Extraordinary Genius Chapter 274

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Chapter 274 – Feng Yu's Investment

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Flying to Hong Kong from Bing City was troublesome. Feng Yu need to fly to Beijing airport for transit to Chengdu Tianfu or Shanghai, and from there, transit again to Hong Kong. If he was lucky, he only needs to transit once. If he was unlucky, he might need to transit more than 3 times. The air traffic in China at this time was terrible. It was not like the future years where there were direct flights to Hong Kong from Bing City airport.

After waiting for a day in Hong Kong, Kirilenko had arrived. He had brought 8 men with him. They were his lawyers, translators, luggage carriers or followers.

At Wilson Law firm, the both of them signed the contract. Feng Yu injected 2 billion USD into Moscow Mining Private Limited in exchange for 49% shares. This company was worth 1.5 billion USD initially.

Feng Yu was surprised. He thought Kirilenko only had a few hundred million USD. He never expects Kirilenko to have 1.5 billion USD. This meant that he had gotten loans of more than a few hundred million rubles. He must have gotten a much bigger loan later.

Of course, Feng Yu did not suffer many losses. He had spent 500 million USD more and still got 1% lesser shares. Kirilenko would make up to Feng Yu on other areas. For instance, Feng Yu had always wanted the Volga automobile production lines, more motorcycle production lines, generators technologies, or some other aircraft technologies.

The value of these was not readily determined. Many of these were not available in the market even if you offer a lot of money. Feng Yu wanted these technologies to gain favors or build relations.h.i.+ps with the Motor Factory and Aviation Factory.

Both parties were happy. Kirilenko had saved a lot of money and still owns more than 50% of the mining company. Feng Yu had spent a lot more, but Kirilenko promised him to get advanced technologies for him. He still has the power to make decisions on some issues of the mining company.

Although Kirilenko was the major shareholder, Feng Yu believes that if he wanted to sell the minerals to China, he would not object.

The Fu family heard that Feng Yu had come to Hong Kong again and sent Fu Guangzheng to represent them, to take care of Feng Yu and his friend. Feng Yu knew that the Fu family had offered to show them around was because they wanted to befriend Kirilenko.

But Feng Yu does not mind. Kirilenko was already tightly bonded with him, and the Fu family could not break their friends.h.i.+p. Feng Yu could also make use of Kirilenko's family background to increase his status in the hearts of the Fu family.

But after Fu Guangzheng arrived, Feng Yu regretted. The three of them were talking, and Kirilenko's translators did not follow them. End up, Feng Yu became the translator between the both of them.

d.a.m.n. I am wealthier than the both of you, and I still have to be your translator?

After dinner and sending off Fu Guangzheng, Feng Yu and Kirilenko returned to the hotel. The both of them starts to discuss their business. At the same time, the Fu brothers gathered again.

“Guangzheng, you say that Soviet have military backgrounds?” Fu Rongqi frowned.

“That's right. His father is a high ranking officer in the Soviet Army. You remember Feng Yu's aircraft deal a few months back? It was because of this guy. He could get the aircraft at low prices from the military factories.”

The four brothers looked at each other. They were shocked. They realized that they need to revaluate Feng Yu's background.

They knew that Feng Yu had some connections in the Soviet Union. If not, Feng Yu would not be able to do trading with the Soviet Union. They thought Feng Yu had some relations.h.i.+ps with the Soviet Union's government. But they did not expect Feng Yu to have connections with the Soviet Union military. They were not experts in politics, but they knew that if a country's economy was bad, the government had no say. It was the military that has more power. Furthermore, the Soviet Union army was only of the most powerful army in the world.

“You say Feng Yu had invested in that Soviet's company? You know how much did Feng Yu invest?”

“I am not sure, but Feng Yu had mentioned that he had invested half of his a.s.sets into that company. From Feng Yu's investments in the oil previously, he would have made at least 2 billion USD. Also, his investment in London gold futures also made lots of profits. He was making lots of profits from all his investments and had never suffered any losses. I estimate Feng Yu's a.s.sets to be somewhere near to 3 billion USD.”


Other then Fu Rongqi, the other 3 brothers were surprised.

Feng Yu had so many a.s.sets? Doesn't this mean Feng Yu was richer than the 3 of them? The 3 of them had depended on their inheritance and their eldest brother to get to where they were.

But this Feng Yu, was not even 20 years' old and he had more a.s.sets than them?

Fu Rongqu sighed: “Lao Si if you are not from the Fu family, he might make your company bankrupt by s.n.a.t.c.hing those shares from him. You can't even fight back.”

“Humph!” Fu Rongjing regretted treating Feng Yu like that in the past. If he had known Feng Yu's foresight and could make so much money in such a short time, he would give in to him and asked his son, Fu Guangzheng to stay close to him.

Although Fu Rongqi had stopped Fu Rongjing from taking revenge, Fu Rongjing was still feeling sore from that incident. He had wanted to create some problems in the sales company for Feng Yu. He does not believe that Feng Yu could do anything to him if he does not invest in the financial market.

But now, he dare not to think this way. Feng Yu's ability to earn money had impressed all of them. Furthermore, Fu Rongjing had recovered the money he lost and even made 100 million HKD.

Even he wanted to take revenge on Feng Yu, he cannot do so. If his eldest brother does not help him, his a.s.sets would not be enough to go against Feng Yu. Use some underhand methods? Fu Rongqi said that Feng Yu could get this information was because of the people behind him. The one behind him might be one of the core leaders of China. He might ignore these small incidents, but if something bad happens to Feng Yu, he will revenge on the Fu family.

The Fu family might be fine now, but after 1997, the handing over of Hong Kong, will there still be the Fu family?

Rather than making enemies with such a powerful opponent, why not be friends. The Fu family had shown their sincerities by selling Feng Yu the Aiwa shares. Feng Yu also shared some vital information with them as payback.

Fu Rongjing would not go against money. He still wanted to develop his business in China. If he could get to the China market, he would be a multi-billionaire!

Fu Rongqi was thinking about what company did Feng Yu invested in with so much money. This was an investment of over 1.5 billion USD. What was worth investing in the Soviet Union?

Feng Yu had mentioned that the Soviet Union would disintegrate but why would he still invest there? He was not afraid that the new government would not recognize his investments and confiscated everything?

Nevertheless, in his heart, Feng Yu had reached a very high status. Any higher, it would be those tyc.o.o.ns like Superman Lee!

Feng Yu must be their friend!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 274

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