Extraordinary Genius Chapter 277

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Chapter 277 – Feng Xingtai's family is not Simple

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Although Eldest Uncle's house was a cottage, the area was big. It was a few hundred square meters. Feng Yu's uncle only has a son, Feng Danhua and Feng Yu's grandmother had pa.s.sed away many years ago. Feng Yu did not even have any impression of her.

Feng Yu and the rest entered the house and his aunt had prepared lunch. All of them sat down for a late reunion lunch.

Just when they raise their gla.s.ses for a toast, they hear the dog in the yard barking. Eldest Uncle was puzzled. There should not be anyone visiting during meal times.

“is this Feng Xingguo's house?”

“Yes. Do I know you?” Feng Xingguo looked at the visitor. He does not know him at all.

“Hi. I am a partner of Tai Hua Trading. I am the boss of Xingfa Motorcycle in the city. I am here to wish Manager Feng a happy new year. I had brought some gifts with me. Where can I place them?”

“Xingtai, Xingtai, he seems to be looking for you.” Feng Xingguo shouted.

Feng Xingtai and Feng Yu walked out. Feng Danhua also followed them outside.

“Oh, Manager Feng, you are really here. Happy New Year.”

Feng Xingtai looked at the person in a daze. He does not know this person. But this person had wished him a Happy New Year, and he could only smile and was prepared to shake hands with him.

Just when he stuck out his hand, he saw Feng Yu reach out and shook that person's hands. Feng Xingtai put down his hand. This person was here to look for Feng Yu!

“Mr. Liu, Happy New Year to you too. Why did you bring so many gifts?”

“These are for Senior Mr. Feng. Especially this wine. This is medicated wine, and it is made using Chinese herbs according to an old Chinese doctor's recipe. It is good for the health.”

“Fine. I will accept your gifts.”

Mr. Liu could tell that Feng Yu does not have any intentions of asking him to stay and he left. After Mr. Liu left, Feng Xingtai asked Feng Yu: “What's happening?”

“He is a dealer for Songjian Motorcycles. I guess that he heard that we are here for the New Year and came visiting. Oh, these are all fresh fruits. Let's bring them in before it froze.”

This Mr. Liu had called Wu Zhigang for New Year greetings, and he found out that Feng Yu had come here to celebrate the New Year. He used all his means to find out the address and rushed over to send gifts.

He was driving a Jeep, and that Jeep had no air conditioner. He was freezing, but at least Feng Yu accepted his gifts. Maybe this year, he could get some better deals.

After Feng Yu and the rest brought the gifts in, the dog barks again.

“Is this Feng Xingguo's house?”

Feng Yu stood up and followed his Uncle outside.

“Manager Feng, Happy New Year. My brother is selling vegetables, and I had brought you some. There are leeks, green peppers, celery, spinach, and cauliflower. These are all very fresh.”

“Mr. Xu, Happy New Year. Thank you.”

The both of them exchanged some pleasantries, and Mr. Xu left. This Mr. Xu is a dealer for Wind and Rain humidifiers and bladeless fans.

Before Feng Yu could enter the house, he heard the sounds of a car engine.

“Is this Feng Xingguo's house?”

Feng Xingguo looked at his nephew. Is this person also looking for him?

“Mr. Sun. Happy New Year.:

“Manager Feng, Happy New Year. I have some wild chickens, rabbits and deer meat for you. There are also two big geese. It is from my farm. Please accept it.”

“Okay. Thank you, Mr. Sun.”

“Manager Feng, I am selling Tai Hua Brand of animal feed, and I also rear pigs. This past year, I had made some money. These are just to show my thanks to you.”


There were a total of 5 visitors, and the house was full of New Year gifts. Everyone in the Feng family was looking at Feng Yu, waiting for his explanations.

“They are just some dealers. I am also not sure how come they know I am here. Some of them are selling motorcycles, some are selling home appliances, animal feeds and the local gloves and textiles factory. I did not expect them to find out Uncle's address. But the New Year Gift they gave is good stuff. Later, I will arrange for someone to send some gifts to them.”

Grandpa Feng said: “Danhua, bring Xiao Yu along to store these gifts.”

He was overjoyed to see people sending his grandson gifts. Only capable people will have others queuing up to send gifts to him!

Grandfather Feng had spoken, Feng Danhua and Feng Yu immediate carry the gifts to the store. The fresh vegetables and fruits were kept outside.

“Brother, I think you should stop working at that factory. Your salary is not high, and they keep delaying your salary.” Feng Xingtai said.

Feng Yu added: “That's right. Uncle. This place is facing a junior high school. Why not build a row of houses and set up some shops, like stationery stores, snacks, etc. You can surely make some money. If you do not want to manage the shops, you can rent it to others.”

Feng Xingguo's house was directly opposite the junior high school in that district. This was an excellent location and with such a big piece of land, why not make full use of it?

Zhang Muhua said: “Brother, you are the one who had given us the money for the tractor. Now, Xingtai and Xiao Yu's business is good and had made some money. Listen to me. In Spring, we will build a 3 stories building here, and we will install an elevator and escalators in the building. This way, father will not be tired from climbing stairs.”

Feng Xingguo looked at his wife, and his wife also does not know how to react. His younger brother had been sending them money every month, and the amount was increasing every month. They could not even finish spending the money. The last time Feng Xingtai visited them, he was driving a small Soviet Union car, and this time, he drove a bigger car.

Also, many people came to send gifts today. It seems that Feng Xingtai's business was indeed very successful. Feng Xingtia had asked his brother to move over to his district, but he does not want. He was used to this area.

“Fine. Just listen to Muhua. The two of you are brothers, and there's no need to be embarra.s.sed about this. Come, drink with me.” Grandfather Feng knocked on the table and said.

Feng Yu turned to his cousin, Feng Danhua: “Brother Danhua, you should be graduating from University next year. Have you heard where you will be a.s.signed to?”

This was something Feng Xingtai instructed. Feng Xingtai had spoken to his nephew, but Feng Danhua does not want to do business. He just wanted to have a stable income by working in a government agency. But even if working for others, it must be a good unit. Feng Xingtai does not know a lot of people. Feng Yu was different. Feng Yu had lots of connections, and he had always boasted that there was nothing he could not achieve. This was why Feng Xingtai asked Feng Yu to arrange for his cousin to work in a good unit.

“I am not sure. I should be a.s.signed to this area, the countryside. If only I can be a.s.signed to the City.” The City's living conditions were much better than in the countryside.

“Do you want to go to Bing city? I have some connections there, and you can work in Bing City's government agencies.”

“a.s.signed to Bing City? Is this possible?” Feng Danhua was tempted.

“This means that you agree. Later, pa.s.s me your details. I promise you that you will be a.s.signed to work in a government agency in Bing City. Oh, do you have any departments that you wanted to enter?”

Feng Danhua's eyes widen. Not only he can be a.s.signed to Bing City, but he can also choose the department?

“Can I work in the City Government?” Feng Danhua asked.

“I cannot promise you a job in the City committee, but it will not be a problem with the City government.”

With Feng Yu's relations.h.i.+p with Zhang Ruiqiang, this was not a problem. Zhang Ruiqiang would not reject Feng Yu. If this does not work out, Feng Yu could use his special move “donations” to arrange a job for his cousin.

Grandfather Feng was in a good mood when he saw Feng Danhua and Feng Yu chatting happily together. Harmony in the family made him smile. This younger son's family is not simple……

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 277

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