Extraordinary Genius Chapter 269

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Chapter 269 – Zhang Han's background

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Feng Yu walked out of the interview room with a smile. The other students who were waiting outside came up to him to try and find out about the interview.

“The teachers had just asked me about what I was good at. For instance, I had stated that I am good at foreign languages and they asked me a few questions in foreign languages. They also asked me about my a.n.a.lysis of the Soviet Union's economy. This question was slightly more difficult.”

The other students were nervous. They were only in high schools, and they do not know anything about the Soviet Union. Looking at Feng Yu's facial expression, they knew that Feng Yu could answer the teachers' questions. When they found out that Feng Yu was from Bing City's Third High School, they guessed that Feng Yu knew about the Soviet Union's economy because he was located near the borders.

The other students were almost in tears. They don't even pay attention to China's news, yet they will be asked about the Soviet Union.

Feng Yu returned to Jingbin Hotel. All the students from his schools were staying at this hotel as this was the designated hotel for them. They had used a recommendation letter from their school, and they will not be charged for their stay at the hotel for these 2 days. This was given by their city as a form of encouragement.

Feng Yu noticed that he was the last person to return to the hotel. Everyone had pa.s.sed the interviews, and 3 of them were exempted from taking the entrance exams. The rest were able to get lower entry requirements.

All the students were surprised when they heard that Feng Yu was exempted from taking the entrance exams. He had applied for Beijing University, and his results were not as good as them. Why was he exempted? Was it really so easy to pa.s.s the Beijing University's interview?

What surprises Feng Yu the most was the other two persons that were exempted were Zhang Han and Wen Dongjun. How did that idiot Wen Dongjun even pa.s.s the interview?

Wen Dongjun triumphantly said that he demonstrated his Russian and then sang a Russian song.

Huh? So simple? d.a.m.n, singing can also get into Beijing technological University?

He asked Zhang Han about her interview, but she did not tell Feng Yu the details. She only said that the questions were simple, and she just happens to pa.s.s. 

Li Na got a lower entry requirement by 100 points. She was overjoyed. Even if she got a 50 points reduction, she was confident that she would be able to enter Beijing Teaching University. Now, she got a 100 points reduction. This was too easy for her.

7 students had come to Beijing, and all 7 had pa.s.sed their interviews. Feng Yu waved his hand: “Let's go to the restaurant this evening for celebrations. I will be treating everyone. Just order whatever you want!”

The restaurant was a Northeastern restaurant, and its name was Bing City Restaurant. The restaurant serves northeast cuisine and acts as a canteen to the staffs and some guests of the hotel.

Manager Zhao of the restaurant saw Feng Yu and the others entering the restaurant, and he quickly went to stop them: “Students, it is not dinner time yet. When it's time, we will notify you.”

The City had given the students who were here for their interview free stays and food at the hotel. That's why Manager Zhao had served them the same food as his employees. The food was not too bad, but it cannot be considered good also.

Feng Yu took out a few 100 RMB notes and place it on the table: “I will be paying today. Get me all your expensive dishes. Is this money enough? Get me a big table and serve your food!”

Manager Zhao saw that all the students were overjoyed. It must be they had all pa.s.sed their interviews and wanted to celebrate. But this student's family must be wealthy. He could just take out 600 RMB without batting an eyelid. Did he steal this money from his family? Manager Zhao's salary was only slightly more than 100 RMB a month!

Wen Dongjun said: “Uncle Zhao, you don't need to save for him. Oh, pick some bigger pig trotters and cook it softer. Also, get us a bottle of wine and a bottle of orange juice.”

All the students knew that Feng Yu's family and since Feng Yu had offered to treat them to dinner, they accepted it. The students' family had given them some money, but they can't bear to spend it.

“Students, Baijiu's alcohol content is too high and is not suitable for you all. Why not drink some beer? Beijing Beer is different from the beer in Bing City.” Manager Zhao smiled and said.

His children were about their age, and that's why he does not feel like selling Baijiu to them.

“Okay, Uncle Zhao, you don't listen to his nonsense. He would be drunk with only a bottle of beer. Uncle Zhao, if you got nothing to do, join us for dinner too.” Feng Yu invited Manager Zhao.

“Thank you, but it will be dinner time soon, and it will be busy. Enjoy your dinner and if you need anything, just let the waitress know. Oh yes, please lower your volume. There are some leaders from the city in the private room.” Manager Zhao pointed to a private room.

The 4 boys under the lead of Wen Dongjun started to devour the food. Even the 3 girls also ate a lot. After a while, they began to get louder.

The door of the private room suddenly opened, and a young man walked out and saw Wen Dongjun and the rest making lots of noise. He wanted to scold them, but before he started berating, he saw someone familiar.

“Feng Yu?”

“Brother Zhao? You are here, that means ……. Mr. Zhang is inside?” Feng Yu was surprised. The person who had walked out of the private room was Zhang Ruiqiang's secretary.

“Yes. He is inside talking to his friends. If you all are done, go back to your rooms.”

“Eh, who is that Brother Zhao?” Wen Dongjun asked Feng Yu.

“The secretary of a big leader. Okay. Let's be softer. After eating, let's play poker in our rooms. Tomorrow, we will go out and play, and go back the day after tomorrow.”

Before Feng Yu and the rest finished their dinner, they saw Zhang Ruiqiang walking a guest out.

About a minute later, Zhang Ruiqiang returned and walked towards Feng Yu's table. Feng Yu wanted to stand up and greet him, but he noticed Zhang Han had already stood up.

“Uncle Zhang.”

“Oh, Hanhan is here too. How was your interview?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked in a loving tone.

“I have pa.s.sed the interview and can enter the university without the entry exams. There are all my cla.s.smates. They had all pa.s.sed the interviews. Some of them got lower entry requirements, and some were exempted from the entry exams.”

Feng Yu sat there, looking at Zhang Han in shocked. Zhang Han's family must have some background, and from the way the both of them speaks, someone from Zhang Han's family must be the same or even higher ranking than Zhang Ruiqiang.

d.a.m.n, Zhang Ruiqiang was already a deputy mayor and who was this person from Zhang Han's family? Was this person, a mayor, ranked or even higher?

“Xiao Yu, you shouldn't have anything on later. Come to my room. I need to talk to you about something.” Zhang Ruiqiang said to Feng Yu.

Feng Yu: “……” He had wanted to use the chance to be with Li Na alone in the room when the other students were playing poker.

Zhang Ruiqiang left, and they continued with their dinner. But they had lost interest in the meal. Feng Yu noticed Wen Dongjun frowning, and he asked him: “What's wrong? Too full?”

“Is that a leader from our City? Zhang Han had addressed him as an uncle. Does that mean someone from her family is also an official?”

“It's only a leader. Your father is also the Deputy Chief of the farm department. Are you feeling inferior?” Feng Yu consoled him. This kid's self-confidence took a hit?

Wen Dongjun shook his head and said with a sad face: “That's not it. I had boasted that my father is a big leader. What should I do now?”

Feng Yu: “……” A deputy chief at the district farm department and you can boast until as if your father was the same rank as a deputy mayor? Zhang Han did not expose your lies for so long. This must be true love.

I must find out from Zhang Ruiqiang, what's Zhang Han's background?

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 269

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