaries of the junior lawyers were much lower, and this was how the law firm makes money.

One day, Feng Yu would let Wilson treat him the way he treated Superman Lee!

According to Feng Yu's request, the contract was in three languages, English, Chinese and j.a.panese. Feng Yu saw Kameda Masao looking through the contract carefully and noticed that this Kameda Masao, not only knows Chinese but was also proficient in English.

d.a.m.n, I also know three languages and does that mean I am about the same as this s.e.x doll seller?

Kameda Masao finished reading the contract, and he signs his name, followed by his thumbprint. He also took out his pa.s.sport for the lawyer to photocopy. Feng Yu did the same too.

“Kameda, when can your factory start its production? I am talking about other products. Are you going to manufacture yourself or get a sub-contractor?”

“Don't worry, Mr. Feng. All the products will start production immediately. Our new products will be on the market in October. I decide to purchase some machines and expand the factor. We will not need to get sub-contractors!”

This period of time, Kameda Masao was not lazing around. He had contacted the previous employees of Black Dragon Co., especially the sales personals and the production workers. If it weren't for the former Chairman mismanaging the company's funds, the company would never go bankrupt.

After all, the s.e.x dolls produced by Black Dragon Co. were popular in j.a.pan. Once the production started, and their products enter the market again, it would be easy for the company to return back to its glory days. Feng Yu had also given Kameda Masao some inspirations, and he was confident that this company would increase its value by over 3 times within 3 years!

“Kameda, you saw the contract terms about your reward? If you are able to achieve the goals set by me, I will give you the company's shares. The more the company earns, the more you will get. Work hard and don't disappoint your father and me!” Feng Yu patted Kameda Masao on his back.

Kameda Masao was in tears. Feng Yu was too considerate to him. He even allows him to buy over the Black Dragon Co.'s trademark. This trademark was set up by his father.

The new company's name was also interesting. Sixth Sense. It meant feelings, a sensitive feeling. That also means the products produced by the company would not only feel good but also satisfy the customers' loneliness.

Feng Yu did not think much about this name. He just casually says something that came to his mind. But Kameda Masao interprets the name as something meaningful. Feng Yu allowed Kameda Masao to buy over the trademark of Black Dragon Co. was because it was an established brand and have loyal customers. It would be easier for him to sell the products to the consumers and save on the marketing costs.

The reason Feng Yu let Kameda Masao runs this company was because he was too busy to manage such a small company. Anyway, he had the controlling stake in the company, and he could take back the company anytime.

As for rewarding Kameda Masao with the company's shares, was only a way to motivate Kameda Masao. On the contract, it stated that once the company and the profits reach a certain scale, Feng Yu would give Kameda Masao at least 1% of the company's shares. The maximum was 10%.

He had imitated the way many companies in the future manage their key personnel. Feng Yu was actually not interested in the s.e.x toys industry. In his previous life, he also did not take note of this industry.

Most of the terms in the contract were protecting the interest of Feng Yu. After all, he was the investor.

This period of time, Kameda Masao had also secretly contacted some j.a.panese businessmen to see if any of them were willing to invest in his company. But most of them were not willing to invest. j.a.pan's economy was in recession, and most companies were cutting cost. Which company would be willing to diversify at this time?

The ones who were willing to invest do not agree to give Kameda Masao any shares. If he wanted a stake in the company, then buy it at the market value. Feng Yu was the most generous among all these investors. 10% shares were equivalent to 100,000 USD. It's over 100 million Yen!

Kameda Masao was grateful to Feng Yu. He felt that he had met a good person.


“Kameda, when you are back, start the production immediately and remember what I said. Other than the sensations of the doll's private parts, the face was also crucial. If you can include moaning sounds in the doll, the doll will surely be a hit!”

“Mr. Feng, I remembered everything you said. I will not let you down and will show you my results in the financial report next year!”

Feng Yu waved. Hurry, go and satisfy all the lonely hearts and bodies of your fellow j.a.panese men. I still have important things to do in Hong Kong.

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 248

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